12 Jul 2018 13:47:46
I think Lovrens has a good tournament. Just watched a interview from last night when he said that he showed why he took Liverpool to the champions league final, and that people should recognise that he is one the best defenders in the world. Do you think most people will agree?

1.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 14:12:12
Who cares who agrees? He's factually correct. If you play in the Premier league, odds are you are one of the best in the world at what you do. He's not said He's world class. He's just asked for respect because the media treat him like a pub league player. He gets as much stick as Karius if not more, and he has shut down his haters with his performances and rubbed a bit of salt in for good measure.

I love Lovren at times. He's a warrior in every respect.

2.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 14:14:15
I don't think he needs to talk, pride comes before a fall and he's fallen after his interviews before. I do believe some of the grief he gets isn't really deserved, he should concentrate on his game and not the recognition he gets.

3.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 14:23:40
I don't think it was about recognition Fekirgood. I think he was kicking back at the English media who earlier that day tried to wind him up about his performance vs Harry Kane when we lost 4-1 at Wembley. They were hinting that he was not a good player and that Kane would destroy him, for days. Well Kane got absolutely served and I loved watching him getting bullied into the turf.

4.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 14:31:10
All things said and done, he is not as bad as many people on here portray him to be. The improvement since Klopp arrived can't be questioned (aside from that one game against Spurs) . And the fact that he plays in the Premier League for one of the best teams and is now going to play in the Final of the World Cup certainly entitles him to a decent amount of respect.

5.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 14:50:45
Looking at it that way mk, makes sense. I didn't even see the interview. Of course lovren is a good player, he plays for Liverpool.

I love lovren and ill be cheering for croatia in the final. He's been brilliant like we know he can be. He isn't one of the best in the world though.

He doesn't pose enough threat in corners and set plays. What has he got? 2 goals in 3 years, 3 maybe.

I don't mean to sound like I'm dissing him. I'm not, just bring realistic.

I agree with you mk to some extent, about playing in the Premier league and thus being one of the best but I could tell you some very poor players who play for Premier league sides.

Say there are 1000 cbs playing in the top leagues of their country every Saturday. Would lovren be in the top 10? No, he wouldn't. Or top 20. He may make top 30.

6.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 15:39:05
He was just biting back to days of criticism whilst he was on a high and feeling a bit smug. I would be smug too if I'd just knocked out the country that had been slaughtering me as a player for months, if not years.

I'm sure he didn't intend to call himself world class or suggest he was in the top 10 etc. Take it with a pinch of salt!

7.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 15:47:10
So Prince hendo on your basis he is in the top 3% of cbs in the top leagues. Think you're being very kind to lovren 😂

All joking aside whilst he wears our colours I will support him 100% during the good days and bad (like the rest of the squad Inc shaqiri if we sign him for some stupid reason)

8.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 16:27:59
Brilliant response, MK. Lovren has always been a good CB with great ability, possessing all the tools needed for a top modernday CB. His issues as well know, lie elsewhere in his head. Lovren was talking to the English media and proly some pundits who used him as a punch line all season even when he righted the ship and started playing well with VVD, they had nothing good to say about him. What is the best way of responding? Shutting down their Great English Hope Harry Kane, bullying him all game long and gave him a right pummeling, just like he did with Aguero, Higuain, Messi etc. This was sweet revenge and vindication for him so not bothered about his comments. He IS one of the best CB's in world football. Why? He showed it on the biggest stage possible, the WC and the CL. Up Dejan! Up Croatia! Up LFC!