08 Mar 2018 16:25:11
Hi Eds,

Quickly query about the Emery Can contract situation.

As he is out of contract this summer and has no pre-contract signed, I presume that if he were to suffer any serious injury now it could scupper his chances of getting a new contract either with LFC or elsewhere.

I know footballers earn huge sums now but it seems a little risky to me.

Do players normally have some kind of protection in the event of that happening? Or am I missing something?


{Ed002's Note - No, it wouldn't make a difference. van Nistlerooy is an example and there are otehrs.}

1.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 16:50:07
Thanks for the reply Ed.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

2.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 18:25:38
I hope he stays.

3.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 18:29:00
I hope he stays coz we have too many midfielders in their 30s, they will soon be gone and we need to have long term players imo. Can is a really good footballer but he hasn't put in many blistering performances like he did last year. He is off and I think he has shown a lack of professionalism, it may be slight and unintentional but he's not playing as well as he can, even though the world cup is coming.

4.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 18:36:29
I’d like him to stay, but good luck to him if he goes. Except against us anyway,

5.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 18:43:28
We have 1 midfielder in his 30's?

6.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 19:06:23
Milner is 32, Lallana is 29, every other midfielder we have is 27 or younger. I respectfully wish that people would do some research and not just post the first thing that comes into their heads.

7.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 19:07:10
Do we jtred91? Milner of course, lallana is 30 isn't he? And Jordan Henderson is not yet 30 I know but Is he 29 now? OK, I overactive a bit but you bet my drift. They are players coming go the end of their prime. I actually think Hendo is yet to have his best season, I think he will still be playing great for another 3 years.

Can is young, he has huge potential and we have had a lot to do with his development, it seems a shame to let him go as he starts to come into his prime. He is also the only bruiser we have, Hendo can handle himself and milner and aoc are no pushover but none of them really apply physical pressure on opponent midfields.

8.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 19:22:46
You're right smegger, I apologise, I still think we should try and keep the player we have developed as he enters his prime.

9.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 21:18:08
Supersalah-Your just making stuff up.

10.) 08 Mar 2018
08 Mar 2018 22:25:23
Keita is coming in and probably another and Can and Milner will likely make way and nobody will miss Can and Milner I’m afraid.

11.) 09 Mar 2018
09 Mar 2018 07:36:17
Lack of professiolism? Inconsistensy yes, but lacknof professionalism, hmmm not so sure about that.