21 Nov 2017 00:57:53
Football has changed people, no longer are the players in control I. e forcing transfers. Due to the massive figures that tv pays prem clubs it now allows pretty much every prem club to say no to any players trying to force transfers unless there is release clauses involved. This is how it will be for the foreseeable future and expect more clubs to take that stance (Southampton and LFC) and as for anyone who thinks selling coutinho would be the right thing clearly you mustn’t know much about football because if you haven’t noticed he was our best player over the last 2-3 seasons and selling your best players In most cases makes the team weaker. Great site btw edds keep up good work!

1.) 21 Nov 2017
21 Nov 2017 06:18:21
We do alright without him and would have over £100m to improve the squad. He wants barca, let him go.

2.) 21 Nov 2017
21 Nov 2017 07:02:05
100 mil may sound like a lot but when we're looking at a figure similar that to buy a replacement (rumoured 9 figure fee for Lemar) it's a bit irrelevant.

Let him go if he's no longer good for the team (which isn't the case yet) but don't think too much about the fee.

3.) 21 Nov 2017
21 Nov 2017 07:53:32
There is no greater time than now to be investing in the youth. This money madness can't possibly keep rising. Could it?

4.) 21 Nov 2017
21 Nov 2017 09:54:17
The notion of keeping an unhappy player at the club is silly. It will disrupt the dressing room and be detrimental to all future signings.

5.) 21 Nov 2017
21 Nov 2017 10:06:12
Players still do have all the power, Coutinho moving to Barcelona was postponed rather than cancelled, VVD will likely move as well shortly. Clubs can only say no for so long as having an unhappy player on the books is no good for anybody.

6.) 21 Nov 2017
21 Nov 2017 13:28:57
I don't care who our best player was last season or the season before. Coutinho has not been our best player this season, by a distance.

A player who doesn't want to be at the club he's playing for will not play at the best of his ability. So why would we keep him when we can get players who want to play for us?

I don't understand this fawning over Coutinho. So he was great for 2 seasons. so what? He's not great at the moment (bar 1 good game vs Soton, after feigning injury) .

Would you pick Sturridge because he scored 24 goals in 13/ 14? No, because he's not the best pick for our team.

If he wants to go let him go, I want players who want to play for Liverpool and will give their all doing it.

Like Ed002 always says, players are just transient employees of the club, they come and go.