27 May 2018 12:02:40
Is their any chance one of the Eds or Macca or anybody else could give us any transfer news to try and take our minds off last nite? Please any news will do.

{Ed002's Note - Macca has already listed the players who will be joining for you.}

1.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 12:29:11
Hi Jim

List macca gave is below but didn’t say they will be joining, was just a list of who he says we are interested in and how it would be great if they all come off. Obviously things can change at anytime

May 2018 22:51:34
Here goes.

How many will i get right.

Cabellos (courtesy of the Eds. )

Great if they all come off.



2.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 12:42:31
Of that list, Fekir is the only one I’d want as the rest aren’t of the sufficient quality to make a difference for various reasons.

3.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 12:43:27
Thanks Al
Be nice if we could wrap one or two deals up very soon.

4.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 12:47:07
Don’t understand the tension between Ed002 and Macca. Both provide valuable insight and opinion. Can’t we all just get along?!?! Ha
Hopefully the Butland and Tarkowski links are false. Much rather Allison and a quality CB. Fekir and Dembele are top notch so we should be aiming for this quality in the GK and CB area also.

5.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 13:10:59
It’s not the Ed’s and Macca., it’s the morons who try to play them off against each other.

6.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 13:12:38
Don't know about tension but when Macca posts everybody claims that this player is no good or the player isn't up to our standard and then leaves it like that and then leave the mess for the eds to sort out. I do appreciate when Macca and the eds gives us any information after all this is a rumours site.

7.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 13:14:06
At this moment I’d take all of them. If those are the players who Klopp wants then they are welcome.

There are negative posts, reviews and thoughts on here about Ox, Robbo and Salah. All three improved at a level that none of us expected so we are all feeling it today but if that lot joined tomorrow I’d be happy to see where Klopp goes with it.

8.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 13:16:39
I'd just take Fekir of that list. Don't need him and Dembele. The other ones not convinced, maybe Ceballos.

9.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 13:49:20
Ceballos has no interest in coming to England and wants to go back to Betis, fee being talked about is £14m yet Madrid will ask us for upwards of £35-40m for a bloke who has splinters in his arse. Butland makes fat too many mistakes and is not an answer. Tarkowski is a donkey at best and a Man United supporting one at that, if his lack of tangible ability wasn’t enough. Dembele has literally done nothing in his career to warrant a £100m fee and his hamstring appears to made out of crisps.

10.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 20:27:25
Ed002 why do you keep posting "the players who will be joining" when macca didn't post that, we have all seen the post and makes you sound a little pathetic, seems you have the problem with macca yet the eds moan we are the ones playing the eds and macca off each other?

{Ed002's Note - I have not seen his post and if you think I am pathetic it would be best if you stopped reading the site altogether. I have nothing against Macca and get nothing but abuse from the halfwits like you everytime he posts something. If Macca did not say they were the players joining it is a change of tact from him as generally that is what he has done. If you want Macca's posts deleted I can arrange that. Quite frankly I don't know why he bothers sharing anything with you at all either.}

11.) 27 May 2018
27 May 2018 23:46:29
I have read this site a lot over the past few years, and ed2 has consistently been providing the benefit of his knowledge and judgement. It doesn’t always turn out that what is predicted happens, but the fella ( along with macca) are a lot closer than most on here. Yet, they are both constantly questioned and harangued rather than just appreciate that they give us what they know and say thanks. It’s not always going to be correct, things change, players and clubs make other decisions and it’s nout like football Manager, but it’s always interesting. The site is poorer for ed02s easing back, but I understand why he’s done it. I wouldn’t stand for the ingratitude and stick that seemingly comes from being straight with folks on this page. Eds, keep er lit.
Now, for a a rumour. I heard ken ageruo is in town. ;-) .

12.) 28 May 2018
28 May 2018 00:52:21
Perhaps with Maccas info you need to RTFP before commenting, Ed? 😃.

{Ed002's Note - I don't look at the website at all - but perhaps people should not quote all of the "done deals" they think he tells them about.}

13.) 28 May 2018
28 May 2018 08:54:37
Tarkowski would be a replacement for Matip (injuries) or Klavan (quality) . Maybe both if Gomez is moved from right back to centre back.
Fekir would be a replacement for Coutinho. In the short term he replaces Ox (injured) and long term he replaces Lallana (injuries and quality) .
Dembele would be a replacement for Sturridge (injuries), Origi (quality) and Ings (injuries and quality) . Offering actual competition up front.
Butland would be a replacement for Mignolet (quality) and direct competition for Karius starting games.
Cabellos would be a replacement for Can and keep Grujic (quality) out on loan for another year to gain experience.

Fekir and Dembele add first team quality straight away, like Mane, Salah and Van Dijk did. Keita will do this also.
Tarkowski, Butland and Cabellos look likely to become the same signings as Robertson, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wijnaldum. At first they'll be considered squad depth until they prove their value and work their way into the team.

I personally don't think we're going to sign a centre back or a holding midfielder unless we can get real quality in those positions (Like Alderweireld and Jorginho) . I also am not convinced on Butland and would prefer a goalkeeper like Alisson to compete with Karius.

I know it's not realistic, but let me dream.


14.) 28 May 2018
28 May 2018 09:11:22
Tarkowski, Butland and Ceballos = Diuoff, Diao and Cheyrou. Not the players who will help bridge a 25 point gap with City or beat Real Madrid.

15.) 30 May 2018
30 May 2018 01:16:40
Frankly Mr Shankly, a 25 point gap can not be bridged by Liverpool alone. The whole of the Premier League needs to not be bent over backwards by City like they were this season. Liverpool proved that if you can play a pressing game that you can dominate and win the game. Man United proved that even after defending deep, you can counter and go at them to win from behind. Wigan proved that even as a small team you can get a goal and hold on to that lead against them to win. These matches should be what most clubs look at and use to not let City get to 100 points again, probably stop them from getting over 80. We would then need to only improve by five points or so and that just means getting more points against the top six, which we struggled to do last season.