21 Mar 2020 10:15:29
Hi eds, i read that we are interested in Lille's Boubakary Soumare. Is there any truth in this? If so does it signify Grujic not returning? Thanks and stay safe.

{Ed002's Note - Boubakary Soumare (DM/CM) - Soumare is being touted around the clubs that have money to spend and several have spoken with Lille but want the €60M asking price reduced. His "agent" (and I use the term loosely) says the player has no interest in joining Spurs or Arsenal but his client is the ideal replacement for Pogba or Kante and is attracted by the money available to players in England. Valencia, Real Madrid and Napoli are others who have been looking at him on a regular basis - but price is an issue. Until the summer Manchester City had an interest since he was at PSG and it was suggested he could fill the role of Yaya Toure well. Monaco saw him as a Bakayoko replacement but have stepped back. Watford pressed Lille in the summer but they would not sell. Brands wanted him at Everton but was forced down the Gbamin route by an advisor. Liverpool were also approached and have discussed the price with his agent. Newcastle and Leicester - and Newcastle were close to a deal in January and may push before the summer to reach an agreement with Lille.

It would indeed seem that Liverpool will not be looking to have Grujic return - and they will know that a Work Permit could be an issue for him.}

1.) 21 Mar 2020
21 Mar 2020 15:48:35
Ed he looks a similar player to what we already have in Gini or Fabs.

{Ed002's Note - He is primarily a DM but he is only 21 and attracting a lot of attention - and being offered around. Certainly expect a move in the summer.}

2.) 22 Mar 2020
21 Mar 2020 22:13:59
Ed given the situation do you think the transfer window will take place obviously o have no idea just seems to be a bad idea given the climate and circumstances (corona not anything liverpool related)

{Ed002's Note - Not until the season is finished or a line drawn across and the season scratched. If the season can be completed or a decision taken by June 30, then I expect that the transfer window will see a temporary change of the 90 day rule to see it run from July 1 to August 31 (September 1 in England, Wales and Moldova). Work still continues with agents and clubs talking and in some cases negotiating, and in some cases agreeing transfers - so that is not a problem.}

3.) 22 Mar 2020
22 Mar 2020 20:22:11
Can someone explain why Grujic apparently struggles to obtain a'work permit'? Is this an issue that other footballers need to overcome, with so many foreign natioal players playing throughout the leagues, why does he apparently struggle. Stay healthy.

{Ed002's Note - He did not meet the WP criteria when he originally signed so an special exception was requested and a representative of Liverpool lied about him the to board who granted him a work permit.}