28 Dec 2018 19:03:45
Question for ed001 please. What will happen to Milner in the summer in your opinion? I reckon Klopp would want him to stay but he might want to play regularly at his age especially if Leeds make the prem.

{Ed001's Note - Klopp has already told him he wants Milner to stay. It is up to him but I think he will fancy a return to Leeds if they get promotion as well.}

1.) 28 Dec 2018
28 Dec 2018 20:53:53
Thank you for the swift response. Would be a shame to lose him. Will be hard to replace him on and off the pitch.

2.) 29 Dec 2018
29 Dec 2018 00:35:08
Tbh as good as he has been, and as valuable as his utility player status is, he doesn’t seem to have 90 mins in him any more.

3.) 29 Dec 2018
29 Dec 2018 11:48:28
I thought we were talking about “James Milner”.

Doesn’t seem to have 90 minutes in him? 🤔.