19 May 2019 19:35:36
If we were to sign Brandt he will have a vital role to play.

Certain games he will play as an attacking midfielder.

Certain certain games he would fill in for Mane at left forward.

Certain games Firmino might be unavailable and Mane goes to the middle with Brandt at left forward. Alternatively Salah goes middle Mane right and Brandt left.

Certain games Salah might be unavailable and Mane goes right with Brandt left.

Of course there will be competition with the other sqaud members Origi, Brewster, Shaq etc but that's my outline and how he would be used.

1.) 19 May 2019
19 May 2019 20:11:46
Ed002 explained yesterday that he has 2 offers on the table and that he/ she doubts Lfc will make an offer at all for him.

I think we should move on from him.

2.) 19 May 2019
19 May 2019 22:35:05
He is off to Dortmund it would seem.

3.) 19 May 2019
19 May 2019 23:04:34
Dortmund bound he is, that Brazilian winger from Ajax would be a god fit, as he can play on either wing, very fast too .