11 Jul 2018 11:11:01
Regarding Karius.
I do think it's disgusting that he's getting so much stick from 'so called' fans and social media.
Pre season is about trying to gain match fitness and match sharpness, and is where mistakes are going to happen.
Before the CL final, he was performing well and most definitely contributed to how well we did. It has been proved that he was concussed during the final, which of course is going to affect his performance.
The threats from a small minority of idiots and the social media bashing from so called Liverpool fan sites is absolutely appalling. Whatever happened to YNWA? It's a myth that's only used when it suites and in reality is a gimmick or slogan for a bumper sticker or T shirt.
I for one will support Karius and every other LFC player as long as they wear the shirt, try their best and continue to try to improve, and hope that any challenges or dip in form, they will pull through.

1.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 12:35:24
The threats are inexcusable the stick is part of the job, he clearly isn't good enough and needs replacing, Klopp has to defend him in public I know, but im hoping behind the scenes the scouts are in overdrive to find a replacement or hopefully Ward will take his place.

2.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 13:36:48
Spot on, OP. Lancaster, I respect your opinion. IMO, Had Karius not made the errors he made in the CL (while being concussed by the way), all he would have done would be to earn a full season (this season) to get the job full time and show us if he is the solution. That is all.

And before that final, he had for the most part, earned the job full time at least for this coming season. And then, Kiev happened. Klopp wanted Allisson BUT it ain't happening so Karius is who you have, like it or not. And btw even if Karius has a brilliant preseason, it still would not have proved a damned thing either so no conclusions could have been drawn anyway.

As the OP said, preseason and Friendlies are for match sharpness and to see the amount of bile coming from "supporters" after A FRIENDLY is something I am not surprised to see as it is par for the course. See Lovren.

3.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 19:08:09

I understand you are the sensible one and detest the ones giving out death threats. Such behaviour cannot be absolved for any rationality let alone a poor game of football. I think most of us here would share similar values. However, I am not sure such threats from a minority would have passed him to a world of depression. He was, in fact very received by the supporters at Chester. While I empathise with his situation as a professional from an entirely different field; yet I am unwilling to attribute all his future mistakes, if any, to the insistence of the ever-complaining fan base.

Yes, he was a big improvement on Mignolet. Yes, he made some very good saves. Ones against Newcastle and Everton comes to mind. (Bolasie's curler and Diame's shot were surely going in. There are some more decent saves, few against Southampton and quickly coming off the blocks to save a couple against Tottenham weren't bad either) .

However, the second soft goal he conceded off Bale (and most likely owing to the concussion probably) was a mirror image of a catastrophe he had committed earlier against Roma in the first leg off Kolarov. Also, another crucial mistake that could have cost us dearly in the second leg against Roma was when he came running out, dived and fouled Djeko when we were leading 7-3 on aggregate. It could/ should have been a penalty and chances of him sent off was equally likely as well. Another mistake that comes to mind was his terrible punching of a soft cross from Man City in the last minute of the away leg. It ended up being in the net, but we were lucky that day.

So, to say everything was rosy before the CL final, may not be quite right. But the other mistakes I mentioned are such ones which most decent goalies in the world would probably have made in the last few months and had gone unnoticed. We are understandably more riled up about it as I understand our frustration levels as fans are slightly on a more eminent degree.