14 Nov 2016 09:25:48
Gday, Eds. I understand when clubs with deep pockets are interested in our best players it's very difficult to stop them from leaving. But I for one really hope both Couts and Firmino stay for many years and win us shelves of silverware. Can't abide any of these idiots talking crap about Couts not being very good anyway and Can being 'indisciplined. '

So, my question is about Emre. Can you shed some light on why you're mentioning him as a possible departure, please? I used search and couldn't find where it was discussed. He's unhappy or what's the story?
Thanks a million, as always.

{Ed002's Note - If Liverpool add another central midfield player it would need to be at the expense of another. It is no more than that. The club cannot keep adding players without others leaving.}

1.) 14 Nov 2016
14 Nov 2016 09:54:36
I don't think it has to anything to do with deep pockets. Successful clubs have money to spend, its no rocket science. Both the Milan clubs have new owners but wouldn't break any bank to buy any big names. FFP is a big hurdle for every club to manage.

2.) 14 Nov 2016
14 Nov 2016 12:08:57
Ah I see. Of course, I know what you mean. But I'm a big fan of Can and thought Klopp was, too. Also, he's first choice atm so I thought it'd be strange to let him go.
Thanks for the response, Ed002.