16 May 2019 18:26:51
ED2 there is a news that Real Madrid has approached Salah for transfer this summer. any truth in the story?

{Ed002's Note - I have explained the situation over and over again - they would certainly not need to make any approach to him.}

1.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 10:58:28
i think you are getting confused with real madrid approaching salah and salah heading to madrid next month.

2.) 17 May 2019
17 May 2019 13:13:38
Salah do do do do do do, oh money money do do do do do do.
I’m well and truly over these Salah stories. He’s a great player, he’s currently a Liverpool player and he’s going to poke in the winner against spurs. The end.