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28 Jul 2022 05:19:42
When will people learn to not take pre-season games too seriously? It's unbelievable that we have to go through the same moaning every single year!


1.) 28 Jul 2022 07:32:16
By your rationale it’s a pointless exercise. It’s not a cut and dry scenario.

2.) 28 Jul 2022 08:22:25
The only point is fitness and trying out new things. Deciding how our season is going to be based on some pre season games has and will always be futile.

Last year United were apparently going to compete with City and Chelsea for the title and we were going to battle for top four because we hadn't made any "marquee" signings. Look at how that turned out.

In Klopp we trust.

3.) 28 Jul 2022 08:29:53
Talk about misinterpreting a post!
td is spot on, it's a pre-season friendly purely for fitness but the way some folks react you'd think it was a CL final.

4.) 28 Jul 2022 08:33:24
It is there to raise the fitness levels of the senior players and for academy/ fringe players to show what they can do. They are not games that are there to be won. If they were, then we wouldn’t be putting out sides comprising 50% of players i’ve never heard of, would we.

Every single flippin year this happens. They are NON COMPETITIVE FIXTURES, which means that when you go down the park or 5 a side pitch and have a kick about with your mates, you are probably trying to win with more purpose and drive than any Liverpool team does in the average friendly.

Whether the result is good or the result is bad, it absolutely does not matter. It is not football in any real sense at all. Every year, we lose or draw loads of pre season games, and every year, we’re completely fine and ready for the start of the season. I can only assume that people spend too much time on twitter and see brain dead imbeciles having a laugh at our expense because we lost a pre season game, and then get their feathers ruffled because somebody was mean about their football team, without stopping to think as to whether it’s something they should be annoyed about at all. It certainly happens on the transfer front more than enough.

Come on guys, use your heads.

5.) 28 Jul 2022 08:47:13
@Frode, nobody said pre-season is pointless. It’s actually essential, for conditioning, match fitness, playing to new systems and practice sing tactics. It’s also an ideal place to practice new formations and to ch3ck 5he progress of promising youngsters.

The purpose of pre-season is to ensure, as much as possible, that we are ready for 5he start of the PL season.

What isn’t a priority is the scoreline in pre-season matches, win, lose or draw.

6.) 28 Jul 2022 09:20:16
Frode Kippers, nobody cares about the result of a worthless preseason game, if they had any sense. The fact that people have to explain the objectives of the preseason exercise/ games, is jarring in it of itself BUT moaners are going to moan I guess. So if you are here to moan about the worthless result of a preseason game then, have at it.



24 Apr 2022 06:17:34
What is happening with Elliott? Not getting a look in even as a sub. Is it to manage his injury or something else?


1.) 24 Apr 2022 07:46:57
I would say Thiago and Keita have been superb this year and remained injury free, that's the problem with being injured it opens the door to someone else. Hopefully he is fully recovered and enjoying training - he will get his chance again and we have seen already how good he is and he is only going to get better.

2.) 24 Apr 2022 08:28:07
I think we've just hit a point in the season where fringe players and younger players will be left out, its a sprint to the finish with our first choice 14-5 players.

He's also a very young lad and he's got a few years to break into the team so I wouldn't worry about him being on the fringes at the moment.

3.) 24 Apr 2022 11:25:59
A good pre season under his belt and I’d expect to see Elliot back challenging for a first team spot again next season. He’ll be up against fellow youngsters Jones and Carvalho who id all expect to have a nice month off for the world cup so all 3 could be key in the latter part of a hectic next season (especially if you potentially throw into that a club world cup) .

4.) 24 Apr 2022 11:44:48
Elliott is coming back from a dreadful injury and needs time to get back to his best. Also, Players are performing well ahead of him atm. This is not complicated.



25 Oct 2021 18:53:45
Question for Ed001, how would go about the Salah contract situation?

van Dijk is our highest paid player right now at 220k from what I read. If we break the bank for Salah and offer him around 400k do you think it would affect the harmony of the squad?

Maybe we can introduce more performance based incentives. But it's a very tricky situation indeed. I am sure 100% of the Liverpool supporters would want to give Salah what he wants but my only fear is how would the other players react. Would be interesting to know how this works at other clubs as well.


{Ed001's Note - it would only be an issue if he didn't work so hard. Otherwise it is not really an issue paying the best player more than the rest.}

1.) 26 Oct 2021 08:06:18
Me neither, Ed. Salah has earned whatever he will get should he sign and if the other players want what he gets then I don’t know, do a Salah in your position. It’s that simple, IMO.

2.) 26 Oct 2021 08:34:03
Guess it’s only an issue if any and if so, how many have a clause to match the highest earner? Anyone clever enough knows Salah is due and there has been about 5-6 big new contracts for main players very recently.

3.) 26 Oct 2021 08:41:27
Players don’t mind someone else getting more if they are better and work hard. The problem is when they aren’t or agents get in their ears. It will however inflate wage expectations of other players as it pushes the top bar upwards and lower wage players agents will ask for pro rata more as well.

4.) 26 Oct 2021 09:07:44
I don't think any of our players would mind Salah being the highest paid at the club.

The question is what if he is paid double of what Van Dijk and Alisson are paid? They have been nearly as instrumental to our success as Salah. And it's not like they don't work hard. They are arguably the best in their positions in the world.

5.) 26 Oct 2021 10:46:56
It's a tricky situation but I think you just need to make Salah your highest paid player and give him as much as you can.

I don't think other players could complain much and I we have a pretty close team that I don't imagine the team will go into meltdown.

If someone doesn't like his new wages then just challenge them to step up and also become the best in the world and perhaps they can get paid the same.

6.) 26 Oct 2021 11:31:22
The wage structure must be bent for this guy. Regardless, sooner or later we'll have to be paying this coin to our best players anyway.



03 Oct 2021 18:59:40
We need to tie down Mo to a new contract. He is one of the top 5 players in the world for me. Replacing him seems impossible at this moment.


1.) 03 Oct 2021 19:36:11
We need some new midfielders. I was wrong before start of season, we don’t need a striker, we have Mo. We need some midfielders. All were poor today.

2.) 03 Oct 2021 19:42:21
Fab was it great, I thought Jones and Hendo both had good games, you can't make your assumptions about midfielders on one game and we have Thiago to come back.

{Ed025's Note - you must have watched a different game to me MR, fab was awful and so was hendo (im a big fan of both by the way), jones was ok..

3.) 03 Oct 2021 19:49:32
Jones did nothing and was weak and slow and outplayed, hendo isn’t great in those games as he has strength and power and will run but no guille or skill and Fabs hasn’t had a decent game in about 20 now and needs replacing.

4.) 03 Oct 2021 19:57:54
Thought jones was a bit slow all round today to be honest. Salah on another level.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely mate..

5.) 03 Oct 2021 20:00:18
With Ed25 on this. I’ve no general problem with any of them - I think they’ll drive us to another title challenge - but just on today, really below par.

Seemed tired and lacking energy more than anything. Possibly the poorest I have seen Fabinho. Great that we got away with it without losing.

We’ll be good though - Fabinho, Hendo, Jones, Thiago, Elliott, Milner, Keita, Ox, Minamino. Plenty there.

6.) 03 Oct 2021 20:00:53
Bissouma would have been perfect. He can play 6 so Fabinho can be rested sometimes but also as an 8. Jones I really like but he reminds me of Coutinho, he’s not a ‘Klopp midfielder’ yet anyway. Henderson should never have gotten an extended contract on improved wages when the signs of decline were showing. I wonder is Mo waiting to see what kind of players we bring in before committing his best years to us. He deserves to be surrounded by world class players in a team that wins trophies.

7.) 03 Oct 2021 20:12:34
Fabs hasn’t had a decent game in about 20?
Are you okay?
Jesus Christ.

8.) 03 Oct 2021 20:13:41
Mo has 8 goals in his last 7 games. Guys been brilliant for us and deserves to be our highest paid player.

And credit to mane with 4 goals in his last 6 games. Wasn’t long ago we were trying to get him out the door like he was an unwanted guest.

{Ed0666's Note - let’s face it mate he’s not had the greatest last few months.

9.) 03 Oct 2021 20:08:01
Hendo recorded a 50% pass success rate first half. The guys been great for us over the years and every player is always due a dip in form and he’s not reached his usual heights so far this season. He was injured for the last 4 months of last season and I just hope he didn’t rush himself back just for the Euros and it’s now biting him in the arse.
Fab also struggled today but he’s been immense other games this season.

10.) 03 Oct 2021 20:08:38
Spot on Ed25 we rarely agree, it's not only one game is it?

If Fab and Hendo can't protect our back four or plug the gap when our FBs are overlapping, or can't keep hold of the ball then whas the use of having them on the pitch?

CJ is not their to cover the pitch, of plug in the gaps or protect our back four, he's their to support our attack but when Hendo and fab just couldn't hold of the ball, and let City easily attack our right hand side or couldn't keep possession then of course Young man's game is going to affected.

Think Klopp seriously needs to start thinking abt getting one or two midfield in the summer before thinking abt our attacking players age coz Midfield looks completely tired or have no legs left to play high intensity game at this level.

11.) 03 Oct 2021 20:09:07
Ed25, I’m the opposite. I thought Jones was anonymous for large spells in the game. Fab and Hendo were average at best but I think that has a lot more to do with City than anything else.

{Ed025's Note - im giving jones the benefit of the doubt oli because hes young and still on a learning curve, but i expected better from fab and hendo mate..

12.) 03 Oct 2021 20:16:39
City have improved Chelsea as well. Not sure we have improved since 2018/ 19/ 20. That’s the problem. Certainly not in midfield.

{Ed025's Note - you are still as good as those two WM..

13.) 03 Oct 2021 20:15:44
The midfield had a shocker. Fabs has rightly had a lot of praise but today he had a mare he was nowhere to be seen. Missing in action, it was the same for Hendo and Jones the game bypassed all 3 of them. With our current midfield we are short.

{Ed0666's Note - I said earlier it was 8 against 11 first half how we got a
point I have no idea??? Worst first half midfield performance from a Liverpool team I’ve seen under klopp. Stepped up second half somewhat.

14.) 03 Oct 2021 20:20:02
Hendo left Milner wide open most of the game and Jones looked lost. Fab was run ragged. Joe Gomez looked far better at left back.
But the big question will be what was going on with the passing during the game especially Hendo.
A nerve wracking game to watch but regardless we are still unbeaten.
Lets all pray we don't get decimated during the international break.

15.) 03 Oct 2021 20:25:53
I let Jones off as well. He has had 2 brilliant games and hopefully he will learn from today. It was Fabs and Hendo who were most at fault. Elliot is already looking a massive miss.

16.) 03 Oct 2021 20:26:29
We needed quality balls out of midfield today and it just wasn't happening. Credit to city for their pressure and allowing us not time on the ball making us nervous from 10 minutes in. Jones in at the deep end today. Needed better from Henderson. Can't help but feel Thiago's class would have shown today. Class players like KDB create their own space and time. Sadly today our mids weren't able to do that. We had our best three out there. Keita would have offered nothing defensively. Needed to be tidy in possession today no time for bad first touches. Hendo had several. Fab too. Jones marked tight and given no time to turn upfield.

{Ed0666's Note - no one from the bench would probably have made a difference to be honest. Need Thiago and Trent back so the bench can look better.

17.) 03 Oct 2021 20:33:37
Ed25 I thought I put Fab wasn't great sorry, he got done for there second goal as well.

{Ed025's Note - im a massive fan of his MR but today he was very poor mate, but that happens..

18.) 03 Oct 2021 20:36:37
Gomez needed to play. Should have been in ahead of Milner at RB surely. Not sure why Klopp doesn’t want to use him. Was same in league winning season, wasn’t played until Matip got injured. he’s twice the player of Matip, quicker, stronger, better passer.

19.) 03 Oct 2021 20:41:04
Both of the goals came from the defenders getting absolutely no help from the midfielders on the edge of the box. Milner was awful but as an auxiliary right back i expect Fabinho and Henderson to be helping out more. They couldn’t do anything right and contributed practically nothing. With the injuries piling up i’m starting to worry about the lack of legs in midfield, Milner is being used as a right back and Elliott and Thiago are out for the foreseeable. Ox and Keita have been average at best when played. I don’t want to see us playing the same midfield into the ground again like we did last season. The 3 silly draws we have had already in the league this season have me worried, all 3 were very winnable games, two we couldn’t hold on and the third was against ten men. As isolated incidents they are justifiable but as part of a larger pattern they are concerning. Need Trent and Thiago back asap, Tsimikas to be trusted more over Robbo and Bobby needs to be given a run of games.

20.) 03 Oct 2021 20:50:29
The fans were a shambles today. They need to start letting the European regulars into these big games because it’s getting worse.

21.) 03 Oct 2021 20:59:14
3 silly draws? including the champions and European champions.

22.) 03 Oct 2021 21:10:04
Tie Salah down to a long term contact. Pay the man whatever he asks for and go and get Bissouma in the summer or even in the January transfer window. Use Taku a lot more and don’t ever play Milner at right back when you have Gomez and Konate on the bench. Ideally find an actual right back who is steady and happy to play second fiddle to Trent. Move Naby, Ox and Origi on for both our sakes and theirs. Welcome back a young fit Harvey Elliot into the side and I’m happy man going into the next season. Not asking for much I know.

23.) 03 Oct 2021 21:13:33
MR I agree we should have beaten Brentford and Chelsea. These are games we would have won 2 years ago. Funny how we are criticizing Milner when we were singing his praises the other day. He always gets the dirty jobs and does them well.

24.) 03 Oct 2021 21:17:23
Ed25, I get that and even now, Jones is a kid and I would always give kids leeway to make mistakes cos it’s all part of the process.

Like Ed666 said, I don’t know how we came out if that first half unscathed cos we are all at sea from top to bottom. The midfield could put two passes to gather and instead of us trying to retain possession, we just kept either having bad touches and giving it away or we kept hoofing it to nobody on a reds shirt.

City are good enuff to beat us but we don’t need to help them out and we helped them out a bit too much today. We got to do a lot better. The good thing is we kept our cool and defended well till half time.

{Ed025's Note - i think you were a tad lucky not to go in at half time behind oli, but fair play you upped your game second half and it was a tremendous advert for the EPL i thought mate..

25.) 03 Oct 2021 21:43:22
Liverpool fc8? Fans a shambles? Lol what u on about? We were very poor today. First half was awful. 2nd better but such sloppy goals. Our defence looks suspect and midfield really poor today. Lucky. I want klopp to play tmsikas and stop playing milner in defence! Gomez has to play surely.

26.) 03 Oct 2021 21:58:45
Midfield was poor but we were playing a proper side. Everyone has an off day. I'm also a believer if your good enough you play so imo Jones isn't absolved of going missing either. Milly did OK, for some reason Foden seems to up his game against us. I don't get the gomez right full tbh. Imo his positional sense isn't great and gets caught under balls far too often. We got away with a point, take it move on. We will be there at the business end! YNWA.

27.) 03 Oct 2021 23:18:30
Agree with ed025 here. Whilst fab and Hendo weren’t awful they had more to give and ultimately I think we lost two points because of the midfield / rb position. Anyways play like that rest of the season and we should there or there abouts. Hopefully sharpen up in a couple of positions.

28.) 04 Oct 2021 01:57:30
I'm surprised klopp kept the 3in midfield. All were lost in first half. I thought he might try the 442 424 with all 4 that he started against City once. interested in ed001 has an opinion on his review of formations. Really missed trents Cross field ball to open play as much as the long diagnol. which never worked. Could have won, could have easily lost. this season could be a titanic 3-4 way tussle and we just have to be there or thereabouts for the run in. I do think we need some more presence in midfield should we make an signings.

29.) 04 Oct 2021 07:26:27
The predictable hysteria is hilarious. Fab needs replacing trumps the lot though, toys thrown clean out the pram.
A cracking game with a fair result against the current champions with 2 stunning goals all ignored in favour of slagging players off when we don't win.

30.) 04 Oct 2021 09:25:20
Here here flash.

31.) 04 Oct 2021 10:18:56
Spot on, Flash. Even at Chelsea, it is the same. Tuchel was a genius before City and Juve. Afterwards? The very same fans literally said that Tuchel had not improved them. This is the rubbish we have to deal with from the reactionary attitude of the modern day fan. Get used to it.

32.) 04 Oct 2021 11:54:47
City only got a point because of a fluky equaliser. Nine times out of ten that doesn’t hit the defender and it’s the keepers. We were terrible in the first half, but equally we went in nil nil, so at least we were terrible and not getting pumped.

As for Salah, is there anyone genuinely still thinking he’s easily replaceable? Because he’s not at all easily replaceable, JWH, just give the man a big new contract. He’s literally worth it.

{Ed025's Note - city got a point because they deserved it VVVV..

33.) 04 Oct 2021 12:14:26
I didn’t say they didn’t ultimately deserve something out of the game as they did at least come with some ambition of actually playing football and not parking the bus (unlike their Mancunian neighbours will do when when the pitch up), but it is true to say it was a lucky equaliser as the shot itself is going straight at the keeper and only went in because of a horrible deflection, so by the same token, we’re unlucky not to have won. All in all it could have been worse.

{Ed025's Note - im sure city will be saying they were unfortunate not to have won it as well mate..

34.) 04 Oct 2021 12:15:11
Our two poor games have been against the PL Champions and the CL Champions. We have played the leaders and the 3rd placed clubs in the league and are currently 2nd although, granted, Chelsea are almost out of sight now with a 1 point advantage and only 30 or so games left for us to close the massive gap.

We didn’t play as well as we can, we were out of sorts for the first 45 minutes in particular, but that is more than partly due to Citeh being a slightly better than average side and putting us under a bit of pressure. That said, I saw us fight back take the lead twice, and apart from a good block at the end almost take all three points. I also saw an absolutely sublime goal that I will remember for years and years.

Of course we can play better, we always can but, did I get my money’s worth in terms of entertainment - absolutely, two of THE very best club teams in world football going at each other, a world class goal and plenty enough excitement.

As I’ve said before, I’m just happy to be thick enough to enjoy the game for itself, without having to ascribe absolute values to every little thing that every one of our players ever does.

To just try and one more time put it into context from my perspective, how many people baying for a signing, any signing, in the recent transfer window would have thought we would be where we are now? Only as recently as the match against Brentford I read on here that we were going to be absolutely flattened by City …… Apologies that my glass is half full, by the way, I just can’t help it.

35.) 04 Oct 2021 15:54:14
Fab had an off day and was poor, even slow for that chance, where a first-time stab at the ball would have seen it over the line. He let Jesus stroll past him without a challenge before he passed to Foden for his goal. Henderson was back to the days where he gave the ball away with monotonous regularity, especially in the first half. Jones was ok, better than Fab and Hendo, but it was there for all to see why people who compare him to Foden, know very little about football.

Some on here, and especially the Twitter keyboard warriors, won’t like me saying this, but the last two games have highlighted the job Wijnaldum used to do. The midfield was wide open every time Brentford and City attacked, Bernardo Silva is not beating 5 men and laying on a chance if Wijnaldum is there. I can see Klopp moving for Bissouma in January, otherwise the title bid will be derailed, no matter how many goals Salah is scoring.

Incidentally, I watched the Sky programme on Salah joining the Premier League 100 club and it showed his two Chelsea goals. They could have been Salah of today. One, running in behind and slotting it past the keeper with that left peg, two a first time left foot volley into the net. It just emphasised how crazy Mourinho was not to use him properly and eventually let him go.

{Ed002's Note - There were reasons Chelsea let him go on loan.}

36.) 04 Oct 2021 16:50:33
Yes I appreciate that there are things we don’t know and there might have been reasons for letting him go on loan. Chelsea had a strong side then, difficult for a young player to break into. But when I saw those goals, if Salah had longer hair and beard, the movements and finishes would have made him look like the Salah of today. Loan him out, yes, but you don’t let a player capable of that leave your club, unless he is causing trouble, which I doubt with Salah.



25 Sep 2021 19:36:46
Result aside, what a great game of football! We did not deserve to win with that level of defending but it happens. Still undefeated and top of the table. I am confident we will be challenging for the league. On to City.


1.) 25 Sep 2021 19:53:31
Not trying to state the obvious mate but if we defend like that against citee we will be hammered Trent and Robbo were shocking.

2.) 25 Sep 2021 19:53:46
Brentford were excellent. People going on about our defending like it was the worst defending ever. Why can’t we just say the attacking was pretty good on the other side too? Sure, we made some mistakes, but that’s sport.

Hats off to Curtis Jones though. He’s going to be some player. 15m to villa 😂. Anyone accepting that needs their head examined.

3.) 25 Sep 2021 20:00:33
I mean I don't think brentfords goals were excellent, some of their defending was for sure, and arguably the well worked 1st goal (which i think we could have defended better, what was jones doing) .
But those goals were all on us.

4.) 25 Sep 2021 20:05:20
Great game, full respect to Brentford for their spirit and refusing to lie down. Defence had an off day, welcome to the real world. On to the next, top of the table and still unbeaten.
Let the weeping and wailing and demand for transfers commence.

5.) 25 Sep 2021 20:38:06
Yeah Brentford were good, but sorry all 3 goals were shocking. Defending was abysmal, the whole back 4 were pretty poor. Worrying that Van dijk and Matip were bullied so badly!

That being said we had chances to win comfortably. But fair play Brentford, great game!

6.) 25 Sep 2021 20:44:21
Taking Curtis off was a huge mistake. It literally reopened the game and we lost any semblance of control. Do that against City and it will be a cricket score.

7.) 25 Sep 2021 20:46:54
Absolutely abysmal defending worst I’ve seen from us in a long time! Credit to Brentford deserved their point!
I dunno why Jones was whipped I thought he was having a good game maybe only me! Not the result I wanted anyway!

8.) 25 Sep 2021 20:47:16
After the other results today a win would have put us in a very good spot. Only 1 of the subs used tonight. Think that shows how Klopp feels about what we have on the bench with regards to match winners.

9.) 25 Sep 2021 21:08:36
We didn’t deserve to win. I had my eye on today since the season began as the real test of the players if they’re up for the fight. Very disappointing but we move on take the point try beat Porto and City.

10.) 25 Sep 2021 21:45:30
Jones was off it second half, great strike though. Perhaps not the best time to take him off being on a high after scoring. Credit to Brentford, bullied TAA, picked there battles and go away with a point. Still early days, I'm confident we will be there at the business end.

11.) 25 Sep 2021 23:11:32
A win today would have put us 3 points “clear” with about another 90 points to be won.

I thought it was great entertainment - 6 goals, could easily have been about 10. Brentford will give a few teams a good game this season - especially at their place.

16 league games unbeaten and Citeh next week - if you aren’t enjoying it then you don’t like football.

And you boys, you know who you are, selling Curtis Jones to Villa because he was / is, as Klopp said in pre-season, learning a new position . really?

12.) 25 Sep 2021 23:32:07
The defending today of how things used to be when Klopp just arrived. Absolute shambles. We were in danger with near every ball that dropped in the box and with every move that Brentford made. Salah and Mane had chances to finish them off and wasted them so I wasn’t surprised when they equalised. Brentford was brilliant and deserved what they got. We? We got exactly what we deserved. We move on.

13.) 26 Sep 2021 01:28:06
If we play like this against city. blah blah blah so tired of that statement.

yes poor defending in this game relative to a season where we have been excellent so far.

If we defend like we have for 83.33% of the season and attack like we have for 100% of the season versus City then we'll be in with a shout.

14.) 26 Sep 2021 06:00:23
We were wasteful in the final third this game could of been won in the first half, it's not fair to blame the back 4 when the chances came and went on many occasions to our front 3 but they each squandered the opportunitys, the fact that Brentford exposed us twice from similar passages of play was infuriating.

15.) 26 Sep 2021 07:59:50
Iron man, I fully agree with you but the defence got absolutely bullied last night and fair play to Brentford who played brilliantly and once they smelt blood in the water with our defence all over the place, they kept applying pressure where it hurt and the dam kept breaking.

That said, the strikers esp Salah who had a chance to kill the game off fluffed his lines and that came back to hurt us. I think both points are correct and besides even if we had secured the result, it still would have been classed as a bang average perf., IMO.

16.) 26 Sep 2021 10:29:41
I honestly can’t see what the point was of bringing a fourth forward (who has only just come back from injury and not match fit) on was when we were already ahead, it was obvious that only two men in midfield would be inadequate to deal with what they were throwing at us. That was absolutely an baffling.

Given that City don’t concede many but they do score lots, they’ll be looking at our performance knowing we can be got at. I’m not buying into this “oh it was an exciting game of football” nonsense, yeah for the nuetral or a Brentford fan, but for me it was terrible. We threw away a chance of a critical away win, same mistakes we made last season in somehow snatching a draw or a defeat out of the jaws of victory. That was not the performance of a potential premier championship winning side.

17.) 26 Sep 2021 11:42:59
Do you think we will employ the same tactics against City that we employed against Brentford? Do you think we employed the same tactics against Brentford as we did against Palace? do you think City will play the same way as Brentford, employing two very physical front men?

18.) 26 Sep 2021 13:01:37
My question exactly, WDW. How can we even play that way vs City when City don’t play the same way Brentford play? It’s mad out here after a bad result.




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21 Jul 2022 07:56:38
Don't think he adds any value to the squad. He is destined to leave if not now then 1 year later. I would rather play one of your youngsters than him.




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16 Jun 2022 12:54:41
Don't understand the obsession to defend inconsistent flashy players who have 10 negatives for each positive.




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24 Aug 2021 13:03:56
If it is a loan with an option to buy instead of an obligation and low wages then it might be worth trying. But I don't understand why we want him after the way he acted to press his way out of the club. And he is not getting any younger either.




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22 Aug 2021 16:06:23
And what are you reading?




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30 Jul 2021 06:56:00
Good thing that the valuation depends on what Liverpool and Chelsea think, and not West Hame fans.





td_red's banter replies


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06 Nov 2022 12:54:48
And to think there were rumours we were trying to give him a new contract. Beggars belief really.




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05 Sep 2022 06:27:36
According to some people here he was a first choice mid? :O

The only shock here is that for some reason we were considering giving him a new deal! He is too far up his own and we should get rid asap. Complete waste of space in the squad.




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22 Aug 2022 09:31:10
West Derby Wanderer that is an incredibly oversimplified statement. There were a gazillion other factors because of which we won the CL and PL. And last year we were just off by one point in the league and reached the finals of the UCL as well. You can attribute our success/ failure on just one player's position.




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05 Aug 2022 07:08:52
Just stop reading whatever you have been reading :) Also, why would anyone decide on an amount 1 year before the bid? Hilarious!




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28 Jul 2022 08:22:25
The only point is fitness and trying out new things. Deciding how our season is going to be based on some pre season games has and will always be futile.

Last year United were apparently going to compete with City and Chelsea for the title and we were going to battle for top four because we hadn't made any "marquee" signings. Look at how that turned out.

In Klopp we trust.




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