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13 Oct 2020 19:10:38
Ed002, did you came across recent article of Maddock? . FSG is in talks with Billy to buy the club. Billy beane wants to buy group of clubs similar to Redbull in Europe. Do you got any news on it? If so, can you explain us and also all its pros and cons of such deal.


{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what you are referring to. I think you have perhaps misunderstood what yopu have read. Billy Beane is a self-confessed Liverpool supporter and owns much of the Oakland As and is the "moneyball" guru. But whilst FSG would like an investor to sell part of Liverpool to (particularly given their major financial issues at the moment), it is questionable where any of the high-profile expensive EPL sides has the growth potential of other sides across Europe. Clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea will see growth potential flatten out whilst the chance of growth remains elsewhere - and remember these folks are investing other people's money - not their own. As such they have a plan to merge with FSG rather than invest in it. Noteworthy is that the former Premier League chair Richard Scudamore has joined the board of Billy Beane’s RedBall Acquisition Corporation who have guarantees from investors circa $500M. That mean they have the investment funds to beyond a merger and look to buy a decent club in mainland Europe or the lower end of the Premier League as well.

Obviously clutching at straws to make the club get a boost in terms of financial growth before potentially selling out id Project Bigfoot (or whatever it is called).}

1.) 14 Oct 2020 08:08:36
Lower end PL club? Perhaps we could buy Man U as a feeder team.

2.) 14 Oct 2020 15:11:01
Thanks for correcting me. Merger should be the word I should have used.
Thanks for the info.

3.) 14 Oct 2020 18:01:07
Ed002, I thought "the growth potential flattening out" would be due to the c. v. environment prevalent everywhere now. But since you say growth prospects elsewhere in Europe are better, despite the c. v., it means that growth potential of the EPL is actually flattening out. Have I read it correctly?

{Ed002's Note - No, it is due the the sucfcess the club has had and the significant increased gross that has already happened. So the value of the club has largely peaked and will grow slowly. For investors that might well be the time to get out and invest where there is more growth potential so there is a better return on your investment. It is not the EPL, it is Liverpool. There is growth potential in the likes of Newcastle who would cost less than 20% of Liverpool, for example.}

4.) 14 Oct 2020 20:57:36
Ah, I get it, Ed002. The rate of growth is lowering. The S curves in all businesses and cycles. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - So you look for better returns. If you have £100 in the bank earning 1% interest and someone else is offering 5%, what do you do? The 5% growth has slowed to 1% but there is a new opportunity that if managed well might give 5% back.}

5.) 14 Oct 2020 22:42:54
Ed02, I know this is a near impossible question to ans, but is there many out there now with the capital to buy a club like Liverpool. The club currently valued at around £1.7bn pounds. And as you say the growth potential is flattening out, it doesn't seem like the wisest investment when you can buy other clubs at 20% of the cost.

{Ed002's Note - Institutionally, yes. Individually there are folks who could afford to buy but the attraction of the investment is not great - as FSG has already had the big time changes. The option would be a flotation, perhaps in New York. But you are right, the growth potential of the likes of Newcastle is clearly as an investment better than the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea etc..}

6.) 15 Oct 2020 07:33:22
Cheers ed👍.



06 Jan 2020 11:31:02
We have signed Joe Hardy from Brentford. He is number 9 and 21 yr old. Ed001, do you know about him?


{Ed001's Note - not a lot mate sorry.}

1.) 06 Jan 2020 12:32:56
Ok Ed001. Welcome to the family Hardy.

2.) 06 Jan 2020 12:44:25
Originally on Man City books but did not progress and moved to Brentford. He has done okay at Brentford but needed to move in order to progress (he wasn't making their first team) .
It is thought that with Brewster going out on loan, Critchley's Under 23s needed someone to come in and develop. Hardy is thought to be that person.

{Ed025's Note - i heard laurel is on his way too mate.. :)

3.) 06 Jan 2020 13:04:04
Scored 40 goals in 80 appearances for Brentford B.

4.) 06 Jan 2020 13:28:38
Think we have signed him for when we next play Everton, would make sense. young, inexperienced.

{Ed025's Note - thanks for that SR its just what i need.. :)

5.) 06 Jan 2020 13:48:33
We probably had his file after the hack.

6.) 06 Jan 2020 13:59:28
Apparently laurel turned down a move to the toffees, didn't want to wslk into amother fine mess.

{Ed025's Note - good stuff wiltshire..

7.) 06 Jan 2020 14:01:14
Isn’t Laurel currently playing in midfield for Everton?

{Ed025's Note - if he was he would be our star man thunderbird..

8.) 06 Jan 2020 14:02:40
Will the purchase of Hardy prevent Liverpool from pursuading Mohammed Daramy, or are they not sort of in the same position?

9.) 06 Jan 2020 17:24:02
Great to see you back 025 .

{Ed025's Note - cheers mate..

10.) 06 Jan 2020 19:16:34
He comes from The Wirral, so he can't be bad.

11.) 06 Jan 2020 20:02:11
I heard we have signed him instead of Mbappe.

12.) 06 Jan 2020 20:12:18
Sorry ed can’t help myself. At least you know your floor, can only be up.

{Ed025's Note - the floor is up for us SR, we are in the basement mate..

13.) 07 Jan 2020 04:45:45
Does he have an older brother named Frank?

14.) 07 Jan 2020 06:52:29
Another one to sell to Bournemouth for 20m in 2 years time.



09 Aug 2018 17:23:46
Hi Ed, does Ings got Southampton move?


{Ed002's Note - On loan.}

1.) 09 Aug 2018 17:53:00
Cheers Ed.

2.) 09 Aug 2018 19:02:44
Is there on option or obligation to buy Ed?

{Ed002's Note - That won't be known before tomorrow or perhaps Monday.}



09 Jun 2018 19:40:09
Can Ed002 shed some lights on fekir deal? If you felt that it will create hate then we understand it completely.


{Ed002's Note - This is the social media generation we are dealing with. It will get done when it is all concluded. If it is not all concluded it won't get done. I understand that Liverpool fans have constantly trolled the club's social media and that is really unacceptable - and I imagine Fekir's social media accounts will be taking a bashing now as well. My understanding last night was that the financial aspects were not finalised, and I said that lhere - I didn't keep it away from you all - that was how it was. I am not aware that anything has changed. It will continue to be work in progress. If Liverpool remain keen, then there is plenty of time to sort something out. If there is interest from elsewhere that matches the desires of the player and the club, then that is possible with plenty of the summer left. The trouble the Liverpool fans, seemingly uniquely, have is they believe the fat kid from Bolton and they get the Kleenex out and get their rocks off as soon as he says "done deal". The situation is very, very simple and no more or less than has been explained. There are no minute by minute updates to be had, although you can get those on Twitter or whatever.}

1.) 09 Jun 2018 20:16:21
Ed2 was correct once again!

2.) 09 Jun 2018 20:15:26
****ing loved your reply ed002. You are absolutely correct.

3.) 09 Jun 2018 20:19:45
Thanks ed002 for again clarifying the situation. I personally think this is lyon just trying to get more money out of us.
And if we can't get it done we will move on.

{Ed002's Note - Aulas will do the best that he can for Lyon - and frankly there is nothing wrong with that. You can build relationships with him and he will do what he sees as fair. If you are an English side he will want some of those English shillings you have so many of. If you screw him around you get the Gallic shrug - he is in a controlling position, why should he give you the bargain. How would Liverpool react to a £68.6M offer for Salah from Real Madrid - "well he hobbles a bit and he keeps holding his shoulder, and he whimpers like a pre-pubescent schoolgirl a lot, so we need a cheap deal".}

4.) 09 Jun 2018 20:22:31
With you all the way there ed 02 us Liverpool fans get way too invested an carried away with media I swear I don't believe anything til they wearing the jersey.

{Ed002's Note - Jersey? Cow or potato?}

5.) 09 Jun 2018 20:25:57
Thank you Ed002, appreciate the info. We are all very fortunate to have you and the other Eds providing us with such information.

6.) 09 Jun 2018 20:29:55
You’re right Ed. Things will happen if and when they happen.

7.) 09 Jun 2018 20:30:41
There you are folks. Ed002 has given us the info. Forget Twitter, Facebook and Graham Kelly ( who everyone seems to bow down to ) .

8.) 09 Jun 2018 20:31:06
Thanks Ed002 as usual the voice of reason.

9.) 09 Jun 2018 20:32:46
Just out of curiosity ed02, do you not in fact find it strange that Lyon would be so public about this/ their business? Why feel the need to issue a statement? They never announced that they were negotiating with LFC, so is it necessary to communicate this "ending of talks" publicly?
Liverpool haven't said anything, as well they shouldn't.
Kinda weird that by Lyon.

{Ed002's Note - Aulas has always been keen to say things to the press, and pretty much anyone who will listen. Who would have thought that the American President would be using Twitter to blurt out nonsense? I haven't seen him for perhaps three years but I would think he would love Twitter."

10.) 09 Jun 2018 20:40:19
sensible, rational reply ed02. It seems as though both parties are close to an agreement. Why these fans need to go on social media and get abusive over a transfer deal is beyond me. I have never been on twitter, clearly I am missing nothing.
I will just relax with a nice cool beer and see what happens. Hardly a life or death situation.

Thanks for the update ED02.

11.) 09 Jun 2018 21:01:04
Has anything happened since your reply ED?

Kidding 😁.

12.) 09 Jun 2018 20:44:52
I'm with you there Ed. If I was in Aulas position I'd be holding out trying to get the most I could, any businessman would/ should, I'd hope we'd be the same, can't blame the man for that. If we want the player enough we'll pay what they want. If not, we move on and they keep their player, it's as simple as it gets imo.

{Ed002's Note - It woas never going to be easy - and this has always been the case with OL.}

13.) 09 Jun 2018 20:47:05
Hahahaha the Liverpool football top sorry, I more of a Irish potatoe kind of guy an more partial too Devonshire cream.

{Ed002's Note - Do me a favour, Google Dan Quail and potatoe please. There will I am sure be a video.}

14.) 09 Jun 2018 20:50:15
What a legend Ed002 is! I'm just so wowed by your style! Take a bow, boss! We're really lucky to have you tell us as it always is!

15.) 09 Jun 2018 20:51:29
Sorry ed002, didn't mean to word it like i was whinging about it. Any selling club would want the best deal, if we are willing to pay great. If not we move on.

16.) 09 Jun 2018 21:02:37
Thank you very much for all the information you’ve given ed2. Let’s hope it eases the flow of desperate posts you are receiving. Obviously hope it happens. Would be a wonderful time for the club to do the deal right instead of messing around another club.

17.) 09 Jun 2018 21:10:45
So many people on here loosing their minds over a player they have never seen play or even heard of until recently lol.

18.) 09 Jun 2018 20:49:50
Cheers for your thoughts ed. Spot on as usual mate. Makes it sound very open still its just Aulas stating its over sounds quite final to us. Pinch of salt then?

19.) 09 Jun 2018 21:28:53
Mother Fekir, atleast the boxing on to cheer me up! Could see this coming, seemed to taking a long time and kind of strange the noise from their predefined, hopefully we continue to pursue the player and up the offer a bit YNWA.

20.) 09 Jun 2018 22:00:10
Ed, you are sparkys Owner aren't you, he speaks just like you ;)

{Ed002's Note - I taught him English.}

21.) 09 Jun 2018 22:01:29
Sky news just reported that fekir deal is now off.

22.) 09 Jun 2018 22:02:04
Dan Quayle potato, I remember that Ed002. How did he ever make it in politics? How did he ever leave the house unaided?

23.) 09 Jun 2018 23:47:49
Could anyone please clarify who ed02 means when he refers to a fat guy from bolton?

{Ed002's Note - “The Firm” on Twitter who I am repeatedly told by Liverpool fans is the only source who is ever correct. #WonderDogSparky, a little sweetie, has been banned by him for not giving him the personal gratification that many do. Sparky will be recruiting supports for his #The Farm (Fat Kid From Bolton) vs #WonderDogSparky (Artist, Racing Driver, Diplomat, Psychedelic Warlord and Great Lover) campaign.}

24.) 10 Jun 2018 00:13:20
The firm is a joke and always has been. Not looked at it for a while and don't plan on doing so anytime soon. In the Eds I trust.

I kind of don't want to look at #WonderDogSparky anymore though either. The Mrs saw the picture of him sat behind that chair, she didn't care about poor old bugger sparky, she was more bothered about the chair and wants one like that! Please no nice furniture in the future pics sparky, I'll end up bankrupt.

25.) 10 Jun 2018 01:51:37
Ed002 I think Salah should be worth twice the money for holding his shoulder, the wobbling, the dribbling and nutmegs and for scoring 40+ goals. Tell that to RM will you?!?

Thank you for putting the Fekir hysteria to rest. for now.

{Ed002's Note - And the crying must get the sympathy vote as well.}

26.) 09 Jun 2018 22:56:57
Hi Eds! Will Liverpool wait till the world cup ends and keep trying for Fekir, or will they start looking for alternative options? Thanks in advance!

27.) 10 Jun 2018 05:26:35
Hi Eds! From my own opinion, i think Liverpool fans get overhyped of this deal mainly because the way how Fabinho deal works out and the news whereby Fekir has passed his medical. After reading your view on this potential deal, I would like to ask whether undergoing medical before reaching an agreement between the two clubs is a way of how a potential transfer will go through?

{Ed001's Note - every deal is different.}

28.) 10 Jun 2018 08:11:08
Regarding this potential Fekir deal- Fekir passed his medical before agreement was reached and Ed0002 said financial aspects were not finalised. Therefore, I would like to ask Fekir passed his medical beforehand foe the sake of the upcoming World Cup, or it is due to news on the web where he undergo the medical after an agreement in an initial fee, just that Liverpool try to negotiate for a lower fee in the end?

{Ed001's Note - because of the World Cup a lot of stuff was done in advance so that he could just concentrate on playing for his country.}

29.) 10 Jun 2018 08:40:22
If an agreement was reached during the World Cup period, can both the clubs announced the deal? Due to medical was passed and interviews (leaked) was done beforehand.

{Ed001's Note - of course, that was the whole point of getting everything ready. Now he can just leave it all in the hands of his agents. I wouldn't hold my breath though. It could be done in seconds, linger on for months or never happen at all. May as well just relax and forget about it and hope for a pleasant surprise later.}

30.) 10 Jun 2018 09:07:21
Big thanks ED001 for your answer.
This has helps me clear up rumors floating on the web regarding this deal:
1)Fekir failed his medical
2)Initial fee was agreed and Fekir passed his medical, talks broken down as Liverpool try to lower the fee due to past injury concern.

31.) 10 Jun 2018 09:45:27
Eds if the fekir deal can't be concluded who, with your knowledge, would you say we'd try for?

{Ed001's Note - I don't know.}

32.) 10 Jun 2018 10:32:00
Rush to get everything sorted before the WC has backfired.

From a purely business perspective, this is not the way to do 60 million pound deals, anyway. Due diligence are the key words.

If Aulas wants to be difficult, he will be difficult. The player is contracted to Lyon - they hold the cards.

Important now for the club to act professionally. We have had enough problems with previous transfer fiascos (Southampton and Fulham come to mind) .

And let's hope the LFC trolls on twitter don't now go on to discredit the club, the way they have done in the past in their behavior the owner and his wife.

33.) 10 Jun 2018 07:04:19
Ed002 people ask if your Male or female.
I ask are you really a talking labradoodle?

34.) 10 Jun 2018 04:48:06
Thanks Ed002. So all these deals are nonsense. Now I can have good and calm Sunday.

35.) 10 Jun 2018 11:38:19
Only been on twitter once found the darwin awards they are pretty good.

36.) 10 Jun 2018 19:05:05
aussieMARK: WDS is the talking Labradoodle, Ed002 is a gentleman rodeo clown.



27 Dec 2017 18:03:24
Its official. confirmed in LFC website. VVD is LFC player.





stg's banter posts with other poster's replies to stg's banter posts


21 Feb 2021 15:47:05
Hi Ed and fellow reds. I don't have words for our recent form. But still we can finish season on high note with CL to win. Klopp will get it right for sure. Let get behind the team and Klopp.

Surely we will see golden sky at the end of strom.


{Ed0666's Note - Thankyou for you’re ray of sunshine Stu and trying to lift this grey cloud that has descended upon us Liverpool fans

1.) 21 Feb 2021 19:21:46
Spot on, OP. There is always joy in the morning after a stormy night. We are still a great team that have achieved way more than we all could have hoped for when this journey began under our leader and manager. Form is temporary. Class is permanent.

2.) 21 Feb 2021 20:00:02
Fair assessment Ed01. Too early to judge Kabak as there has been no time for Klopp to work with him, he's arrived from a poor, struggling team and thrown in the deep end.
I also think the balance of the team would improve by Phillips in defence and Hendo in midfield, but I'm only saying what others have already stated.
Klopp seems to see Phillips as the last chance saloon after exhausting all other options. Minamino was also not trusted even though Firminho and Mane are struggling.
It does feel that no matter how burnt out and low on confidence the first team is, Klopp does not trust the squad. I know some of these players have had injuries but if Tsimikas, Ox, Shaq etc can't get games this season, then they never will.
I would prefer just 1 or 2 players who Klopp has full confidence in to rotate a little more.

{Ed001's Note - I fear for Kabak as we will not get to see what he is about this season I feel. He might turn out to be brilliant, but he is joining the wrong team at the wrong point in his career imo. If we had brought him in while things were going ok and he had a few weeks to work with the rest, we could then judge him.}

3.) 21 Feb 2021 22:01:16
Im with you Ed1. I think the poor kid looks nervous, as though there is a mistake waiting to happen. He is in a new country and league and has been thrusted into the worst possible situation. A team hit by injuries, playing next to a midfielder with an unbalanced midfield offering little to no protection. Usually Klopp beds in players over months and we are flying high but unfortunately that’s not the case. Not to say he won’t go onto to become a fantastic defender, just wrong place wrong time.

{Ed0666's Note - maybe it’s karma. He spat at someone and the universe is punishing him with his poor assimilation into our team?

4.) 22 Feb 2021 10:43:48
As they say Alonso1786, "Timing is everything". I fully agree with Ed01 regarding Kabak. I am not going to judge him due mainly to the circumstances he has touched upon. There is simply no point doing it now cos he has been dealt a very poor hand at the moment. He may go on to be great BUT he is being put into a condition where he will more likely fail than succeed and that is unfair to him as it is not his fault.



25 Dec 2020 11:56:07
Merry Christmas to all ED's.

Hopefully Ed002 daughter also doing well.


{Ed002's Note - She is OK it seems, thanks.}



17 Dec 2020 14:25:44
The question to all readers and especially ED001, when Matip isn't available why can't we go with 3-4-3 formation with Nat, Fab and R. Williams (Klopp's favorite over Billy) . It will give enough protection as Fab can cover both sides of defence for the lack of pace of Nat and R. Williams. it also give little freedom for TAA and Robertson, especially TAA as he don't have to worry about R. Williams. Its just my humble opinion though.


{Ed001's Note - why would we want to change what we are doing when we are top of the league??}

1.) 17 Dec 2020 14:52:04
No disrespect to either player but Rhys Williams and Phillips are probably the weakest players in our first team squad, your solution is to play both of them?

2.) 17 Dec 2020 16:37:38
Still don't understand why you would want to risk another center back getting injured by playing all 3 options at one go.

3.) 17 Dec 2020 16:39:12
On another note. Pics now circulating of Thiago back in training today.

4.) 17 Dec 2020 17:59:08
Wasn't he back on and off anyway? Just whether he is back for good this time or not.

5.) 17 Dec 2020 19:46:48
Like Ed01 asked, why are we changing a system that works? Also, why would we switch to a system that would actually require more CBs whereas we are short of them? Just asking for a friend, really. Maybe the OP can enlighten us a bit more.

6.) 18 Dec 2020 02:43:19
What I really meant is R. Williams left lots of space behind him and TAA didn't done enough to protect him. Then as matches goes on Hendo and TAA tried their best. It reminds me of Lovern game against United where Rashford scores two goal of similar ilk. I don't want TAA or Robertson to be hold back from attack due to this constraints. Our main attacking outlet is front three, Robertson and TAA. So I want them not be to be hold back for this type of situations.



18 Sep 2020 18:49:43
Hi Ed001, need your point on Jota. Mane and Salah are pacy wingers compared to him. How he is going to fit? . I like Jota. He is better than Sarr in many aspects of the game IMHO. Delighted we are signing him as backup. He is much better than what we have.
IMO, Jota will be more useful in playing behind firmino and cover to Mane and Salah as games are coming thick and fast. This leaves Minamino who is growing into team and I think Ox will be sold next season if not this one.
What is your thoughts?


{Ed001's Note - he can play central as well, he is a clever player who provides cover across the frontline and will fit fine. He is not slow.}

1.) 18 Sep 2020 18:54:32
I'd actually say he is quick, maybe not Mane quick but no slouch. Most important is that he is quick of mind.

2.) 18 Sep 2020 18:59:52
You need to watch Jota more, his pace, strength are under appreciated.

3.) 18 Sep 2020 19:01:03
Can't believe he's just 23. Think this is a fantastic buy.

He is quick too and takes people on. Our squad is on fire. Hopefully we don't lose anyone major.

4.) 18 Sep 2020 19:04:22
Ed01, I love Jota. He is a brilliant footballer and is a Klopp type player or wide man. He is also a very hardworker and never stops running. If we can get the deal over the line, it would b a steal, IMO.

{Ed001's Note - just inconsistent.}

5.) 18 Sep 2020 19:14:52
I'm so excited even more now. Love to see fresh players coming in lad's YNWA.

6.) 18 Sep 2020 19:15:52
I'm pretty sure you made a article a while ago ed an Jota was in your top 10 left wingers?

Your judgment is usually excellent so I hope you're right again 😁.

I do like him myself.

Uncle Jurgen said something today along the lines of to write new stories you need new actors.

Potential Jota, Minamino, Elliott front 3 for the future 🤔.

{Ed001's Note - if he can perform to his best consistently then we have a damn fine player.}

7.) 18 Sep 2020 19:32:08
Ed001 I suppose that consistency is exactly what the coaching staff will be working on with him, but meanwhile he's a pretty explosive player to have coming off the bench and definitely a better Sadio stand-in than Origi on the left.

{Ed001's Note - yep, I agree with that, or to play on the right and in the centre as well.}

8.) 18 Sep 2020 19:46:18
Yep he's quick, dangerous and a goal scorer. A more polished player than Sarr. He's rarely played on the right but it's not really about left or right or wherever, he'll fit nicely into a front 3 or 4 that is constantly moving and switching all over the place and giving defenders night terrors in their sleep before and after matches. >:)

9.) 18 Sep 2020 21:09:23
Remember when Klopp last signed an inconsistent left winger from a mid table prem club. Think his name was Sadio something.

10.) 18 Sep 2020 21:51:53
Livered, Never heard of him.



02 Jun 2019 06:45:51
Wow what a night. For people talking about how defensive we was, it was clear strategy and it worked out. Got early goal and protect the lead. Wait for counters. The team has done it
Alisson is my MOM.


{Ed0333's Note - Allison is you’re mother?

1.) 02 Jun 2019 07:43:49
Wow. its. new? . a female standing top between men.

2.) 02 Jun 2019 07:57:55
Yeah. Safe hands Ed033.




stg's rumour replies


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26 May 2021 04:28:01
I am waiting for podcast. Even though I won't post much, insight of Ed002 on trnasfers, Ed001 on football was great when I started to follow this page. And Macca too though he isn't giving any info now. Hopefully Macca is fine. Thanks Ed's for all your inputs.




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09 May 2021 04:58:39
I think its sarr where our club is put off and we went for Jota instead.




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14 Oct 2020 15:11:01
Thanks for correcting me. Merger should be the word I should have used.
Thanks for the info.




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26 Jun 2020 17:48:49
I am not even born at that time 😊.




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07 Jan 2020 19:51:50
I really liked Emi Buendia from their team. Really he would be good option if he they went down. What do you think Ed001?


{Ed001's Note - good but not convinced he is good enough to get in our squad, let alone team.}




stg's banter replies


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19 May 2021 14:16:30
That two clubs are Liverpool and United. If its so, both are damaging their names more.




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18 Dec 2020 02:43:19
What I really meant is R. Williams left lots of space behind him and TAA didn't done enough to protect him. Then as matches goes on Hendo and TAA tried their best. It reminds me of Lovern game against United where Rashford scores two goal of similar ilk. I don't want TAA or Robertson to be hold back from attack due to this constraints. Our main attacking outlet is front three, Robertson and TAA. So I want them not be to be hold back for this type of situations.




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17 Dec 2020 11:26:46
I am waiting for your review ED. The hope that keeps me going with each passing day in this C.V. is VVD and Gomez is muck closer to return.


{Ed001's Note - it's written and posted: here on Ed33 will link it properly when he gets a chance.}



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24 Nov 2020 01:53:04
Hi, Ed001. Not impressed in the sense, in his quality or youngster who is over doing everything to impress? . I think I am of second point. He will learn a lot from this experiences hopefully.


{Ed001's Note - both.}



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24 Jan 2020 06:11:06
Ed001, you pretty much described how to defend Traore. But you can easily said the way VVD defend against him in one on one. Same way you described. He was 2/ 3 yards behind and Traore was not getting into his speed thinking what to do now.


{Ed001's Note - you could probably do that with almost any situation on the pitch to be honest. Just say "what does Virgil do?" That will give you the right answer most of the time. It was the same with Hansen.}