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07 Feb 2016 13:56:23
Can I ask why everyone thinks begovic is the answer to our goalkeeper problem. Butland is who we should really be wanting as good as Hart in a worst team, would cost a lot more but much better all round keeper, I think 20 mill is around what they would want and it would not be bad value considering the points we have dropped this year because of a flappy keeper. He is a first team keeper not a bench warmer like begovic. Be interested in some opinions on this.


1.) 07 Feb 2016 14:21:22
Butland is not in Begovic's class. Begovic is on the bench at Chelsea because Courtois and ONLY because of Courtois. Begovic's will be a good shout but where does that leave Ward who I think should step in now. It's not as if we're in contention in the PL because we are in no man's land right now. Just my opinion.

2.) 07 Feb 2016 14:31:42
Begovic is a decent keeper, and there's not many keepers out there that would take Courtois spot when he is in top form. Also migs was a first team keeper, making lots of saves all game, week in week out, it's when some of these keepers go to teams that don't allow many shots on target that they struggle, most beepers I've spoken to or heard interviews with say it's much harder keeping your head in the game, keeping your body relaxed and not losing concentration when your not heavily involved, they are of the opinion it can be easier when they are constantly being tested.

3.) 07 Feb 2016 14:43:25
Begovic is the best we can do right now as far as a GK with substantial experience is concerned. We already have a young Gk in ward at the club, so signing Karius or Horn now is unlikely. If we go for a experienced GK, then Begovic, Sirigu and Patricio will likely be looked at.

4.) 07 Feb 2016 15:46:06
Begovic, Sirigu and Patricio would not be an upgrade.

Begovic chose to be a reserve keeper at the peak of his career, which is an adverse inference on the kind of person he is. Sirigu is really very poor, Chelsea showed that in the champions league when they put crosses in and he flapped at them. Patricio doesn't look a good keeper at all from what I have seen.

5.) 07 Feb 2016 14:35:57
As a club we haven't learnt from our bad and damaging spending habits. I don't think we should be spending anything like 20 million on any player this summer. Scouts should be able to identify a good keeper from the many professional leagues in Europe that doesn't cost the sort of money you are talking about. That's only if Ward doesn't cut the mustard when he is hopefully give his chance.
Sell the expensive chaff, bring in 4 or 5 players of the Grujic sort of price range 5 to 10 million euros. Players that Klopp thinks he can mould and develop into top class performers and in so doing prove part of klopps value as a manager.



21 Jan 2016 15:35:42
Thought that last night might have caused a few worries for the first team. Good performances all over the pitch. Brad smith should be playing left mid for us instead of milner, guy will be immense strong quick think his future is there or wingback think him and moreno would cause havoc and will be able to cover each other when going foeward.

Ojo has been a great watch at U18 level and has always caught the eye, that was like a Barnes goal last night. Kevin Stewart was tenacious and quick to every ball as was branagan looked well beyond his years. I know we were playing Exeter and the first team would have won but think they would have struggled because they think too much and hold the ball to long.

These boys kept it quick and simple moving all the time creating space. The first team squad should have been taking notes and should fear for their spots in the team.

Finally Welcome back Flano worth 20 mill all day long will soon be taking clynes spot in the team or morenos when they f**k up again.


1.) 21 Jan 2016 18:55:28
Keep things in perspective. It was nice to see, but it was only Exeter.

2.) 21 Jan 2016 19:17:58
No worries were caused. The firsteamers are the first teamers tho i agree that players like Smith, Ojo and Tex should be in the first team.



20 Oct 2015 13:50:43
One thing that is really annoying at the moment constant injuries we seem to get from international breaks. Is the training regime that hard at these camps that it constantly breaks players or are the coaches not good enough to know enough about the players they do coach. Just seems that we can bank on at least half our players coming back used abused by national coaches.


1.) 20 Oct 2015 14:10:24
Perhaps the question you should be asking is how come players from other teams don't come back used and abused from international duty.

2.) 20 Oct 2015 14:25:24
Well they do 'Red since 64'. Often. Especially Arsenal and Spurs. However, our most damaging injury which was Ings happened when he was back training with us, and the injury to Gomez happened after a challenge in the game - not an awful one but one that apparently just caught him wrong. I can't think of any injuries except Sturridge's first injury last season (which he returned from in Feb, only to suffer the same fate training with us) recently that could potentially be much to do with international duties training methods etc - we've done pretty well in that regard with no key players reporting back with anything serious.

3.) 20 Oct 2015 14:57:01
You mean like the Ox, Walcott, and Jack Wilshere in the past.

Or maybe City wouldn't like Aguero, Kolorov and Silva fit. After the most recent break

Newcastle just lost their 1st choice keeper.

These injuries happen to a lot of teams during international breaks, but our fans don't really care for other teams physio room woes.

4.) 20 Oct 2015 17:19:21
It's happened to just as many players as liverpool ones. This week aguero kompany and silva all picked up knocks from city's squad.



09 Sep 2015 08:23:41
What's with the Milner bashing on here now what has he done wrong since he came. Is a huge upgrade on the inept Allen and as far as I am concerned has been the most consistent performer in the team whether he us similar or not all he can do is the job he is given. Him on the left of a 3 and hendo on the right it will turn out you will see. We need hendo back Caan is trying to hard at the mo and is giving the ball away too much he should be playing a holding role that is his strength not attacking looks cumbersome as best he us a beast at def mid.


1.) 09 Sep 2015 08:35:09
No one is bashing Milner. He is a good player and ideal for a team who doesn't have Henderson and Can with them.
Allen and Milner are completely different players. Allen is the moulds of Xavi who loves to keep the ball and dictatte the tempo of the game ( unfortunately he couldn't ) Milner on the other hand is a B2B midfilder.

If you want to replace Allen, you should buy a player like Modric.

There are various CM in football, We needed one Zidane type or Xavi type.

2.) 09 Sep 2015 08:56:09
For one can is not a b2b midfielder he is a def mid and Milner has played winger for most of his life, Allen couldn't dictate a Sunday league game. Get real we are never going to find the perfect Xavi or zidane there are only a handful of those players in the world and we are not rich enough or big enough anymore. All we can do is win games and to be honest Chelsea have played with similar players all over there team and they seem to do ok. It's more to do with tactical noise which Brenda does not have enough of to use them properly. As someone once said I dream of a team of carraghers and old Fowler up front.

3.) 09 Sep 2015 09:14:14

I disagree there mate. Can is a midfielder who posses offensive attributes than his defensive attributes mainly positioning. Milner came to liverpool to play centrally and that's something we heard from his mouth and our manager.

Kovacic is one player very similar to the mould of Xavi and that's a real reality. ( just watch him and his style ) We were close to agree a deal and ran out of the money with pumping 33 mill for Benteke.

Chelsea played perfect system last season with Fabrigas as the CM and Matic as the DM. ( Fabregas is a completely differnt player to Milner/Can)

We played the perfect system with right players against West ham. Lucas-Milner-Can in the middle and was a complete failure.

BR is guilty of many things at the club but not always as you are trying to make out.

He wanted Kovacic and to me it makes perfect sense as We are crying out for creativity in the middle to an extent we are praising Shelvey these days.

For any manager, your CM is your vision, Your two eyes which you see the whole game. Paul Scholes is the best of best example.

4.) 09 Sep 2015 09:33:29
Since when is can a beast of a dm??? He has only played in that position a handful of times he hasn't the disipline to play that role. I would play him instead of milner any day i'm not milner bashing as ye he is a hard working pro but we just didn't need to sign him as he is not needed and i believe hendo and can would work a lot better together. Milners signing to me is just holding can back he is ready to be starting games now if he's good enough to start for germany he has to be ready to start for us.

5.) 09 Sep 2015 10:27:23
Does anyone else think we go completely over the top labelling players?

Players do certain things well and certain things not so well. Managers then choose where those attributes can be utilised most effectively for the benefit of the team. For the German team Can is most useful as a right back right now. For us he may be most useful as a DM. Another team may use his elsewhere. Doesn't necessarily mean he's being played out of position, just that's where they can add most benefit.

6.) 09 Sep 2015 10:57:55

Eeeeh. What exactly are you trying to say mate. His biggest weakness is his discipline and Positioning. How could he play a DM? He would need to learn the art and it would take time.

In my long long memmory only one player ever made it to both the position you are refering and its Philipp Lahm but unfortunately he was a quite poor in the middle.

A RB could go and become an offensive RB and then a RW ( Bale for example )
But full back to a midfielder? Impossible.

7.) 09 Sep 2015 12:03:01
Harry, you're talking nonsense about FB turning to midfielders.

Lahm did it perfectly well!

Dare I say that Phil Neville also did the transition and was an influential midfielder during Everton's better (recent) years!

8.) 09 Sep 2015 12:46:26
Good luck mate. Play him there. I have no complaints.

9.) 09 Sep 2015 13:04:48
EG, I'm not talking about individuals, I think it's stupid how we shoehorn players in general.

A player isn't a DM, a CM (I hate the term B2B) an AM or anything else. They're someone with skills that can be utilised anywhere on the pitch. The question isn't where is their best position but where can they best be used for the benefit of the team?

If you want a player to do nothing other than break up play and shield the defence then Lucas is our best choice as a deep midfielder. If you want a player to launch passes from deep then it's Hendo. If you want a player to carry the ball forward from deep then Can's best. A player shouldn't be defined by a particular role but what he can contribute to a team from any given position.

To bring it back to the original post Milner is a player who does everything to a decent level. His best position may be wide but he certainly contributes in the middle and Rodger's thinks that no one else in the squad can perform the role that he's defined as well as Milner can and that's why he plays him there.

10.) 09 Sep 2015 13:45:53
EG is right in pretty much very post in this thread. We needed a playmaker in CM, and we didn't get one.

11.) 09 Sep 2015 14:14:25

I could understand your point in general and to an extent its correct. But we do bash our manager when he plays a player in a position outside what we feel he is. ( Like Can played RB and we ripped BR for playing and someone above now would play him there )

We have good midfeilders but not the right midfielders.

We easily bash Allen who couldn't do a job at liverpool but then compare him to Milner who is completely different from the player Allen and the role he used to do at Swansea.

We should have got Kovacic by hook or crook who is the most typical Zidane/Xavi type player we needed. someone who sit alongside Lucas and dictate the game, Picks the player with fine passing and carry the ball extensievly well.

Untill Liverpool FC doesn't find next Alonso, We would continue to struggle.

12.) 09 Sep 2015 17:34:43
Eg the trams for window is closed and youve been making the same point since we were first linked to Kovacic, give it a rest mate.

13.) 09 Sep 2015 19:08:59
Took me a while to figure out 'trams for window'!

14.) 09 Sep 2015 20:14:46
Milner was never needed, end of.

15.) 10 Sep 2015 00:11:51
Do you not think we needed a bit more experience after losing Stevie? Without him you look at the squad and wonder where that level headed calmness might come from. With his experience he can really help the new and younger players come through. I agree that if you just look at ability then perhaps we didn't need him but sometimes it's about more than that.

16.) 09 Sep 2015 22:18:31
Haha trams for widow stupid autocorrect

17.) 10 Sep 2015 11:51:58
The fact is, Milner is the best right midfielder I the squad. He is not the best central midfielder.



28 Jan 2015 18:31:40
Why are we not trying to sign someone like jovetic looks like its over for him at city, great mobile striker could be going for a song city do not know what they are doing.


1.) We can't aford songs

2.) I reckon his wages would be high?
Nice player tho.

3.) We are not signing anyone as it is obvious we will get into further FFP trouble and we have far too many players on our books.

Our time to sign a player like Lacazette was last summer. FSG made loads of cash available but we ended up with Balotelli. Go figure.

4.) He apparently remains injured for half of the season!

5.) 29 Jan 2015 05:31:22
Ed002 - I cannot sensibly answer why Liverpool have not looked to sign a player they have expressed zero interest in


6.) So we have 4 strikers and an attacking midfielder that we also play there. We also have a new striker coming in the summer that we already bought as well as youth players. Logical step- spend 20 mil on an injury prone player that hasn't really settled in the league in 18 months. City have already been punished for breaching FFP rules so even if we did want him why on earth would they take a major loss on him!?




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14 Jan 2022 14:36:53
yep Henderson looking really jaded since C.V. and has been shocking same as Trent last night. Missing Thiago and wish he could just stay fit. I f i hear any more rumours for DMs when we need a BBM creative mid i will go mad. It's like watching builders labourers play football in midfield, work hard but no skill.




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03 Jul 2017 13:44:59
From what i saw of this guy last year he was immense and can get even better with Klopps help. He does a bit of everything and is a future world star.

The price will be what he is worth and at will be between
50-60m into todays market as they don't need the money and we have a solid starting playing who gets beyond his man and moves a team forward with quick incisive thinking and passing, also pops in with a few goals rather than two fairly good players for 40m. I know who i would rather.





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09 Sep 2015 08:56:09
For one can is not a b2b midfielder he is a def mid and Milner has played winger for most of his life, Allen couldn't dictate a Sunday league game. Get real we are never going to find the perfect Xavi or zidane there are only a handful of those players in the world and we are not rich enough or big enough anymore. All we can do is win games and to be honest Chelsea have played with similar players all over there team and they seem to do ok. It's more to do with tactical noise which Brenda does not have enough of to use them properly. As someone once said I dream of a team of carraghers and old Fowler up front.




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07 May 2015 12:47:07
looks like our marquee signing for the summer then loads of potential! haha




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If anything the UEFA competition is harder, unknown teams, terrible refs, and our team will get knocked straight away anyway while we have roy hodgson reincarnated in charge, gone from the fastest playing team to the slowest in the league.




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Let him sit on the bench, suck on a lolly like a little spoilt child, until he learns to put in a shift and holds his head up and needs to understand his career is at stake think he will retire before he is 30 a bit like collymore does not love the game enough.