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08 Jul 2018 14:38:31
hi eds, any update on Buvac? Seems to have gone quiet, cheers.


{Ed001's Note - what is there to update? He has left.}

1.) 08 Jul 2018 16:03:59
Are you able to say why Ed? And is there no chance of reconciliation?

{Ed002's Note - I dealt with this last season when he resigned. Move on.}

2.) 09 Jul 2018 13:40:14
Could somebody please point me to where it was dealt with? Can’t seem to find it on the search feature.

3.) 10 Jul 2018 07:57:36
It was dealt in a cople of posts mate, just search fkr it as it is a long one.




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06 Jun 2021 09:48:26
Quick one for ed001. Whenever I see people talking about sancho you seem to not rate him or talk about him only being any good as a sub. I have a strong like towards Dortmund which has led me to watch almost all of their games for the last two years. And I can say that you are being harsh on the lad. He is so often the player to create something, be it scoring assisting or a clever pass to open space. When he didn't play for a while Haaland struggled. I personally think he is an unbelievable talent who consistently decides games for BvB no matter when in the game, and that your conception is misjudged.


{Ed001's Note - ok.}

1.) 06 Jun 2021 10:52:00
What is it that gave you the impression he only did it against tired legs Ed?

{Ed001's Note - because every time I watch him start a game he is terrible. And that is in the Bundesliga, where the defending is poor. And I still stand by what I said, he is ridiculously overhyped.}

2.) 06 Jun 2021 11:56:34
Sanchez is fantastic young talent, who is ridiculously inconsistent, spending 75-80M on just "potential" its not how we do our business.

{Ed077's Note - Jason Sanchez??}

3.) 06 Jun 2021 12:16:18
An English player being overhyped, surly not 😉.

4.) 06 Jun 2021 12:31:03
Is he just Jermaine Pennant 2.0?

5.) 06 Jun 2021 12:48:36
I think he is a good player, don't get me wrong but is he £100/ 80 million good? that's where I have the issue. For me to fork out that type of money he would need to have the same influence up front as VVD had at the back and I just don't see it.

{Ed077's Note - and then the additional costs on any deal for Sancho....

6.) 06 Jun 2021 12:56:18
Oops was talking abt Jadon Sancho ED.

{Ed077's Note - I knew mate...

7.) 06 Jun 2021 12:52:46
I respect that Ed, and admit he isn’t always amazing and benefits from the poor defending in the league, but he is better than you are giving him credit for.

8.) 06 Jun 2021 13:50:52
I don't think Sancho has achieved anything in Germany for one of the strongest teams that Sterling didn't accomplish at the same age in England with Balotelli and Lambert in his way. Sancho clearly has talent but I wouldn't want him at the expense of Mane or Salah. Then again if the alternative is Traore, i'll drive to Germany and fetch Sancho myself.

9.) 06 Jun 2021 14:27:54
I'll give you the petrol money Adam.

10.) 06 Jun 2021 16:11:04
Both Sancho and Raphinha are dribblers, and as always, they're both very pleasing to the eye to watch. That's why they get the hype too. I've watched both but I'm not sure which one is better, because all is a function of the system of play and individual instructions given by the manager. On paper Sancho has the better statistics, but that doesn't mean much because Klopp could take any shackles off Raphinha and improve him considerably, as he did with Salah.

What I do feel strongly about is that neither is ready to take over from Salah. Neither of these two comes close in terms of goal production or how important their presence is on the field for their team. They may eventually, but then who wants to wait around and let Salah go in the meantime? What is incredulous is that Sancho is valued at 3-4 times Raphinha, which is hard to justify for me. Only an English team would put up the 100 million to buy Sancho; I don't see any European ever doing it. The "English premium" undoubtedly in effect.

11.) 06 Jun 2021 19:04:06
Jadon Sancho has made the Bundesliga team of the season twice in three seasons, but as history has shown us the Germans don’t know anything about football.

12.) 06 Jun 2021 19:38:43
I used to be a fantastic dribbler. God bless incontinence wear👍.

{Ed025's Note - love it barry..

13.) 06 Jun 2021 20:04:44
Germans are short and squat. They know absolutely nothing.

14.) 06 Jun 2021 21:15:18
Naby Keita made it into the Bundesliga team of the year, I’m not certain how much a sign of quality that is given now woeful Keita is.

15.) 06 Jun 2021 21:19:09
You got to love the banter on here at times Ed025😃.

16.) 06 Jun 2021 20:58:16
Spot on eds 1 would rather use Elliot than waste money on sancho even if we did have the money which we haven’t.



04 Oct 2020 21:20:34
Gotta say that I knew what would be coming before looking and it is exactly what I expected on here. Everyone bashing players and picking on them. No one was good tonight. On Monday evening everyone was happy to praise everyone though. And the week before. And almost every week the last two years. This is the same team that won us the prem and the UcL. The same team who we fans supposedly believe are the best in the world. Well stop bashing them. Now we get behind them, and support them as much as ever. The standards set over the last two seasons clouds judgements, but losing is a normal thing in the league. It was always going to happen this year.
Big rant but needed to be said.


1.) 04 Oct 2020 22:50:49
Spot on, OP. We will see who the true LFC supporters are after this beating we just received.



08 Sep 2020 17:22:43
Hi Ed's, was just wondering if anyone would be interested in a fpl league for site users?
Unsure if anyone would join but could be a good laugh between fellow reds.


{Ed001's Note - someone usually does set one up.}

1.) 08 Sep 2020 17:48:57
I'm already in it.

2.) 09 Sep 2020 08:20:53
YoungRed code for the league is ehr8k2 bud.



28 Aug 2020 21:36:40
Hi Ed's.
Understand you may not know, and I have tried searching, but after you said that gini will not be offered a new deal, who is interested in him currently? And how much would liverpool look to bring in for him?


{Ed002's Note - It is suggested that Barcelona may be interested and I can’t really say what price may be achievable. Perhaps £22M.}

1.) 28 Aug 2020 22:17:17
I had read Barcelona we’re interested but wasn’t sure how reliable it was.
Thanks for the response Ed, enjoy your weekend!

2.) 29 Aug 2020 11:41:19
£22m would be a good fee for a 30 year old player with only 10 months on his contract. Cheers Ed002.

{Ed002's Note - If they are interested they could speak to him in January about signing as a free agent in the summer - not unlike what Liverpool could decide to do with Thiago.}

3.) 29 Aug 2020 13:04:29
I guess that's the worry Ed002. January is only 4 months away so it almost seems silly in the current financial climate to pay over £20m for someone who costs nothing in 4 months. Football defies logic though! If Thiago comes in to replace Gini I'll be content. Gini deserves a move to a club who will see him as integral. Klopp's tried to replace him twice already with Ox and Keita! Thiago makes 3. Easy to see why he wants to move on.



24 Aug 2020 20:08:14
Hi Ed's quick question about Liverpool's competitors this year. Just wanted your normally expert opinion on how close/ far the teams are to challenging, mainly city and Chelsea. Appreciate it's hard to guess but you normally do a decent job.


{Ed002's Note - Liverpool are in a position to consolidate and win out again this coming season - the formula is there, the players are a cohesive group and appear hungry for more success. This should be the basis of going forward without too muich disruption. But perhaps a year later changes will start to be needed as players are getting older and there is a need to freshen up. I understand that before he departs Klopp will look to leave a young side in place that can again challenge at the highest level - but the plan will be through aquisition and money might continue to be an issue. Other sides will look to catch up, Manchester City and Chelsea have well planned approaches in place. Manchester United is a mess but will spend. Spurs will now spend but there needs to be a plan to reclaim the money going out. Arsenal are risking a great deal more of course.}

1.) 24 Aug 2020 20:25:40
Thank you Ed002. Will klopp and Edwards look to continue signing similar player profiles re age? Or will there be a shift to younger still players.
Thank you for all the work.

{Ed002's Note - They need to continue to look to younger players if the academy is not producing the talent they need - it is a long term fix but like many clubs they want the academy to work - but that could take years.}

2.) 24 Aug 2020 20:30:52
A mess pmsl! Don’t hold back Ed 🤣.

3.) 24 Aug 2020 20:45:07
Thanks, Ed02 for all your work. Do you think that the owners will sell up if the current model cannot be sustained or cannot be changed to a much better, self sustaining model?

{Ed002's Note - They are investors - I don't see them selling up until growth has peaked and flattened out. At that point they will look to do it again with another club.}

4.) 24 Aug 2020 21:29:19
That's fair enuff, Ed02. By that logic if they are still here, it simply means they still think and are confident that things have not flattened out yet. Only time will tell.

{Ed002's Note - Time will see it flatten out.}

5.) 24 Aug 2020 21:38:49
That's a fabulous detailed reply Ed002 thank you very much.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

6.) 24 Aug 2020 22:03:42
I think the club are in a decent position to benefit from the academy if they manage the youngsters they have carefully the next few years. If you think Trent already come through but the likes of Elliot, Brewster, Williams and Jones already all look like they have potential to become good players. Important the club don’t buy players that could stop that progression.

7.) 24 Aug 2020 22:25:03
I touched on this a day or so ago. The refresh will begin at some point. I said a year too. Just hope we can fund the replacements for our players because the value of the team will decrease over the next few years.

Replacing Mané, Salah and Firmino concerns me, especially when they’re going to be the wrong side of 30 and have lost value. On the other side of it, they should keep us challenging and in the champions league where the income is. I can see one leaving in the next season or 2 to be replaced in stages. Sancho (unless he’s off to Utd) and the likes will hopefully be looked at, players who are showing great ability already as well as a high ceiling.

8.) 24 Aug 2020 22:43:57
Thanks for the great reply Ed, appreciate it. Have a good week.

{Ed0666's Note - I agree it was a corker of a reply. We’re lucky to have the guy

9.) 25 Aug 2020 00:29:40
I have to second that he knows his stuff
Usually gives me a hard time but not does the man have great knowledge
Thank you ed002.

{Ed0666's Note - and it’s subscription charges etc. you lucky lucky things,

10.) 25 Aug 2020 02:06:50
Thank you for those responses Ed.

11.) 25 Aug 2020 05:48:41
Yeah, I think we’re lucky to have all the Ed’s but number 2 is on another level and we do appreciate his knowledge and willingness to share this across all the pages.

{Ed0666's Note - I’d say you’re lucky to have the other Eds but I’m the one you should protest to get rid of because let’s face it I’m not any good. But I have incriminating pics of Eds 001 in a compromising position so unfortunately for you lot I’m here to stay.

12.) 25 Aug 2020 08:18:49
I thought that I was the only person who had them pictures Ed0666?

13.) 25 Aug 2020 08:53:31
They are like Napoli. Sign a relative easy CB and sell them when they peak. No affiliation to the club.

14.) 25 Aug 2020 00:46:54
Yes, brilliant reply Ed002. Would Man City's plans account for a manager change or do they forsee an extended Guardiola stay? Klopp leaving a youthful team with ingrained success is the ideal scenario imo, but who knows. Regardless I think it might be a tighter tussel this year with 2 or 3 teams Competing in the home stretch.

{Ed002's Note - Manchester City know that they will have to deal with a change of coach next summer.}

15.) 25 Aug 2020 09:59:21
And Eds002 casually drops a large bomb. 👍

Care to elaborate Eds?

{Ed002's Note - About what?}

16.) 25 Aug 2020 12:35:30
About Man. City and a change of coach Ed002.

17.) 25 Aug 2020 07:38:03
Ed666 "Incriminating pics of Ed001 in a compromising position" - I thought everyone had those? Or are yours extra special?

{Ed0666's Note - Mine are in color....he can’t dispute them.

18.) 25 Aug 2020 07:43:27
I could make you a lot of money with those pictures 666 ( and you’ll be known as Damien from now on 😃 ) .

I can see us both now, sitting on ed002’s yacht drinking the royal cuvée of Champagne, Cristal Louis Roederer through a straw, scoffing a bowl of pickled onion Monster Munch.

{Ed0666's Note - Throw in a packet of beef monster munch and I’ll show you the pics that are not for public consumption.




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24 May 2022 19:13:37
are you saying there is only 6 days between the season starting and the break ed002. could be a typo lol.


{Ed002's Note - well spotted - November.}



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31 May 2021 00:22:35
I really don’t get the Jones slander. He’s a lad from the academy, which is the most traditional way of getting a player. When he has played he has been good if not very good, and always works hard. Yes he makes mistakes but that is why he needs the game time. How someone can watch him and say he doesn’t work hard or he is a big time Charlie is beyond me. Watch him in most games and you will see how hard he works, whether it is tracking runs or pressing. Again he will switch off with his age, but that is natural. Let the young lad develop without the slander, as that is what ruins half of the youngsters these days.




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16 Jul 2019 21:51:27
Pep loved him and thought he was very good when Lyon played city, so I trust him AND klopp see something worth buying.




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25 Jun 2017 13:10:43
Mk vvd is class, good with his feet shown by his free kick abilities, can pass, good physically and marked Sturbridge out the game in both legs of the efl cup, 70m is expensive but he and alderwiereld are the best cbs in the bpl, so we should buy him.




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24 Jun 2017 10:29:06
Of would be quality on the half turn as back up for Gini and lallana, as we struggled with, one of them two out when can was playing more advanced last season, he would be quality and can fill rb and rw.





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15 Jul 2021 13:47:44
If you watch him he will suit us perfectly akira, secure on the ball, good passer, but most importantly very hard working, and extremely combative, so don’t know how he won’t suit.




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26 Jun 2021 10:43:53
Crazy post, mbappe has looked sharp all tournament, and will inevitably deliver when he needs to, Sancho not getting on the pitch is more to do with the clown who won’t put him on there then anything he’s done. Kane going to city is different to England completely, he’ll be under Guardiolas tactics with players who know how to implement them, and will score bucketloads. I agree that we had a drop and will be better, but just because we don’t have the money they do, there’s no need to completely ignore how good kane is because we can’t afford him.




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19 Jun 2021 10:40:54
Understand Southgate is very poor, but saying the England squad is poor, come on! They have a squad stacked with quality it’s just the players aren’t being used right by a clueless manager who was given the job on good manners and the easiest World Cup run ever. Only thing they can hope is they get knocked out early and get a new manager before the World Cup, or the ‘golden generation’ will be wasted once more.




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06 Jun 2021 12:52:46
I respect that Ed, and admit he isn’t always amazing and benefits from the poor defending in the league, but he is better than you are giving him credit for.




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06 Jun 2021 10:52:00
What is it that gave you the impression he only did it against tired legs Ed?


{Ed001's Note - because every time I watch him start a game he is terrible. And that is in the Bundesliga, where the defending is poor. And I still stand by what I said, he is ridiculously overhyped.}