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Team: Manchester United

Where from: Bristol

Favourite player: Ole Gunner Solskjear

Best team moment: Champions league final 1999

Interests: Manchester United duh. lol

Timezone: (GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

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What's Happened at Manchester United While I've Been on Holiday

19 Sep 2019 12:10:00
{Ed's Note - Shappy has posted a new article entitled, What's Happened at Manchester United While I've Been on Holiday




Some Fans Have a Funny Way of Supporting Manchester United Players

21 Aug 2019 09:52:17
{Ed's Note - Shappy has posted a new article entitled, Some Fans Have a Funny Way of Supporting Manchester United Players


1.) 21 Aug 2019 13:44:17
I understand what you mean, it’s great when you have homegrown talent in the team, but that only gets you so far if you want to compete at the top you have to be ruthless about players.

I actually think he has a negative impact on the team, he just doesn’t seem focused on football more interested it doing silly handshakes or instagram videos. If he left I would imagine Rashford would be much more focused.

He’s like that class clown who people laugh at and then sometimes join in but are very disruptive to the flow of the classroom.

2.) 21 Aug 2019 14:05:16
So much easier to integrate a new/ young player into the squad when the team is doing well and winning trophies, like Fergie did for years with many average players. Not so easy to do when the team isn't doing well. Then the young player stands out like a sore thumb if he isn't up to scratch.

3.) 22 Aug 2019 10:48:47
Great article, Ed001! Never knew the full story - I always heard snippets since I was in Dubai at the time of DIC's interest and worked with some of its sister companies - but never the full story.

Onwards and upwards with Edwards!

{Ed001's Note - thank you mate, we are in much better hands now. No one is perfect, but at least FSG try and learn from their mistakes rather than make excuses about them.}



Biggest problem with the Transfer Window

09 Aug 2019 18:43:00
{Ed's Note - Shappy has posted a new article entitled, Biggest problem with the Transfer Window




Let's assess where the Manchester United team is currently

07 Aug 2019 16:36:34
{Ed's Note - Shappy has posted a new article entitled, Let's assess where the Manchester United team is currently


1.) 07 Aug 2019 16:41:03
Not a bad assessment from you that Shappy lol 😆.

2.) 07 Aug 2019 17:04:03
Better writer than he is a right back!

3.) 07 Aug 2019 18:27:05
Wonder if maguire will cope with the pressure of playing for you’s. Not the fee but the constant scrutiny and expectations 24/ 7 Tougher than playing for England that’s for sure.

4.) 07 Aug 2019 18:40:16
That's for sure😂.

5.) 07 Aug 2019 18:43:09
Not a bad analysis not sure I agree with it all mind, tho k you’re very optimistic, in a sense I understand that as it can’t be as bad a last season but I don’t think it will be much better. I’m not quite convinced by the signings the defence is going to be very new and even then individually I don’t think they’re great players, midfield is still weak. I could be being biased but I think it will be interesting season for Manchester United, really make or break as if this doesn’t work then I don’t know what else they can don.



Thoughts on Manchester United Football Club

22 Jun 2019 19:09:06
{Ed's Note - Shappy has posted a new article entitled, Thoughts on Manchester United Football Club


1.) 22 Jun 2019 20:26:29
I've never even heard of half of the players you mention. Who is Haller? The french guy at Auxerre? You're talking about him as though you've signed him. Apologies if you already have, but I've not seen anything about a done deal.

Also, I think the biggest upturn for your team would be Wan-Bissaka, (if you get him) who you haven't even mentioned. Have you even bid for Maddison yet? I just reckon Ed will throw a few lowball bids out there to look like you had the intention of signing him.

2.) 22 Jun 2019 20:33:42
I think the whole window will be faced with one issue, whether UTD keep or let Pogba go.

One player can totally derail a season and I reckon if UTD price Pogba out of a move cause let's face it, he wants to go then yous could be sitting with a massive thorn in the dressing room.

Together with that, should UTD want to go for the 'expensive players' means dishing out ridiculous wages and apparently UTD's wage bill is hanging by a thread.

Yous have a major job ahead of rebuilding and there are no magic wands and there are no quick fixes as Liverpool have found out over the years.

Ole is going to be under massive amounts of pressure come the start of the season and will be interesting to see how he copes starting from game one next season.

3.) 22 Jun 2019 20:54:51
We have seen in the past when young players such as Wan Bissaka moves for a massive fee and then earns 3 to 4 times more than what they did at the club they moved from, then it does not end well.

Ed002 has said that it is best for Wan Bissaka to stay put. Him moving to UTD at a massive fee will be a very heavy weight to carry.

Unfortunately, fees for players have become like auctions. Palace apparently also want his fee upfront. Big risk to take and if Wan Bissaka does move to Palace then Palace will likely end up being the winners.




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12 May 2019 14:08:25
I don't any fan can complain about a player wanting to leave. They would be quick enough to fire a player out the door if they didn't think he was good enough. It can't be only one way. If the club are happy enough to move players on when it suits them then they have to accept it when players themselves want to move on.




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12 May 2019 13:01:11
Imagine your a football agent, you have no ties or strong feelings towards a club. It's a job and your in it to get paid.

You only get paid when one of your clients moves clubs, so what do you think you are going to spend most of your time doing?

The whole system is wrong. There should be a fixed fee that an agent is paid, and that fee is the same whether its a contract renewal or signing for another club.

At the moment its a racket with few regulations and even fewer that are up held by the authorities. Mino Riola demanding as much as 20% of a transfer fee as an agents fee. In any world that is insane, in one where transfer fees are spiralling out of control and in some cases are north of 100m that is sickening.

If he negotiated the Neymar deal at 20% he would have "earned" 44.4m euros. That money pouring out of football is one of the reasons we have teams going bankrupt.




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11 Jul 2018 12:07:41
Why is no one asking the obvious question? Why is Shaqiri available for only 12-14m? Nearly all players go for at least slightly more than their worth in the current market. So if he is available for that much it must be because no one else in interested in signing him.

Also I would seriously question the logic of bringing in a player "for cover" who has a notorious bad attitude especially when he isn't first choice. Surely its obvious that it will end badly.

Also he is known for being lazy and he lacks drive to do the defensive work, how will that fit into Klopps system?





Shappy's banter replies


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11 Mar 2018 21:46:10
This is hilarious, I came on here to ask a serious question and have a little banter.

To those who have admitted the hypocrisy of singing to players that they will always support them only to slay them off 90 minutes later I thank you.

To those either unprepared to accept that or unable to grasp the concept thank you and goodnight. X.


{Ed002's Note - The Liverpool fans have no idea what banter is Shappy.}



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11 Mar 2018 21:30:30
Hey, all fans are as bad as eachother when it comes to slagging off their own players.

However, only one group of fans sing that they will always support those players before slagging them off.

The point is anyone who has ever stood in Anfield and sung "you'll never walk alone" then gone on to slay those players off is a massive hypocrite and a lair.

Some United fans have booed Smalling and many other United players. They just didn't sing to them that they would always support them beforehand.




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11 Mar 2018 19:13:25
Boomerynwa, We don't consider beating Liverpool as a cup final, we've been to three cup finals in the last three years and won them all. So we consider cup finals cup finals. You know the ones where you get a trophy.

I'll hold m hands up I did come on here with half an eye on a fishing trip, many of you have been kindly obliging. However, I am asking a serious question, and one many of you have avoided answering.

So I'll ask you directly as someone who has "ynwa" in your sign-off, do you think it is hypocritical to sing to your players that you will always support them, to then go slag them off 90 minutes later on the internet and social media?

If you want to slag them off then fine, but don't lie to them and sing them songs of how you will always support them.




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11 Mar 2018 18:52:51
In Istanbul, if you think your being polite calling someone an "absolute loser" then me and you have very different ideas on manners. Lol.

If you honestly believe no Liverpool supporters would venture into the United page had you won yesterday then your the one in denial.

I came on here and asked a genuine question. How can you sing about always supporting eachother then come on here and rip chunks out of your players? How can you not see the hypocrisy in that?

Still waiting for a real reply.




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11 Mar 2018 18:24:17
Well Salah mate you guys would be the experts on not winning the EPL. lol. If we finish higher than we did last season then that is progress, if its enough is up for debate. We added a couple of trophies to our cabinet last season and we are still in two cups this season with a manager who has won more cup competitions than any other manager currently still managing. So anything can happen yet.

I would like to hear your opinions though on singing "you'll never walk alone" then coming onto a site like this and do nothing but slag the whole team off, especially a young 18 year old homegrown lad.