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17 Jun 2019 10:03:10
Seeing a lot of names being thrown around at who we should be looking at this window. Think Origi will really push on next season, kinda reminds me of Iago Aspas (take away that he didn't relly want to leave his homeland) quality alone he was not as bad as we made him to be but instead Stud and Luis where just that good that it would probably make a lot of alternatives seem half the players they actually are. In all honesty looking at the market and being honest can we really do better than what we have in terms of options of the bench. Shaq okay we all know his issues and what's keeping him on the bench say we get rid who do we bring in with equal if not better quality and still not break the bank. On the other hand i get that in order to stay top we need to keep improving.

Ores dad

1.) 17 Jun 2019 10:56:17
See I'm the opposite mate. I proper hope your right but I can see Origi slipping back down again and us wishing we got a striker In. I'd love a rapid striker to bring on late in games or someone to compete with bobby.

2.) 17 Jun 2019 11:18:45
Origi reminds me of 'golden boy' Macheda.

3.) 17 Jun 2019 11:52:55
Totally see where you mates are coming from. Took a bit of time off to have look at the kid through out the years. Technically his not really up there but what he has is an instict of knowing where the back of the net is. Iam not saying his up there with the best but some how get a sneaky feeling if he was not playing for us but had a similar season and linked to us at say around 35mil many might be tempted to be excited at what he might bring to us. I don't know but i kinda fancy our chances with or without any new comings.

4.) 17 Jun 2019 11:45:11
Origi has got all the attributes except the most important one - a football brain. He makes the wrong runs and can’t pass to save his life. Twice on the CL final he had the chance to our Salah in on goal and fluffed it. Good impact sub, maybe mire if he can learn what he is lacking.

5.) 17 Jun 2019 12:25:24
Origi is a confidence player, that's obvious. And he is now a liverpool legend. I think he'll be massive next year. He may not start every game but if we have a tired forward, mane can move over and origi can attack that left wing. He is devastating against tired defences.

Origi won me over this season, way before the European performances. Now i love him, one of my favourite players.

I think someone who can do the same on salah's side and, like origi, play CF would be brilliant.

6.) 17 Jun 2019 12:34:59
For me he can have an impact from the bench. I don't think he would be consistently reliable as a continuous starter. He still has a place in the squad for sure.

7.) 17 Jun 2019 12:47:37
I reckon Origi will serve humble pie for many this coming season. He only recently worked his way back into Klopp's plans and clearly had to put in proper shifts to get minutes on the pitch.

The lad has got heart and determination and deserves a chance.

8.) 17 Jun 2019 12:51:20
I read somewhere that Origi had been clocked as the fastest player at Liverpool, which surprised me as his style is very laconic.
He seems a kind of gentle giant type of lad, can imagine he’s quiet too.
But I like him as a player, can be frustrating but worth persevering with as he’s earned the chance.

9.) 17 Jun 2019 15:50:43
Spot on, Max. Origi has been shutting people up this season by the goals he is scoring YET people still doubt him. I find that quite insulting, really. I have always been a massive defender of Divvy (gonna buy his shirt this season, btw) and I fet that many fans just gave up on him too soon. I NEVER did.

Why? Simple. I don't have a short memory. Orig in the beginning under Klopp was destroying CB's at will to the point of it being too easy. He was so good that Matts Hummels still has bad dreams about him probably till this day cos he bullied him in both legs vs Dortmund in the EL tilt. The boy got destroyed by the thug Funes Mori and even after he came back from injury, he still scored 11 goals the season after. The loan to Wolfsburg did not help him as (I watched a lot of his games while at the same time, keeping tabs on Naby at RBL) they were a basket case (they had THREE managers that season alone) and that is not where a good young player can improve, I don't care how good you think he is.

Now he came back to us and tho he never got game time, he still stayed focused and trained hard. He said Klopp told him to "Play the way you train" before coming on vs Everton and well, we know the rest.

The fact of the matter is this: Divvy Origi posseses ALL the physical tools necessary to be a TOP CF, IMO. There is nothing he lacks on that front. Furthermore, Origi is a cold-blooded killer in the box. The guy does not panic when the ball gets to him. A True BIG game player who does not wilt under pressure. You simply CANNOT coach that.

Why do I think so? We have all seen what he can do when on his game so no more evidence is needed there, IMO. What he lacks now is the ability to put it all together. That can come with good management and great coaching, ALL the things Klopp possesses. That is to me, the next level of his development and I hope he stays to realize his true player cos talent wise, he is a monster.

10.) 17 Jun 2019 19:52:27
As long as he keeps coming in during second halves and scoring vital winning goals, I'm happy with Origi. And by the looks of it, he is probably happy with it too. Despite the claims here of him not having a brain, I think he has enough of one to know what he is doing by signing a contract extension. Even if one of the front 3 move on, he knows he can't slot in, and being backup is his best bet if he wants to stay at LFC.



06 Apr 2019 12:12:53
After looking at the game again to try and reconcile my own opinion amd eds past match reviews, i must admit once again iam humbled by your sober, honest and accurate assesment on most of our guys. 1st and far most at this stage its not how we that matters but the 3 points.

Bekker seems to be going thru a patch which is felt by the whole team, his quality is still evident but just shows his still human after all.

Trent still needs to learn to attack the space between him and his man, right now people noticed this weakness in his game. His still learning but this has become an urgent matter.

Naby migh have scored but generally he does leave a lot of space behind him. The hint of quality is there but he can domso much better we all can see it. Reminds me of Gini a bit, if we can get Naby fully commited we going to end up with sum player there.

Credit to Mo, the man doesn't stop trying, non matter what he keeps trying.

credit to editors because all this was seen way before even during our days when all was rosey and gloomy.

Ores dad

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate. Just need to keep racking up the wins!}

1.) 06 Apr 2019 12:59:16
Ores, I completely agree with you. I remember when posters on here were making a complete fuss about how Naby was not playing and should be playing. Ed01 graciously offered us info that Klopp does not trust him defensively as he leaves too many gaps behind that is detrimental to the team and some on here STILL moaned. The very same thing happened yesterday vs Saints. This is why I stopped questioning Klopps decisions or Ed01's info behind his decisions cos if you look hard enough, you will see why.

As for Allison, I think he is having a bit of a wobble as well cos even yesterday he came out and got caught in no-man's-land on a Valery cross that Redmond could have connected with but for some reason, ducked. Same with TAA. He is getting caught out a bit too much defensively BUT he more than compensates for this with the quality he brings offensively as we saw for his pin point assist for Naby's goal. Credit to all the Ed's and the info they give us cos w/ o them, we would definitely be a lot more ignorant about LFC and all things footie. Up Da Pool!

2.) 06 Apr 2019 18:11:07
Totaly spot on there RedWolf, its amazing how the eds and some of the mates on here can look at such games with sobber minds free of emotions we fans cannt put asside in order to see the clear picture. I am also guilty of the same thing as a fan our red tinted glasses get the better of us. I fully understood what the fuss is about Milly besides his energy, my God just his pass accuracy was vital. Sadio is crucial to the team, when the Eds said his grown you can see it clearly in his face. Observe the mans concerntration before and right until the end of the game. I remember the panic that came when we signed him but after reading the feedback we get from the editors i feel as if we have been given a window into our players lives and this gives us a better understanding of thier play. we still work in progress we not yet there but its looking good from here, really good. No matter what happens its a good time to be a fan.



30 Dec 2018 08:43:02
Will always Gini can and should be one of the best if not the if only he could believe more in his own ability. What's more frustrating is that we have not even witnessed his true ability just flashes.

Ores dad

1.) 30 Dec 2018 08:59:13
Make no mistake Gini is one of the first names on Klopps teamsheet.

2.) 30 Dec 2018 11:39:06
Gini was world class yesterday. They literally had to bring him down every time. At one point he was surrounded by 4 players and he still came away with possession.

I've been his biggest critic the last few years, but this season he's had a couple of bad games and aside from that been Mr Reliable. A couple of his covering tackles yesterday were unreal, especially the one in the box. It was his best performance in a red shirt for me.

3.) 30 Dec 2018 11:40:21
Gini is a fkin monster in MF. I challenge anyone to get the ball off him.

4.) 30 Dec 2018 11:50:36
Gini's best game in a Liverpool shirt for me yesterday. He was absolutely fantastic the lad.

5.) 30 Dec 2018 13:09:45
Said it a few times before, he’s so important to our team he does so much of the graft and covers so much ground. Goes to pieces in front of goal but makes up for it in other areas. And I agree, his best performance for us, looks so strong on the ball and rarely squandered possession!

6.) 30 Dec 2018 13:37:40
He looks best at the base of a midfield 2 IMO.

He’s not quite defensive enough to be a pure no.6, but neither does he score enough goals to be a no.8 (although he can be effective in an 8 sometimes, Keita seems better suited) . put him in a 4-2-3-1 next to someone like Fabinho though, and he gets a bit more defensive cover and his ability to control the midfield comes into its own.

7.) 30 Dec 2018 14:12:59
Gini was world class yesterday. He's at his best like Henderson in a 4-2-3-1 setup. He's not a true DM and I don't rate him as a number 10 or on the wing. Maybe an 8 is his best position?

8.) 30 Dec 2018 14:56:12
I've always had faith in him. He, like hendo, can keep the ball under heavy pressure and even make things happen. Top, top, top player. 30 mil what a steal.

9.) 30 Dec 2018 17:34:07
SG - agreed fully. Altho I think he wpuld groe into the role Shaq is playing if we released the shackles off him. He has had to adapt his more naturally attacking game to fit into our midfield.

10.) 31 Dec 2018 05:35:23
Interesting one faith - I agree he’s shown glimpses of attacking flair at times but Shaqiri just seems so clinical in front of goal compared to Gini and his long shots are something else.

I still think his real strength is keep possession in a tight scrap, and against the better sides that composure under pressure is crucial (which is why I think he shines in the big matches but doesn’t shine as much when he has plenty of time on the ball) .



11 Dec 2018 20:37:12
Mo you beauty.

Ores dad

1.) 11 Dec 2018 22:00:06
Alisson! Alisson! Alisson!

2.) 11 Dec 2018 22:05:52
Allison wonder land!

3.) 11 Dec 2018 22:30:52
Gary? Is that you?

4.) 11 Dec 2018 22:32:03
If only I could I'd make this world a Becker place, bit of a tune from the 90s, could be a keeper.

5.) 11 Dec 2018 22:47:09
Wonderboy Allison.



06 Sep 2018 18:35:05
Couldn't help but notice how Luis Alberto has been doing in Italy, been wondering what's the Eds make of it? Is he 1 that just needed game time or was it a case of the league better suited for him? Thanks in advance.

Ores dad

{Ed001's Note - he is just better suited to Italy. The lifestyle and the style of play.}

1.) 06 Sep 2018 20:38:46
Glad things are working out for him, showed some promise at Barc B before joining us and now seems to be peaking. Thanks again for the response Ed.

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}




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05 Apr 2019 17:00:44
Fully agree there Ohyoubeauty, to Klopps credit you have to look at what his done with majority of our player, Milly came in ass only a hard work who demand to play CM but look at him now, playing the best footie of his life, we knew Gini as a bit everything but mainly a late runner in the box to score goals but we all know when he really turns up he really turns up. Trent and Jo have improved under his watch. i don't think we need huge sums as our only stream of getting the best of the best. Look now and then a Virgil and Allison are needed but let's keep an open mind.

Ores dad



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05 Apr 2019 13:37:51
The reality is that we been really spoiled on how well our buys turned out, to certain extent all our front 3 where purchased at what (in todays market ) can be seen as fair. Are we ever going to get similar quality as Salah for 39mil in todays market without assuring game time? Baring in mind Mo was not exactly the player we fans wanted but none the less he is our own today. I could be wrong but had we had our way we would probably have Brant or hyped flavor of season player who would feel by he must play week in week out based on his last name alone. I think what the eds are trying to say and i could be wrong is that even if the money was available would a Ronaldo even come our way looking at our front three and not be scared that he might actually not play without 1 of them leaving. such is how goood our players are! I honestly can't see a better winger than Mane at what he does (no 1). Than the matter of team spirit, imagine selling Salah for Lorenzo who we have no idea will turn out but without contrdicting my early stance, why risk the unknown if you really have the best? Such a risk might not only provoke others to consider thier options but again lead to another transition period. We all saw how long Bobby took to kick on would Dybala not delay us when we so close. The team will try get the right cover for our team but it might not be in the high profile player we all think it is.

Ores dad



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05 Apr 2019 13:15:24
Something doesn't seem right with him, its almost like his not even trying. I really hope he comes good.

Ores dad



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13 Dec 2018 13:08:20
You have to feel for him, time on bench seemed to have elevated his game.

Ores dad



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21 Oct 2018 13:44:19
Are we really that bad guys? I get we can be better but is it really that bad. Remember how well we played when the pressure was of off us and the boys had smiles on their faces. We know they can be better and i for 1 know they will. For now let's keep the faith up like when the Hudds fans cheered the team after they had misplaced a pass that resulted in a throw in. We only just joint 1st place and you can see the effort of the boys. It will come together soon for now let's cheer them like never before e.

Ores dad




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07 Jul 2019 00:11:18
Percy looks ready, bit of good businessnfrom B Albon.

Ores dad



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02 Jul 2019 16:42:44
Virgil I 2nd that, in all honesty there is no 1 I fancy outside our own. Defntly not a keeper, Center half, full back, mid or even a foward. Yes we need depth but is there anything better (not only in term of individual quality) but charector wise, collective impact and to style who is better suited for our team than our own?

Ores dad



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29 Jun 2019 15:23:07
Do we really need to splash though? Buy for the future makes a bit sense with our current squad.

Ores dad



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17 Jun 2019 11:52:55
Totally see where you mates are coming from. Took a bit of time off to have look at the kid through out the years. Technically his not really up there but what he has is an instict of knowing where the back of the net is. Iam not saying his up there with the best but some how get a sneaky feeling if he was not playing for us but had a similar season and linked to us at say around 35mil many might be tempted to be excited at what he might bring to us. I don't know but i kinda fancy our chances with or without any new comings.

Ores dad



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17 Jun 2019 09:51:38
we could do much better than that.

Ores dad



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