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05 Sep 2021 08:30:41
Ed0666 I think u meant 'your' instead of 'you're' in your replies above.


{Ed0666's Note - you are right mate Thankyou for pointing out my atrocious punctuation. I’m not the best at written English as I was rubbish at school and I make a lot of mistakes when I edit so when I mess up which is often please excuse me as I know it can be irritating. Cheers mate.

1.) 05 Sep 2021 15:28:55
I know there’s no real football in at the min but are people that board sorry! bored that they’ve got to point out one spelling mistake. Come on ninja.

2.) 05 Sep 2021 16:06:08
When you reach a certain age Longthing, you can’t help but become perturbed at the poor spelling and grammar.
We’ve had some corkers recently, my favourite being “reek havoc” 😃
I think that’s what you do after a curry the night before.
Anyway, as indicated earlier, Trent is indeed starting in midfield later, so we can all watch that and take our minds off these trifling matters.
I hope that Trent does reek a bit of his own havoc later.

3.) 05 Sep 2021 16:56:19
Massive massive issues in the world, bad grammar not being one of them.

4.) 05 Sep 2021 18:23:26
Stop. Grammar time!

5.) 05 Sep 2021 18:23:53
Grammar is the difference between knowing your rubbish, and knowing you're rubbish.

6.) 05 Sep 2021 19:03:06
‘Taking a lot of flack’ is my personal favourite.

{Ed014's Note - I’m still not over Caroline! 😢

7.) 05 Sep 2021 19:40:42
Ahhhh totally unnecessary comments. Just like Grammar used to make!

8.) 05 Sep 2021 19:48:03
The Grammar Police is out in force due to lack of club footie, apparently 🙄.

{Ed0666's Note - I appreciate the support mate but I’m glad posters are calling me out because I really should know the fundamentals of written English and I clearly don’t which is a tad embarrassing to be honest. But that’s my bad. I’ll try and be better but not promising any major improvement 😂

9.) 05 Sep 2021 20:14:49
My grammer is atrocious. My spelling too. Been and being still elude me too when writing. They’re their whatever. I try but even though I no the rules I still mess up when I write them. I’m not embarrassed. Also commas. Don’t even talk to me about commas. Hey, sure what do I know 🤣.

10.) 05 Sep 2021 20:26:48
I don’t know how OP can refer to the ‘post above’ which would have occurred in the future of when he made the post… crazy.

11.) 05 Sep 2021 20:45:57
Grammar Police being plural, should that be ‘are out in force’ Oli? 🤣.

12.) 05 Sep 2021 21:30:27
A panda walks into a shop chewing on a mars bar, opens fire on the owner then exits.
Sign on the wall read:
Pandas eat, shoots and leaves.

13.) 05 Sep 2021 22:41:17
Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh - when does the next transfer window open!

That was rhetorical, by the way 😀.

14.) 06 Sep 2021 06:25:05
Ninja, firstly can we review your post? You put 'U' which should have been 'you'. So people in glass house's.

15.) 06 Sep 2021 17:11:12
Juicer, are you the Undercover Grammar Police Officer on this forum, then?



28 Aug 2021 20:59:37
Mané has been poor and has taken his form into the new season.

I really cannot see what he brings in to the team at the moment. He slows the team down, unable to beat his man, holds up the ball for too long and easily dispossessed of possession.


{Ed0666's Note - be wasnt great today let’s hope it’s a blip as he was good for the first two games of the season.

1.) 28 Aug 2021 21:58:57
Looked a little tired towards the end, we just need a little help someone that offers something a little different.

Change of pace, strength just something to add a little something.

2.) 28 Aug 2021 22:38:17
I absolutely love Mane. He creates so many problems for the defense.

3.) 28 Aug 2021 23:57:18
Mane had a real good game today, a constant threat.

4.) 29 Aug 2021 00:07:56
I actually thought Mane was trying to invent something more than the rest of our players today but was given less space than Salah on the other side. Chelsea defended well after James was sent off and we struggled to create and that’s on all our players not just Mane.

5.) 29 Aug 2021 00:43:05
He was good for the first 2 games but today was like watching him last season.

6.) 29 Aug 2021 02:30:30
Ed0666 - Mané’s form clearly isn’t a blip, he’s been largely poor since we played West Brom at the turn of the year. The most frustrating thing about him is that he simply cannot finish reliably despite the volume of chances he gets - he is as likely to miss even easy opportunities as he is to score them.
I would like to see Tsimikas get a run in the team, he has more technical quality than Robertson as well as a better and far more consistent delivery.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m sorry mate I don’t agree with any of that. Mane was pretty clinical last week and robbo is the best left back in the world period.

7.) 29 Aug 2021 05:53:11
he was about as useful as Salah today. how come Salah never gets this kind of critique.

8.) 29 Aug 2021 05:51:40
Disagree Ed, he needed a lot of chances last week before getting that goal and hasn’t looked anything like the player he was 18 months ago. Seems to have lost a bit of pace for me making him much easier for the opposition to nullify him.

{Ed0666's Note - no he’s not the player of 18 months ago but he’s had one poor game out of 3 so let’s cut him some slack before banishing him to the scrap heap. Maybe he’s lost it but we owe him this season to prove himself.

9.) 29 Aug 2021 11:17:04
Like Stone and MR, I thought Mane was very good yesterday and caused them massive problems which led to them doubling up on him cos he was giving Reece James fits all first half. Also had James not hanballed it, Mane scores the equalizer and none of this is even talked about. He may have tired out a bit near the end BUT he never stopped trying and running at people.

10.) 29 Aug 2021 08:44:48
Ed - did you really say we owe Mane a season? Do you think Shanks or Bob would have ever countenanced that degree of leniency?
I think after last year it is Mane that owes us a season, along with Keita, Ox and Firmino.
Or is long C.V. causing him more complications than TAA and if so, why is he being passed fit to play?

{Ed0666's Note - not dilute if he’s got any complications from covid but there’s a reason klopp is playing him and it can’t be out of sentiment.




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31 Jul 2022 21:49:13
Thankfully we have Kelleher as back up keeper when fit. Adrian is ok but prone to lots of mistakes leading to goals.




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14 Jun 2022 21:59:15
It seems like Liverpool football club very often p. es off clubs they deal with whether they're the buying club or selling club. Lose-lose.




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14 Jun 2022 21:59:15
It seems like Liverpool football club very often p. es off clubs they deal with whether they're the buying club or selling club. Lose-lose.




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30 Aug 2021 08:55:55
Henderson is a Liverpool player and I support him but that doesn't deviate from the fact that he is probably just an above average midfielder in terms of playing ability but does have excellent leadership abilities.

He is far far away and cannot be put in the same bracket as Steven Gerrard, who had the ability to change a match on his own.

I'm neither a Henderson hater or Henderson lover but some people just seem to have blinkers when supporting the team and feels that all the players should be absolved of criticism.





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06 Jul 2022 13:11:28
It is actually the knee itself that causes the problem and not the muscles. If someone has sustained an ACL injury, then it is usually repaired using an autograft (whether that is from the hamstring tendon, patellar tendon or quadriceps tendon) . Each have their pros and cons and are prone to re ruptures. This is often what kills their explosive speed.

In terms of the muscles itself, it will regenerate and you can build muscles up. So the main issues would be the ligament in itself which provides stability to the knee.


{Ed001's Note - again missing the point. It is not that I am talking about. Read what I said about the mental side of it. It is the muscle injuries that cause the problem as the player struggles to have faith it won't go again. It was not knee injuries that killed Owen's explosive speed or many others, it was repeated muscle injuries.}



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16 Jun 2022 21:23:45
People are just going on about giving Morton, Jones etc game time. Those players are still developing and should be given time to develop. They are not good enough for week in week out first team football.

If you look at City's bench as compared to Liverpool's then u can definitely see the difference in class. You're not going to overtake city by having morton and Jones as backup.




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29 May 2022 00:20:47
First of all congratulations to the Liverpool team for this wonderful season although they would have liked to win at least one more trophy.

They've got a good first eleven. However, they haven't got good strength in depth. Players like Milner, Ox, Minamino, Jones, Firmino or Keita are just not good enough to come on and make a difference if and when needed.

What they also haven't got is the riches of teams like Man City, Real Madrid or PSG who are able to offer the extra cash in fees and wages.

Strengthening the midfield and attack would be key this summer.




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29 Jan 2022 03:53:48
How is the window closing and the Eds have more time related?




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31 Aug 2021 23:05:45
Klopp can call them however he likes. He is just sugar-coating the inactivity in the transfer market.

I'm not saying that we should have bought Ronaldo or Messi but the fact is that those players strengthens their respective teams whether short term or long term.