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06 Mar 2021 18:04:34
Not a rumour but when will bayern be looking to replace Lewandowski and where would he be heading? Would there be any possibility of him linking up with klopp again? Ed002.


{Ed002's Note - There are no plans to sell him and he has a couple of years on his contract - it is the same with Thomas Muller. They have players in mind to bring in and eventually replace both but that will be in 2022 as their focus this summer is the defence. I would not hold your breath about him moving to Liverpool.}

1.) 06 Mar 2021 18:43:39
Cheers ed. Do you think any interest in haaland could change their plans at all? If he chooses to move this summer would that force their hand into moving sooner.

{Ed002's Note - No, it is unrelated.}

2.) 06 Mar 2021 22:07:43
As good as lewandowske is I think his older than are front 3 if any think we need to lower the age.



03 Feb 2021 13:45:47
Been told Alison is now injured. Hopefully not! Anyone heard anything.


1.) 03 Feb 2021 14:24:22
Shaving cut that’s all hopefully.

2.) 03 Feb 2021 14:25:27
There are rumours that he got injured after a collision in training and could be out for 6 - 8 weeks. At this moment in time there's no legitimate source on the rumour but recent history means it more than likely.

3.) 03 Feb 2021 14:52:16
Please don't be true. this would be a nail in the coffin I'd say.

4.) 03 Feb 2021 15:03:49
Hopefully just a rumour can any of the Ed's shed light?

{Ed001's Note - don't know sorry.}

5.) 03 Feb 2021 15:45:38
This can’t be correct surely to god? How many more bloody injury’s?

6.) 03 Feb 2021 15:58:20
Has someone done voodoo or something on us?

7.) 03 Feb 2021 16:01:24
The rumours have been right on Alisson the last two times. Apparently, he's out and probably out for City.

8.) 03 Feb 2021 16:29:44
Can anyone shed light onto where they hearing or reading this? I haven't seen squat.

9.) 03 Feb 2021 17:07:25
Twitter mate, where else.

10.) 03 Feb 2021 17:43:08
Hope its some twitter bull was just getting a good feeling about rest of season with new additions and jota getting back to it, but this season for us i actually believe it. oh no.

11.) 03 Feb 2021 18:41:20
It wouldn't suprise me at all. I've never known a goalie to pick up so many injuries.

Just when we thought we'd turned a corner.

Suppose we'll find out in an hour or so.

12.) 03 Feb 2021 19:04:53
Put sue to ilness.

13.) 03 Feb 2021 19:12:15
Never trusted sue!

14.) 03 Feb 2021 19:22:15
Must have been right then hopefully it's not long term.

15.) 03 Feb 2021 19:27:40
He is out tonight but don’t know for how long.

16.) 04 Feb 2021 09:49:10
when you say Voodoo, didn't Bruce Grobbelaar say we had been cursed and he had to urinate behind the goals to clear the curse? he can't have pee'd much if it only lasted a year. we do seem to have had more than our fair share of injuries but the lads still pull on the red shirt and try their best even if they are shattered. I also wonder how many are in the red zone and could be injured shortly. Given that the euro's are supposed to be on this summer our players are just not going to get a rest.

17.) 04 Feb 2021 11:09:10
just wondering if moving to a new training centre could be increasing injuries. maybe nothing.

18.) 06 Feb 2021 11:52:24
I’d go with nothing.

19.) 08 Feb 2021 01:36:00
Alison at fault for all four goals completely unlike him. Suspect he’s still ill. 4-1 flattered city IMO thought Liverpool had the created the better chances. If we don’t count the gifts from Alison. Neither pens were fouls either Sterling runs into Fabinho he make no movement towards Sterling Sterling runs into him. I suspect that’s why salah gets a pen for nothing. Tough times look forward to having Fabinho back in midfield at some point. Becoming a frustrating season but you can’t go through a premier league season without any actual centre backs. Fair play to the team they’ve done wonders up until January. Hopefully knuckle down get Davies and kabak in and finish in the top 4. Plan for next season.

20.) 08 Feb 2021 08:28:25
Ugly Ben, Fabinbo on Sterling is a stonewall pen.

21.) 08 Feb 2021 15:36:15
Not for me BT looks like Sterling runs into him for me.



04 Jan 2021 17:17:55
Ed to you knowledge do you expect football to continue if another national lockdown is announced?


{Ed002's Note - It will be allowed to continue in the short term - it will need to be reviewed on a regular basis.}



05 Oct 2020 09:53:27
Morning ed002

Any truth in the gazzaniga rumour.


{Ed002's Note - It would be a knee jerk reaction and a kick in the gonads for Adrian who Klopp only gave his support to last night. It would also require the sale or loan of an additional non HG player to make space - so I don't know if it makes sense at all. My expectation remains that two non-HG players will leave today but the club is going to end up leaving itself in a rather bad place with the Champions League squad if Wilson and Kelleher are moved on.}

1.) 05 Oct 2020 10:06:03
Cheers Ed002

I suppose we can't rule anything out after last night knee jerk reactions can happen in the wake of performances like that. Regarding klopps support for Adrian I would only expect that because he wasnt the only player to let us down last night but he has been shaky and poor in quite a few of his starts recently so maybe there is something to it.

2.) 05 Oct 2020 10:06:03
Cheers Ed002

I suppose we can't rule anything out after last night knee jerk reactions can happen in the wake of performances like that. Regarding klopps support for Adrian I would only expect that because he wasnt the only player to let us down last night but he has been shaky and poor in quite a few of his starts recently so maybe there is something to it.

{Ed002's Note - Absolutely.}

3.) 05 Oct 2020 10:12:19
Replacing Adrian would be anything but knee jerk, it’s absolute nonsense to suggest otherwise. The man has done nothing but cause chaos whenever he has played for us, last night was just the latest in unacceptable performances from him.
Ed002, Klopp publicly supporting Adrian is what good modern day managers do, it means very little in reality. Klopp may like Adrian as a person, but it’s very difficult to believe he rates him as a goalkeeper.

{Ed002's Note - So why have Liverpool done nothing about replacing Adrian throughout the transfer window? It makes the club look pretty stupid doesn't it. Klopp supporting him and then 12 hours later looking to replace him makes Klopp look like a complete flake as well. And obviously if he doesn't "rate" him as a goalkeeper makes him look beyond stupid in buying him and keeping him at the club.}

4.) 05 Oct 2020 10:52:59
Jesus christ man we are not signing a goalkeeper today!

Adrian is our number 2 and that's how it is staying, it is what it is Alisson is out. the whole team bar Salah were terrible yesterday not just Adrian.

5.) 05 Oct 2020 10:50:08
ed002 I said before the season started we should let Adrian go because I don't think his any better that the 2 young keepers we have and that would have helped the HG quota. But one has all ready gone out on loan, and I know Adrian made a mistake for the first goal but that was not all down to him and I don't think he was at fault for any of the others. And I would not have liked to have a young lad in goal with that defending from the whole team last night. But without Alisson in goal the team needs stop passing the ball back so much if we lost all are pace in are defenders we would not play a high line.

6.) 05 Oct 2020 11:00:03
Who are the two to be moved on today Ed?
Any news on where they are going?

{Ed002's Note - Shaqiri and Grujic will go - I would think Fenerbahce (with the interest of other sides waning) and Werder Bremen (although MG wanted to go back to Hertha Berlin).

7.) 05 Oct 2020 11:17:56
Adrian was free he had no club! Hearing Grujic is off too Herta Berlin! Should be keita going he’s had more chances then anyone.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool paid him a generous signing on fee and pay his wages every week. I have explained where Grujic will be going - he wanted HB but the actions of Liverpool meant it was not possible and now they are going to have to loan him out.}

8.) 05 Oct 2020 11:29:10
cant believe all this talk of adrian, he's just a back up. i've always said, its bloody gomez and he's a 1st teamer. We won a hell of a lot of games to create the lead whilst matip was in last year, gomez isa ball watcher, get caught out of position constantly and relies on last ditch tackles with his pace. this was the year to push on and we've done a man city.

9.) 05 Oct 2020 11:33:48
Ed002 - haven't you heard the theory behind "Klopp's Uncertainty Principle" where you are both part of Klopps plans and actively for sale (with replacements being sought) at the same time?

Klopp says a lot of good stuff but also says the odd bit of waffle. I remember when he stated that Danny Ward would be staying at the club and fighting for no1 GK spot only to be sold the next week!

Red Sandman.

{Ed002's Note - And he added Karius as his number one goalkeeper.}

10.) 05 Oct 2020 12:32:48
Adrian played well in the cup game in midweek. Klopp's not going to throw him under the bus for one shockingly (and it was shocking) bad game. All the players collectively have to take responsibility and I believe they can and will. I'm more concerned about Gomez's mental state, so having Matip back will be good if he can stay fit for more than half a game. Hope England duty can help Gomez begin to repair his confidence.

That's a pity about Grujic, Ed002. By Liverpool's actions you mean pricing him out of a move? Shaqiri's a loan or sale? Thanks a lot and good luck today!

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

11.) 05 Oct 2020 13:58:42
Imagine been an Ed today?

12.) 05 Oct 2020 14:55:05
I love how we never bid enough for players when ‘we know the price so should just pay it’ but when we value a player higher than a buying club wants to pay we ‘are pricing him out of a move’.
If HB want Grujic it’s more than possible for them to sign him. Just pay the asking price. Our actions have nothing to do with him not going there it’s the fact that they don’t want him enough to pay the price we’ve quoted.

13.) 05 Oct 2020 15:30:42
Adrian was very very poor yesterday. And I am not only referring to his mad pass to the opposition. His positioning was pure madness. He really puts his entire back four on edge. Not replacing him could end up nullifying all the good that has been done with the acquisition of Tsimikas, Thiago and Jota. I hope that he is able to raise his game over the next 6 weeks.

14.) 05 Oct 2020 17:13:19
It’s football poker today, about holding your nerve but could still get busted on the river.

15.) 06 Oct 2020 23:44:24
I don't think it would be embarrassing and seen as knee jerk if the club had suddenly shown desire to strenghten our back up keeper on the back of villa game.

I think it's more to do with the news that alisson is suddenly out for a minimum of 6 weeks and it's likely that we play a large number of crucial fixtures up until December with a GK that needs to be trusted. If allison was due to return in a week or 2 and we expected him to play for the rest of the campaign that's fair enough but the Adrian issue is not just knee jerk on the back of villa game, it's also on the news that we need a GK to play a large number of games coming up.



05 Aug 2020 11:57:41

Seen you mention on the united page that sancho was offered to 2 other clubs with a reduced agent fee. Was wondering if one of those clubs was Liverpool?


{Ed002's Note - No, it is nothing to do with Liverpool.}




Jurgen2020's banter posts with other poster's replies to Jurgen2020's banter posts


13 Apr 2021 21:00:18
Ed002 quick question

If psg were to step up their interest in Salah would that be as an mbappe replacement or to play alongside mbappe and neymar? I'm sure your sick of this question but what chance would there be for mbappe to replace Salah at liverpool? Or is mbappe to liverpool just simply out of the question.


{Ed002's Note - Mbappe wants to move to Real Madrid and they plan on making it happen. However, PSG will offer him €750k per week to stay sign for another two years.}

1.) 13 Apr 2021 21:53:46
750k a F#%#%#% week!
There are trauma surgeons doing life saving operations in work every day not getting that money!

2.) 13 Apr 2021 22:18:18
The wages for players is beyond ridiculous, all for doing what they are meant to enjoy!

3.) 13 Apr 2021 22:23:33
While I agree Jay dub unfortunately there are not millions tuning in every week to watch those surgeons lol that being said I think I would be a spectator if it was a sport lol.

4.) 13 Apr 2021 23:31:42
as long as we keep filling the stadiums, buying the merchandise, paying for extra tv channels to watch the matches, they will continue to make that kind of money, and ticket prices will continue to rise. I'm sure I'm oversimplifying it, but we all are partially to blame for the salaries.

5.) 14 Apr 2021 04:43:30
Thats just Mbappes wages. There also bonuses, product incentives, marketing, branding revenue, etc, no doubt.
I don't want to make it political but wouldn't it be nice if the top earners in the world could somehow donate 10% to the world’s lowest earners. After gaining a few million, Kilian will probably just start buying more assets, larger assets and luxury assets. Its actually kind of pointless once your personal needs have been met.

{Ed0666's Note - or how about he donated 10% to research terminal illness, non baked body people and people who don’t earn at all to no fault of their own. I truly hope he does have the humanity to give back as he will soon be on the way to becoming a billionaire.

6.) 14 Apr 2021 08:20:50
Amazingly when you look at it those wages aren’t even for playing football matches. They are to just be employees of the club and turn up to the training ground. Players get the same wage whether selected to play or not. Then when selected they then potentially get extra pay for appearance fee, goal / clean sheet bonuses, win bonus’s, and success bonus’s at the end of the season plus more we probably don’t even know about. Was reported yesterday West Ham players will receive 300K each on top of their wages if they make top 4. That includes the players who signed the bonus scheme and have contributed very little to the season.
How the other half live.

{Ed077's Note - Man Utd will also receive around 1.5m if West Ham qualify for Europe, as part of Lingard's loan deal.



29 Mar 2021 18:58:58
Evening eds

Seen it mentioned that if united won the europa league and finished top 4 that 5th place would qualify for the champions league.

Can some information be shared on this for example how the qualification works because I can't find a thing on it anywhere.


{Ed002's Note - The winners of the Champions League and Europa League get entry in to the Champions League the following season regardless of where they finish. If one of those clubs finish outside the top four, then five will qualify from England. If both finish outside the top four, then they both qualify and fourth drops to the Europa League as there is a maximum of five teams allowed in the CL. There are no freebie places for 5th place.}

1.) 29 Mar 2021 21:15:32
I did realise that 4 th place would drop out if both teams won. Wow!

{Ed002's Note - Yes, a maximum of five teams in the CL.}

2.) 30 Mar 2021 08:39:31
Tottenham experienced finishing 4th and not getting CL good 10 years ago.



12 Jan 2021 11:15:07
People saying we could've done without united in the cup. I for one have always hoped for united to come out of the hat alongside us. didn't know we have all of a sudden became afraid of united.


1.) 12 Jan 2021 12:34:15
Wouldn’t say afraid! I’d say more case it’s playing a stronger team when players could be rested against lower league opponents!
It is what it is tough match but we definitely don’t fear them!

2.) 12 Jan 2021 13:15:28
With you there, Jay Dub. Our boys ain't scared of nobody cos you don't get as much success as we have by being scared. Fans may be apprehensive due to the current situation we are under but defo, not scared.

3.) 12 Jan 2021 19:54:15
It makes the FA Cup interesting. Let’s be honest the Villa game was awful just as it is when we play lower league teams. It’s hard to get up for them as you are in a lose lose situation. Win and everyone says you should but lose and you’re humiliated. At least against United it’s a proper game that matters.



08 Jan 2021 16:48:15
Any news on the squad liverpool will be bringing to the game? Hoping for a few first team players get a run out build some confidence again.


1.) 08 Jan 2021 18:09:34
A hope they play strongest team possible opinions of Steve Bruce's rant saying its morally wrong to be playing does he go to the same school of thought as fat Sam?

2.) 08 Jan 2021 18:20:33
I think you will be disappointed. Maybe Thiago and Ox to build up fitness.

3.) 08 Jan 2021 18:29:27
Rumoured Line Up:

N. Williams
Van Den Berg
Oxlade Chamberlain

4.) 08 Jan 2021 18:38:58
Kelleher; N. Williams, R. Williams, Fabinho, Milner; Henderson, Wijnaldum, Jones; Salah, Mane, Minamino.

5.) 08 Jan 2021 19:00:36
Apart from ox as expected.



05 Oct 2020 09:39:41
The plastics are out in force today lol youd think we didn't just win the league last season or something.

In the words of bill shankly' "If you can't support us when we lose or draw, don't support us when we win. "


1.) 05 Oct 2020 10:01:44
They came out to gloat. Typical of the weak-minded who don't have the guts to take their licks on the chin and learn from them. If you don't have the guts to take a loss on the chin then, you don't deserve to win.

2.) 05 Oct 2020 10:56:45
Why bother watching another match or carrying on if we have just won the league and Champs recently then, fans can be upset at a result you know.

3.) 05 Oct 2020 11:59:16
Yes it was terrible and I feel so disappointed today about it. But the good thing is, no matter how much we lost by. Its only 3 points lost at the end of the day. Just like Man City's hammering from Leicester or Man utds by Spurs. Let's hope it's a freak result, but were back to ourselves for the Derby. Y. N. W. A.

4.) 05 Oct 2020 15:11:15
We just got beat 7-2. If that's not worth complaining about then what is? Obviously, something went wrong. We didn't fight, we didn't compete, and we should have done a hell of a lot better. I have no problem about fans moaning about that performance. Get it out your system and get back to supporting the current PL Champions in their next game. c'mon THE REDS!




Jurgen2020's rumour replies


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10 Jun 2021 13:45:37
Presumably it would be his agent putting this out in the media to get a better contract offer from Leicester?




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22 Apr 2021 16:17:27
Mikey, give celtic and the rangers 5 years of premier league money and they will more than just survive mate.


{Ed0666's Note - personally I’d love to see the Scottish clubs involved in a British league



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16 Apr 2021 15:39:07
Cahmps2020 take us up a couple of levels?

Strange comment that as as far as I can remember, before this season 2 champions league finals winning one, a league title (first in 30 years), a super cup and a first world club cup we have won toppled with having a player that's on course for his 3rd golden boot in 4 seasons, the worlds most expensive defender ath the time, and a world record for a keeper? What other levels is there lol maybe have a rattle at the world cup and euro 2020 and throw lebron james in nets and ask tom brady to play the full back role lol.




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25 Mar 2021 10:22:50
6times: almost as bad as signing mario balotelli? Jesus some people have lost their minds. he's still the second top scorer in his league with more goals than any player has in our league and all this for a so called defensive team getting less chances than he would for other top sides. Im not saying we should sign him but f**k me what tripe do you want to talk?




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08 Mar 2021 16:46:39
LRG I just don't understand where most fans get the Mane is selfless and Salah is selfish from. Mane is as greedy as any player on the pitch and has a worse goal return from it. Salahs assist record speaks for itself along with his goals.

Better the devil you know is the term that springs to mind. It would be a huge gamble to think that if we got rid of salah and kept mane that mane would start scoring more that I think personally would be a huge mistake.





Jurgen2020's banter replies


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30 Apr 2021 11:24:32
Whats wrong with me Ed01? More like what's wrong with you. Can people not have a laugh anymore? Wise up.


{Ed001's Note - you weren't funny, you were making snide digs. Not me who needs to wise up. It wasn't funny or clever the first time you posted this kind of nonsense, it doesn't get any funnier or more clever by repetition.}



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30 Apr 2021 11:11:10
Noway Mane Mane how very dare they try to make extra money to fund what we want!

We want an owner that will spend billions but we don't want to be like city or chelsea lol.


{Ed001's Note - speak for yourself, this kind of snide petty digs is childish and just stops threads from going anywhere. FSG are not gifting money and never have. Every penny they have invested was to make themselves more money and that is all anyone has ever asked them to do. No one wants them to gift money. By the same token, it should not be down to match going fan to pay extra, just so they can increase their profit. If only you snide lot digging out other fans would actually stop and use your brain you would realise that you are supporting multi-millionaires fleecing the poor. What is wrong with you?}



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30 Apr 2021 09:57:34
We want mbappe, konate, messi, neymar and our reserves are looking a bit bare maybe ibrahimovic, lukaku and varane because phillips and davies are too good for the reserves or the owners must go!




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29 Apr 2021 14:24:42
Isnt football a funny game. this time in 3 days we will be getting ready to face united in which if we beat them, the tails are up once again.

I understand united are a better team at the minute but anything can happen in those games. We win that and chelsea drop points we are definitely in with a shout as chelseas run in looks tough on paper along with their european commitments.

What ever happened to just supporting the team.




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28 Apr 2021 13:59:42
Ed are the unrealistic ones Neuhaus and Daka?


{Ed002's Note - Try searching.}