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23 Oct 2021 14:22:13
Ed2 how do you see the salah saga panning out? I assume all this he wants to stay forever etc is all just posturing and trying to get the club to give him the deal he wants? I know the club need to rebuild and as u have said a few times a big money move to Madrid etc isn’t likely now? So do you think he will get his contract at the expense of someone else or be sold?


{Ed002's Note - I am sure that the club are less than happy with him coming out with this nonsense. Clubs will typically not be held to ransom by players - particularly one who could possibly have been the post-Ronaldo poster boy for Real Madrid if the demands were not so ridiculous. At 30 or thereabouts he still has some value and the club need to make a decision as to whether or not to tell his agent to find a club that will pay £xM for him in the summer or seek and agreement on a new contract. His “agent” has repeatedly spoken with other clubs about the player and that is something else the club will frown upon. I expect the club will look to negotiating the overall cost down or will make a take it or leave it offer - then it will depend on who might be interested in taking him and at what price.}

1.) 23 Oct 2021 14:57:19
Thanks Ed. I am curious where he could end up now. There are only a few clubs that would pay what he is asking for and most of them are in England. PSG have no need for him (but it wouldn’t surprise me) .

Many fans keep saying “pay the man whatever he wants” and while I’m tempted to agree, it seems he is being a bit ridiculous.

{Ed002's Note - I am not sure if there is interest from any side at this time but certainly Italy have tax law advantages over many other countries. Real Madrid and Barcelona are looking at other players. I don’t see England as an option.

2.) 23 Oct 2021 18:27:18
We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place here. We either end up giving him a deal close to what he wants or not, which leaves two options, sell him for peanuts as we certainly won’t be seeing more than £50-60m IF we’re lucky, forget any talk of £100m+, no one is paying that for a 30 year old with one year left on his contract, which means there’s literally no negotiating position or leverage for us, or we let him see his last year out and he goes for free.

Either of those two ways leaves us barely any funds to adequately replace him and given that he’s worth 30 goals a season to the club in goals and assists that’s a huge hole to fill, specially as we rarely score from midfield. Given the targets we’ve been looking at, I’ve no confidence in our ability to bring in someone even remotely good enough.

Anyone remotely thinking it’s easy to replace him, I just say this, it took us until we signed Torres to adequately replace Owen, it took us until we signed Salah to adequately replace Suarez. This time will be even harder as we’re flat broke and competing with four teams who have bottomless pits of money.

3.) 24 Oct 2021 08:06:04
no one thinks it will be easy to replace him. But that isn't a rationale to do everything possible to keep him.

4.) 24 Oct 2021 10:24:44
We are indeed btw Arica and a hard place. As much as I think Salah should kept cos it’s going to be a schtick storm with the club trying to explain to the fan base why they couldn’t keep him, I fully understand everything ED02 has said with his agent being a right muppet thru out Salah’s time here. The club wants to keep him BUTwill not be held to ransoms by some money grubbing agent, for sure. It’s going to be tough and the fans had better be ready for whatever the outcome will be.

5.) 24 Oct 2021 11:06:58
If people don't think LFC are going to have players on 3-400k a week within a few years anyway they are mistaken. someone will be the first at some stage, why not the inform player in world football? if people think our £200k is sustainable that's fine but they are going to have to be happy supporting the team while not expecting trophies which would be ok with me as i love the club but soon squad players at the top clubs will be on more than some of our top players currently are. Football wages increase, as sure as death and taxes.

6.) 24 Oct 2021 08:55:51
Hi eds2
I know this mite be hard to answer but realistically how much is salah worth right now?

{Ed002's Note - I would think perhaps the club would look for something in the £70M-£90M range.}

7.) 24 Oct 2021 12:29:25
Another great point, JH.

8.) 24 Oct 2021 13:50:24
Great sensible insight as usual Ed002, thank you. You don't see England as an option? So ruling out Newcastle making him their main signing to build the team around?

{Ed002's Note - He won't be moving to Newcastle.}

9.) 24 Oct 2021 14:12:18
Excellent! Thank you!

10.) 24 Oct 2021 17:35:06
Honestly don’t see us getting £70-90m Ed002. £60m tops. Even then, it’s not remotely enough to buy a replacement. Selling is almost as bad as letting him leave on a free as we’ll end up with a poor quality replacement and lose 30 goals a season whatever happens, who out there for less than £50m would we get who can do what he’s done today? One assist, two goals. Still, we’re battering United so there’s some good news.

11.) 24 Oct 2021 21:19:35
Only realistic option if he goes that can see, is go get Dusan Vlahovic a propper centre forward and shift mane out to right wing and play jota on the left, hope we can keep up with the oil rich teams.

12.) 24 Oct 2021 21:53:15
Vlahovic wouldn’t work, slow, doesn’t press and not the most mobile forward, even then we couldn’t afford the fee as they’d want more than we can afford,

13.) 24 Oct 2021 21:55:27
He’s going nowhere. A deal will be struck. .

14.) 24 Oct 2021 22:21:48
You either sell now and buy haaland. But you will still have to pay him 400k. More sell on value but not guaranteed goals. Salah has 3 years of 20+.

15.) 25 Oct 2021 09:17:36
I can't see how people seem nearly happy for him to move on, did you not see him yesterday? We are literally the only fanbase on the planet that would even concieve the best player on the planet leaving, its as if before Klopp we were programmed ro accept mediocrity, we are brilliant with the best manager in the world. Mo Salah leaving is just "no".

16.) 25 Oct 2021 09:30:19
VVVV you really need to stop stati g how 'little' the club will get for him as if it's fact. It's is literally just your opinion. You, like everyone else on here, has no insight into the actual numbers being discussed. Has ever occurred to anyone that the club may not be able to physically afford what he's asking for? LFC is a business and has financial limits, they can't just magic up money. When we bought the current best player in the world, he was a 'Chelsea reject' who couldn't make it in the PL. Great players come and go, and LFC make them. If Salah does leave, the club will carry on.

17.) 25 Oct 2021 11:08:27
Wouldnt agree with VVVV for wat wed get 4 Salah but i see his point! we would probably get enuf 2 buy an average far inferior player! ill say it again, we are the only fanbase in the world that would contemplate a player of salahs calibre leaving.

18.) 25 Oct 2021 11:25:14
Sign the man. He’s quality and has more to give. In fact he’s never been better.

Not renewing his contract and letting him run it down would be a huge mistake.

In terms of a sale, I don’t think he will be replaceable with the fee and any top player (haaland/ mbappe etc) will want equally large wages anyway.

As a fan I firmly want him to sign and would be gutted if he left.


20.) 25 Oct 2021 16:31:57
If Salah stays, then (my guess) he would cost around 18 Million per year (350K per week) totaling 72 Million for the 4 years. If it's decided to sell him this coming summer, my opinion is that we would have have to use the same money gotten for him to buy his replacement (let's say 70 Million - buy Chiesa 😎 ) . You can call it luck or sheer brilliance of Salah (and Klopp) to propel a 4th choice winger into the best player in the World at contract renewal time, but I'm not so sure it's going to happen again with his replacement. And the new player would probably expect around 300K per week, totaling 62 Million for the 4 years. The club could go out and spend the same money on a CF and move Mane to the right or buy an adequate winger, but the net result financially would be the same.

We have a recent history of spending 60% of our revenues on wages, so I suppose we'd have to look at how high that percentage would go up with Salah's new contract. If it's higher than 70% then we'd be approaching danger areas (and we have a stadium expansion going on for the next 2 years) . Yes, there may be discord in the dressing room, but then you have a similar gulf in wages between DeBruyne and his team mates too, and they seem to be managing it well enough.

My numbers are all just guesswork of course. I could easily be far off the mark. But just on the basis of the above, I would keep Salah and spend the extra 10 Million because he offers that much certitude that the goals will come, whereas you have no such guarantee that his replacement would be just as prolific. If the difference, financially, is higher than 10-15 Million (in total) between keeping Salah and buying his replacement, then I would let him go this coming summer. It's all about risk evaluation. In a year or two we would already have Elliott, Kaide Gordon, Musialowski, Stewart and even Glatzel, in the big picture. Perhaps one of them will really click. So it's not all doom and gloom if Salah leaves.

21.) 25 Oct 2021 20:41:18
Miserable bunch aren't you. just enjoy thrashing man utd for a couple of days before moaning about King Mo and his contract situation.

22.) 25 Oct 2021 21:02:14
What's wrong with contemplating Salah's departure? Nobody in their right mind wants him to leave, but then nobody in their right mind would keep him at any cost, either. For over a decade, Barcelona fans never contemplated Messi leaving. And their management listened to them and kept paying him and paying him and paying him. And now they are close to financially insolvent, performing miserably on the field and I don't believe they have hit rock bottom yet. It will take years to get back to the level they were at. Because of financial mismanagement.

23.) 25 Oct 2021 21:14:36
Fully respect the Eds and fellow poster opinions, but I don't get this hoo-haa about his agent offering him around. that's exactly his Agent's job - to get the best overall deal (not just monetary) for their client and that's what his Agent is striving to do. It would be a different discussion if those discussions were getting to Salah's head and affecting his performance, but its not and the Agent is fully within his/ her rights to regularly tap into the market and check the best overall scenario for his/ her client.

Why does everyone all of a sudden forget that this is a profession for Footballers too and they are trying to maximize their value and appeal. Tell me one profession where someone would not want to regularly evaluate if there is room for better opportunities all around (including monetary and other benefits/ status growth, etc. ) .

Lets enjoy Salah for all the brilliance and magical moments he provides and let's keep our fingers crossed that he and the club reach an agreement which is mutually beneficial. I am not a fan of associating a negative connotation and jumping onto the bandwagon of belittling one of the best players in LFC's history, purely because his Agent is trying to get the best deal for his/ her client.

{Ed002's Note - Agents do not typically offer players around - particularly if they are happy and successful where they are. It is hugely disruptibve for clubs.}

24.) 25 Oct 2021 21:33:09
Barca also wasted a fortune on absolute dross too aray, Coutinho, Dembele, Griezmann, et al and were paying Messi double what Salah is asking. Can anyone logically and rationally see any club out there who would even contemplate paying stupid money for a 30 year old with one year left on his contract? If we sell Salah and use any proceeds to buy a replacement, it ain’t going to be like likes of Chiesa that we sign (given that he’s on a very long contract and Juve consider him “unsellable” it would take a whole heap more than £70m, double that and you’re maybe close) as we won’t be able to afford it. It’ll be the likes of Traore and Dembele that we’ll end up looking at. Good luck winning a title or even competing with one of those two up front. I stand by my view, the best thing we can do is get Salah signed up. Any other option is borderline catastrophe.

25.) 25 Oct 2021 22:05:22
whatever we sell SAlah for, I would almost guarantee that whoever we purchase to replace him won't cost that much. I mean how much did we buy Salah for in the first place?

End of the day this will come down to perceived value from 2023 onwards. I don't think the club will pay him as some kind of reward for his current performances. and so they shouldn't. I would love to see Salah go on and dominate world football for the next 5-6 seasons, well into his mid-30s anyways. But will he? lol that is the question!

{Ed0666's Note - The thing is to offer him an incentivized contract is embarrassing the guy. The form he is in he can go and get the money he wants anywhere in the world. Sometimes you just have to pay the going rate to appease the fans, the talent and to hell with the accountant. We have a genuine world class talent here. A generational talent on par with any modern Liverpool great I.e Torres, Gerrard, Alonso Suarez. They all went to chase glory (besides gerrard who very nearly went) Salah has glory at his doorstep but why should he martyr himself financially (relatively speaking) I wouldn’t, most wouldn’t. FSG pay ridiculous sums to their baseball players (David Price, Manny Ramírez etc) it’s fine they do the same for Salah et al.

26.) 25 Oct 2021 21:30:26
Fair enough Ed002, but its a business decision from Salah's Agent. I fully get that Agents don't offer their clients around if they are happy, but he probably feels that Salah is not fully getting what he deserves and if fishing for a better opportunity. I still don't see why that is wrong and unfair if Salah is not letting it affect his devotion and application when he steps on that green turf.

As for the clubs, if the club doesn't pay blind loyalty to players, especially business-savvy owners such as FSG who are more inclined to taking business centric decisions (and that is absolutely fine to do), then I don't see why a player and their Agent should just keep chugging it along without assessing better external opportunities.

Anyways, let's agree to disagree since I see this slightly from a practical point of view than emotional, even though every single cell of my being wants me to clench my fist and emotionally blackmail Salah into staying at LFC until the end of his career (which I really hope he does) .

{Ed002's Note - I am not sure FSG are in this loop explicitly. As I have explained before, Salah has been offered around to try an match his desire. The opportunity has likely gone.}

27.) 26 Oct 2021 00:02:12
I don't disagree triple6. If there is an exceptional circumstance to do something different, then this is probably it.

having said that, it is still a gamble, and probably a big one considering the history of the game. Is it worth it? well, it ain't my money so I'm going to say hell yeah! lol but in reality it is far more tricky than that and I don't think that should be lost in all the hooplah.

{Ed0666's Note - Hooplah? Lol.. He’s the best player in the world lol. When’s the next time we’ll be able to say that about one of players again? If we don’t sign him it will be a case of ‘you don’t know what you got till it’s gone’ but we do know what we have.

28.) 26 Oct 2021 02:06:53
yup, again ed, we talking about right now. the discussion is about from the 2023/ 24 season onwards.

{Ed0666's Note - just offer the man a contract that compensates him for the player he is and stop the penny pinching. Sometimes in business you overpay and you have assets that aren’t gonna get what you paid for. We have to take the risk. What’s the alternative? Hoping that Ismael Sarr or whoever can score 30 goals a season? Hoping that Mane steps up
Productivity? That a new striker/wife forward/winger can hit the ground running? Well get at least this season and next season of his prime and if he wanes after that then we’re idiots for over relying on him and not supplementing him with other game changing players

29.) 26 Oct 2021 10:02:04
I think the perception that we got Salah on the cheap is somewhat false to a degree. The fee was an initial £36.5m with achievable bonuses up to £43m. Which in consideration of the higher of those two figures (given that we’ve probably had to pay up those bonuses! ), £43m was just outside of the top 10 transfer fees that summer so was definitely in that upper quartile (although it is still hilarious that Everton paid £45m for Gylfi Sigurdsson) . That said he’s been incredibly good value compared to the money that United spent on Lukaku, PSG spent on Neymar, Barcelona spent on Dembele and Chelsea on Drinkwater/ Morata/ Bakayoko.

All I know is this, even if we sell for £60/ 70m (and I think that’s wishful thinking as the age/ contract count against a fee higher than that) we’re only going to have £50/ 55m to replace him after fees, tax etc. at most, which leaves very little room to manoeuvre. I genuinely can’t think of one player in that price bracket who looks capable of stepping up to Salah’s level across Europe. And even then, what’s to stop Salah refusing to move if we agree a fee, like McManaman did when we’d agreed a fee with Barca.

Just accept he’s an exceptional footballer, playing to an exceptionally and consistently high level and appropriately reward him because he’s that difficult to replace.

30.) 26 Oct 2021 12:24:46
He has to be paid what he wants and we have to get Sarr on board at the end of the season.

31.) 26 Oct 2021 06:53:46
Yeah, like I said earlier, I'm all for it. lol you seem to keep glossing over this haha I am on board :p

I am also playing devil's advocate and imagining the other side of the argument which I can see as well. The alternative would be that we buy a like for like (unlikely) or that we rebuild that frontline. I can see a reality where we rebuild the frontline progressively over time.

32.) 26 Oct 2021 23:22:11
Hazard went for about £90M with massive add-ons potentially rising that.

Yes it is not exactly the same comparing Hazard a few years ago (younger) and now due to C.V. the market will have gone down a bit too, however that was with Hazard going in to the final year of his contract.

Hazard was superb before his move but Salah is clearly a phenomenal player. Maximum £60M is not realistic, I'd rather the club let him go for free than accept £60M next summer.

Hopefully he will agree a new contract but if he doesn't then I think minimum £80M.

{Ed0666's Note - are you on the Claas A’s mate? You’d rather have 0 British Pounds than have £60 million British Pounds? Please don’t run a business whatever you do.

33.) 26 Oct 2021 23:24:42
I know I'm coming in late on this but if we don't pay Mo near what he is looking for then how do we hope to sign a replacement?
Ever possible player that is "near" being good enough will think "even if I reach a pinnacle beyond Salah, Liverpool will never pay me what I'm worth"
We don't want to be that club.
We don't want to let possibly the best player to have played for us just walk away because we wouldn't pay him his worth.

34.) 27 Oct 2021 09:41:34
Hahaha Ed0666 I wish! I think £60M next summer is at least £20M short of Mo's valuation so yes I would reject it.

The ultimate goal would be to get Mo to agree a new contract and continue banging in the goals for us. His value on the pitch in terms of prize money, sales of club merchandise off the pitch etc I think that would cover a lot of the £60M figure quoted above so I would rather keep him the extra season than accept that.

You would take £60M next summer so Ed0666? Of course this question is on the basis that Mo has not signed an extension before then.

{Ed0666's Note - If he was in the final year of his contract I’d take £60 million yes mate. I think it’s pure folly not to. Hopefully they announce the extension soon I don’t want this to drag.

35.) 27 Oct 2021 13:56:32
Pure folly for me so Ed0666 haha I'm fine with that 😁

Ya we all want him to sign above all else.

I love Raphinha and think he would be a great buy for the club for example but if he was Salah's replacement then we would be down 20+ goals a season and he is one of the best realistic replacements. I think he would be a superb addition to add some more quality depth to the attacking positions but I suppose that's a bit greedy.

{Ed0666's Note - why can’t we have Salah & Raphina mate?

36.) 27 Oct 2021 16:27:37
@Ed0666 ya sorry that's what I meant in my last point that keeping Salah but adding Raphinha for better quality squad depth. I said that might be a bit greedy, realistically it's a reasonable amount to have 5 top players for those 3 positions but financially we keep hearing we have to sell to buy and we don't have players left to generate much funds now. I think Raphinha would be a class addition and it would give more formation options too where 4 of them could play together at times with either Bobby or Raphinha in more of a number 10 role behind three forwards.

{Ed0666's Note - I have a feeling Mane & Bobby leave in the summer. Just a hunch no inside knowledge or anything.

37.) 28 Oct 2021 09:20:25
For what we'd get for bobby and Sadio in the summer i think we'd b better of keeping them, its ok saying take the money but we'd be losing 2 huge players for relative pittance. i doubt enough would come in between them to buy 1 top player. we have young players that can come through then at their own pace and the likes of Minamino, Origi might be sold for a few quid.

38.) 28 Oct 2021 12:17:38
Would that be Bobby wanting to leave? He seems very popular so could cause disruption if he was sold unwillingly, Don't see why Salah can't be offered easily reachable incentives on his new contract, something like £1 mill after 10 app, 20 app, 30 app, 5 goals, 10 goals, 15 goals.

39.) 30 Oct 2021 08:11:02
They're just dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

40.) 31 Oct 2021 20:56:41
Let’s put it this way Lancaster. The teams he could go and play for would give him the salary he wants (or very close to it) AND those bonuses.

Footballers are employees like anyone else. I’d imagine if any of us were offered the opportunity of a significantly higher paid job with higher basic salary which was far more than was offered in our current job and with similar other tangible benefits and terms, in say for example, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona or Munich, none of us would stick if the best our current employer was an offer was a similar basic as currently on with increased incentives. Cash rules everything regrettably, sentiment is meaningless.

41.) 01 Nov 2021 09:37:10
The 4 clubs you have mentioned don't have much interest in Salah. If they did I might see your point. As an Ed has already pointed out that Italy MIGHT provide an option because of their tax laws and I'm not even sure too many of the "top" clubs there could even actually afford his demands. So the ball isn't entirely in Salah's court in my opinion, so some sort of wage compromise is entirely possible. Cheers.



02 May 2021 19:16:56
Ed’s do you see any big money moves happening this year with all the C.V. loses etc? Harry Kane? Mane? Mbappe? Haarland?


{Ed0666's Note - not sure mane would be classed as a big money buy

1.) 03 May 2021 07:21:09
Carraghers vile spitting incident (for which he shudda been sacked from Sky ) makes it really hard to sit and listen to him pontificating to others .
He’s full of his own sh** . Him and Neville need to put a sock in it or better still just go!

2.) 03 May 2021 10:07:06
Agree. neville and carragher are both idiots. Carragher is so full of his own self importance it's unreal. Eds1 do you find yourself feeling further and further away from these sorts of people?

{Ed001's Note - defo, they disappear up their own backside when they get in their position. Their self-importance is disturbing.}

3.) 03 May 2021 10:40:49
I find it harder and harder to stomach listening or watching these guys. Football is well and truly in a bad way. Thanks for the reply eds, I value your opinion.

{Ed001's Note - I don't listen or watch them.}

4.) 03 May 2021 13:37:15
I prefer macca, he's a tad biased but he's pretty fair and definitely not a knee jerk reactionist.

{Ed0666's Note - Macca isnt exactly interesting and offers little in the way of analysis. Don’t get me started in steve nicol. ESPN have awful pundits.

5.) 03 May 2021 14:13:47
The pundits on ESPN are just the worst especially the two Ronnie's oh sorry I meant Robbies🤭.

6.) 04 May 2021 19:17:32
I’ve gone right off Carra. He seems to just copy what Neville says without any real clue of what he’s on about. He’s the archetypal ex footballer with a very limited intellect.
Neville is just as bad. I find it very difficult to accept football analysis from a person who bombed so badly when he was asked to actually manage a team. He obviously has absolutely no clue about tactics so for him to analyse any manager in the PL is a joke.
As for the rants about the ESL they should both be held to account and at the very least reprimanded. The are inciting the fans to riot. Plain and simple. There’s no balance to anything they say. They’ve not even tried to understand why the ESL was even thought or acknowledge their own employers part in all of this.
Clowns the pair of them. Or should I say puppets?

7.) 09 May 2021 04:54:25
I don't think Neville should be forfeited an opportunity to work as a football analyst just because he had an unsuccessful managerial career. If pundits need to be as good as or better than the managers they are criticising, then there would not be many football pundits as they would all be managers instead. Someone's ability to manage an elite football team has virtually nothing to do with their ability to read and dissect a football game for a wide audience.

I also think far too much is read into Neville's and Carragher's agendas. They're just two passionate football people whom have strong opinions about what is happening to the game at the moment. They're not trying to be self important, they're just trying to be an influential voice for the ordinary people who get shafted by these owners in our game. We may not always agree with the specific ways in which Neville and Carragher use their voice, but i'd like to see the evidence that they are ill intentioned.



25 Apr 2021 09:55:42
Hi ed2 I was reading earlier that if Liverpool can resolve their finances they may make a move for Sancho? I assume this is only if salah or mane are sold and is there any info on why they may go for him?


{Ed002's Note - Jadon Sancho (RW) Manchester United messed everybody around last year and he has again been offered elsewhere to those who had previously enquired, but they are still not interested. If Manchester United want him they are going to have to agree a deal before the summer. I would not be surprised to see interest from Liverpool but they have financial issues which could impact any offer, meaning if Liverpool wish to bid for Sancho the money will need to come largely from sales. The pandemic has hit BD particularly hard as they operate in a similar manner to a number of other clubs where the budgets assume both the relied upon income (broadcast and gate receipts) and a certain amount of income from a run in European competition. With broadcast down a little (or in the case of France, gone completely) and no gate receipts they are not in a good place. They are currently fifth in the Bundesliga with improving results with the top four performing reasonably well - and in the worse case the lack of Champions League next season will be a real hammer blow to them. The value of the club has nearly halved since the pandemic started and another share issue would bring short-term income but would further devalue the club. Therefore the answer is to raise money through sales - and there are a large number of significantly valued players who will be available including Sancho. Their new coach was selected with youth and bringing players through in mind - they have had a long list of potential Sancho replacements I understand they spoke with Marco Rose about even before he was appointed.}

1.) 25 Apr 2021 15:41:47
Thanks for that Ed002. If BD are in financial difficulty, could Bellingham be available for sale?

{Ed002's Note - They have told an interested side that Bellingham is not available.}

2.) 25 Apr 2021 21:43:51
Thanks Ed002, that’s a shame, but understandable.

3.) 25 Apr 2021 22:25:42
Don't watch much German football, do you believe sancho is as good as the hype/ price tag suggests ed?

I guess their plan is move on Haaland for a huge profit and bed in that young striker Muokoko. They really are a club who bring through fantastic young talent. I believe Claudia Reynas son is making a name for himself there as well.

{Ed002's Note - The on to costs push it to a huge fee.}

4.) 26 Apr 2021 08:19:43
Sancho, prime example of the hypocrites in football, suddenly going deaf when caps are mentioned, joke.



14 Apr 2021 20:47:58
Ed’s which teams are interested in mane if he were to move is there any solid interest?


{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any approaches to Liverpool for Mane. If Liverpool want to make him available it will be done through his agent.}

1.) 15 Apr 2021 12:58:48
Worried that he has lost that burst of pace a little, seems to be struggling with all parts of his game though.

2.) 15 Apr 2021 14:08:33
Mane and firminos cycles have come to an end at liverpool as consistent first teamers. Firminos decline has been for a couple seasons now and it’s been clear for a while we’ve needed an upgrade in that position, especially when you take into account we were about to bring in Werner in the summer. I personally think firmino should move on and it would be best for all parties, he gets a fresh start and the club tries to upgrade with hopefully a decent fee from his sale. At most he should only be a squad player, if he is to stay, but somehow I see us persisting with him in the starting 11, much to our detriment. Mane is following the same trend, we see glimpses of the old mane but he’s lost his edge, we see more of the poor sides of mane that we’ve come to see in recent years rather than the good sides. I’m still willing to give him time, but I just think his fate is the same as firminos at the moment. Both need fresh starts and we need decent fees from their sales, problem is salah could force his way out and that leaves us in a whole heap of problems, if salah wasn’t an issue and was guaranteed to stay at the club then I would let mane and firmino go and try bring in better performing players offensively in a heart beat.

3.) 15 Apr 2021 17:13:43
Kman, Sadio will be grateful to you I'm sure.



17 Jan 2021 14:48:12
I’ve a very bad feeling for today’s game I feel like it’s going to be like a Crystal Palace perfomance were we click and Man U get hammered 5 or 6 nil I feel very bad at watching Man U being humiliated.


{Ed025's Note - thats a bit premature andy..

1.) 17 Jan 2021 15:04:39
Come on ed25 join me in my world I feel a beating of the highest order today coming! Lol.

{Ed025's Note - it could well happen andy, but you know how them refs are so biased towards united mate.. :)

2.) 17 Jan 2021 15:24:47
That’s what his missus said last night Ed 25.

{Ed025's Note - i have given up on all that lark pegleg, give me a bacon butty now anyday mate.. :)

3.) 17 Jan 2021 16:26:23
I don’t by the bias unless we have 7 goals ruled offside by a pubic hair and Man U get 7 pens! Come in boys.

4.) 17 Jan 2021 19:15:58
Got old very quickly that post ha ha ha.

5.) 17 Jan 2021 19:47:45
That post didn’t age well, not sure what gave you the impression of a Liverpool battering. Have you not seen us in our last 3 games, we’re atrocious in front of goal.




Andyjh04's banter posts with other poster's replies to Andyjh04's banter posts


20 Jan 2022 20:54:53
ED666 has jota been reading your comments…. Lol.


{Ed0666's Note - I’m not ready for my slice of humble pie yet mate one swallow doesn't make a summer. The guy has a super goal return but frustrates me with the other facets of the game. He could be a worldie if he just passed the football to one of his teammates and linked up play consistently.

1.) 21 Jan 2022 14:20:37
I think we expected him to replace Bobby but I think he is better on the left. It would mean his weakness, lack of build up play, isn't as detrimental to the way we play and in the summer we can hopefully find Bobby's replacement for the first 11. I'd personally still keep him in the squad.



03 Jan 2022 18:27:34
Got a feeling mr klopp will be seeing out the remainder of his contract with what he has players wise. The C.V. was bad timing for us, we won the league 2 seasons ago as we peaked as a team. Now we have an ageing squad and no real resources to sell to make big money that we need to rebuild. Klopp has been brilliant but I just don't see the finances being there for a decent sized rebuild that will take us up a gear again, within the next 2 years. Klopp is a legend but I feel sorry for the next manager pulling off what klopp has with little resources over last 2 season.


1.) 03 Jan 2022 18:42:19
I’m alone in this but When this season kicked off and Elliot was in the starting line up (ahead of Jones, Thiago, Keita etc) I thought he was being developed and showcased for a massive sale this summer and that’s where a chunk of the money was going to come from to start the rebuild. We’ll never know now because of the injury, but that was my initial thought. No idea now where we will get money from.

2.) 03 Jan 2022 18:42:19
I’m alone in this but When this season kicked off and Elliot was in the starting line up (ahead of Jones, Thiago, Keita etc) I thought he was being developed and showcased for a massive sale this summer and that’s where a chunk of the money was going to come from to start the rebuild. We’ll never know now because of the injury, but that was my initial thought. No idea now where we will get money from.

3.) 03 Jan 2022 19:00:53
If Klopp is leaving then why would he be bothered with a rebuild? He's not going to see any benefits from it is he?

4.) 03 Jan 2022 19:04:00
Nah I reckon there are plenty of finances in place for a massive rebuild and it’s going to be a project that Michael Edwards can really get his teeth into. If there was no money then Edwards wouldn’t stay. Oh wait there 🙄.

5.) 03 Jan 2022 19:05:12
Oh mane mane, klopp wanted to leave LFC in a better state than he found it. Hence a rebuild of sorts. He’s said this plenty of times. Maybe he cares more than you think. Why stay somewhere nine years and leave it in tatters when he goes?

6.) 03 Jan 2022 19:07:12
Sell Alisson keep Kelliher; sell Robertson keep Tsimikas, Sell VVD keep Konate, Gomez, Matip and Philips; sell Salah pay for new players; sell Ox should bring in over £20m; sell Fabino bring in Bissouma etc etc plenty of players we could sell if we wanted too.

7.) 03 Jan 2022 19:18:40
Took Dortmund a few years to recover after he left them with an ageing squad and he hasn't a Bayern cherry picking his best players here.

8.) 03 Jan 2022 20:04:38
i think he'll stay until he's 58/ 59 as don't think he'll want another club mg role but may take a national team job as his final mgt role when he's nearing 60 and there's one available. May depend on if he can get the signings he wants over next few years so he can actually rebuild.

9.) 03 Jan 2022 20:47:26
Ha war machine let’s just sell everyone and start again…. I sense you were joking but the hysteria on these pages is unreal. We have a quality team, but yes we do need to start to bleed through new players as this teams lifecycle is coming to an end. However, we have one of the best teams in Europe and one of the best managers. We’re playing exciting football, and we are in good shape to finish top end of league and challenge for all trophies both domestic and in Europe. This season is tricky with C.V. etc. Not an excuse but it is affecting performances for all teams. Let’s get behind the squad bad managers, I would be delighted to see us win a domestic cup, go deep in Europe and finish new top of premier league. We need to lose this sense of entitlement.

10.) 03 Jan 2022 21:34:32
Speaking way too much sense here, MOT. It’s always hysteria on here when we don’t win. “Oh, we should have kept Gini” is my fav as if keeping Gini (who can’t get a gale at PSG, btw) would have prevented Salah from missing a sitter that would have assured all three points vs Brentford, made us play our two worst games vs WH and LC or would have stopped the work due that Kovacic scored and I can keep going.

IMO, We are where we are due to CV and poor decisions being made on the pitch by players on the field (qbd prolly Klopp on the touchstone) . and most importantly, our inability to stop playing this all out attack system that gives the other team too many opportunities to score by playing too open. This has cost us leads in fakes hence, pointsdropped. This is the type of football we used to play btw ‘16 and ‘18 that got us nothing till we changed it.

Also, we lack the nous required or have lost the ability to slow things down when we have the lead. We need to stop turning games into basketball games were the pace us rampant with NO control whatsoever. Squad depth has NOTHING to do with it, IMO. Those are actual issues that are killing us BUT don’t worry, keeping Gini would have fixed all of that.

11.) 03 Jan 2022 21:42:06
Hysteria is a mild word for it. It's more like the Universe has gone through a meltdown and there is no hope for a sunrise ever again.

And then watch these same characters' posts after our next win. Shallow hypocrites. All this stuff used to be confined to the live chat but it has creeped in here, in a big way.

Oh yeah, you're allowed to express your opinion? Please do. This is mine.

12.) 03 Jan 2022 21:43:26
Stop whining about our finances; it's getting tiresome.
I get that some are envious of the business models of City, Chelsea and Newcastle but I'll just follow our lads on the field.
It's been a great few years to be a Red- even if we are in the Red- and you should be enjoying it and not getting green with envy about City, Chelsea and Newcastle. Newcastle, for Klopp's sake!
City are desperate for one CL and we have six.

13.) 03 Jan 2022 22:29:28
Aray who are you referring to with regards to shallow hypocrites?

Rigsby lots of posts and opinions are tiresome. Probably less tiring to skip passed them that waste the effort to reply and moan about them.

14.) 03 Jan 2022 23:10:04
Who mentioned Newcastle?

15.) 04 Jan 2022 00:03:53
Spot on, Rigsby and ArAy1969. They talk about City as if we are on the same level as them or just cos we crushed them to win the PL and have won the CL before them, we are in the same boat. WE ARE NOT! “City’s squad depth is insane”. Clearly, that has nothing to do with the 200’s of millions ploughed into it in transfers. That jus happened on its own and fir free, lol.

Decent to good managers like Mancini and Pellegrini won the title and trophies with City so you don’t have to be a top manager like Pep to win things at City. The reason they could do that is cos of the ginormous spending power they have and that has only been accelerated under Pep with over 1bn spent. Shoot, It’s a miracle we have won things and beaten them to trophies with our shoestring budget in comparison to a State funded club.

Anyone that thinks we can compete long term with City where 100m pound signing is often on the bench, is just setting themselves up for continuous meltdowns like we see each time we don’t win and say, “Look at what City us doing. Why can’t we be like them”. You want to be like City? Go get a sovereign nation to fund our club. Till then, You’re whinging into the wind.

16.) 04 Jan 2022 01:12:28
You're right, OliRed.
When another team goes 25 points clear of Man City then I might look at their business model.

JK23, maybe skip past posts defending the club rather than wasting the time and effort on posts whining about posts defending the club.

Andyjh04, there's loads of posts about how we can't compete with the likes of relegation threatened Newcastle. To be fair though, they are in far for Kieran Trippier and he is a better 31 year old English full back than than the best old full back in the world that is 22 years old.

17.) 04 Jan 2022 05:38:07
There’s surely a middle ground between the two extremes though, of absolute doom and blind support, where fans can discuss issues without firefights breaking out, lol?
I agree about the whole‘looking though the Man City prism’ point but, at the same time, they are setting the pace and we’re all just playing for 2nd place if you can’t improve the squad.
It’s gotten to ridiculous extremes where we’re getting 99 points and not winning the PL for goodness sake.

18.) 04 Jan 2022 07:22:03
Are they spot on because they are right Oli? Or spot on because you say they are spot on. You do know there’s a difference.

19.) 04 Jan 2022 07:31:28
Personally I think we’re having a very good season. Yeah things have fallen off in the league the last 3 games but there’s still ample of opportunity to make up for that. We have a perfect record in the CL so far and we are into a domestic semi for the first time in what feels like a long time. But as well as loads of things going right it’s still possible for loads of things to also be not right. We’ve lost 2 of our best players for a month (soon could be for good if we don’t sort out the contracts) we have no money to spend and we have a fixture congestion at the same time as our form has dropped.

There’s loads and loads of different opinions on here and i enjoy reading them all whether they are “we’ll win this league whilst stuffing every team it’s in the bag to it’s all doom and gloom” or everything in between.

Every single one of them is just an opinion and has
Zero baring on the club, manager and players or how it is run.

Unlike some I’m not pretentious enough to think only my opinion counts on an opinion website.

20.) 04 Jan 2022 17:55:48
JK, I agree with what Rigsby and ArAy1969 posted. Is that a problem for you now all of a sudden? Pls, people are free to speak (and MOAN) about whatever topic they want REGARDLESS of whether it has bearing on how the club is run or not. After all, we all talk about numerous subjects from transfers to global politics. Nobody needs you or me to tell them whatever.

Also, You keep spouting off insinuating that others think their opinions are more valuable than others. IMO, nobody thinks that BUT you and a few others. Why? You say that all the time and the worst thing is, you can’t even prove it. It’s just er, what’s that word again? Ah, an opinion.

So Maybe you should take Rigsby’s advice in the response he gave to you and stop judging others and insinuating things about them you CANNOT prove cos I couldn’t have responded to your post any better. Peace and Love, mate.

21.) 04 Jan 2022 22:58:01
Oli thankyou for proving my pretentious point 👍.



01 Jan 2022 13:51:42
Good to see Man City “getting the run of the green” nice cheque to the var team again I see….


1.) 01 Jan 2022 13:59:05
100% fix this.

2.) 01 Jan 2022 13:59:08
It’s literally all the time now, I’ve seen very few big decisions go against them this season. As if they need the ‘helping hand’.

3.) 01 Jan 2022 14:13:53
Ref has lost the plot. Should never of overturned his no penalty decision. And now knows he shafted arsenal.

4.) 01 Jan 2022 14:15:14
The refs get a bonus with every Man City game, especially if it’s a pen against them been excused as “Emerson made contact with the ball” funny as I never saw him make any contact with the ball!

{Ed014's Note - he didn’t

5.) 01 Jan 2022 14:16:29
It's not a conspiracy lad's it just happens. Who cares about City it's the Chelsea game next for us and now the boss has the RONA 🤦.

6.) 01 Jan 2022 14:17:56
Never saw arsenal's penalty claim but believe var never even got involved. really?

{Ed014's Note - they didn’t and Ederson made no contact with the ball whatsoever as replays clearly showed! 🤦‍♂️

7.) 01 Jan 2022 14:22:15
What a surprise ed14. Best league in world with worst refs and var then.

{Ed014's Note - an absolute joke mate!

8.) 01 Jan 2022 14:25:04
Ed14 you have been royally shafted!

{Ed014's Note - totally mate, sickening!

9.) 01 Jan 2022 14:25:23
Good god what a poor refereeing performance.

2-1 to the referee.

10.) 01 Jan 2022 14:33:39
It’s so obvious now that it’s becoming quite funny 😂 the refs want City wrapping this league up early. It’s boring and bad for the premier league as a whole, but it’s clearly what they want.

11.) 01 Jan 2022 14:35:50
Fuming with that game. what a farce. Give them the trophy now refs.

12.) 01 Jan 2022 14:37:07
It's the Abu Dhabi grand prix all over again.

13.) 01 Jan 2022 14:44:51
Thought Arsenal played well, but the referee was shocking, the old adage is it balances out over a season, but Citeh would have to have some amount of things go against them for the rest of the season.
Conspiracies of just p**s poor officials with zero accountability?

14.) 01 Jan 2022 23:53:14
Gabriel’s second yellow was spot on while the Ederson pen was 50/ 50, IMO cos even after the replays, I couldn’t tell definitely hence, the on field call stands.



27 Dec 2021 21:22:36
Anyone else enjoying Man U getting outplayed by Newcastle tonight? Regardless
Of the result they are still a team of individuals, there a long way behind us Chelsea and Man City.

Love these days when Man U are fighting for europa league how time flies when your having fun.


{Ed0666's Note - Someone by em a perch

1.) 27 Dec 2021 22:01:31
I tell you what getting a point tonight is a massive result for them and their fans and could go a long way to keeping them in the Premier league this season.

As for Newcastle I think they might go down 🤣.

{Ed014's Note - It amazes me that they think this is the best squad they’ve had for years, do me a favour 🤦‍♂️

2.) 27 Dec 2021 22:09:13
Their fans need to get a game called off again so the Glazers spend another couple of hundred million. They don't support the managers incase you didn't know. Ragnick has his work cut out for him.

3.) 27 Dec 2021 22:32:45
Nice one @JK23 - made me chuckle that one.

Give United a couple of months and a couple more losses and we’ll see how the mood is down the other end of the East Lancs Rd. The faithful should start the protests again some time in March when they can see they won’t finish in the top 4. No CL = Glazers Out banners.

4.) 28 Dec 2021 10:45:20
Ed014, me neither. They are a shambles from top to bottom yet they continue to believe the utter ridiculous notion that they have top players and a top squad. Beggars belief, really.

{Ed014's Note - I know mate, there is still someone on there today saying they have a great squad, I wish they’d explain who and why because literally, I have no idea.

5.) 28 Dec 2021 22:33:51
Such a smug thread. How did Liverpool do this evening?

6.) 29 Dec 2021 08:54:23
They lost 1-0. But Liverpool are still currently light years ahead of United, so we can stay smug for a while yet.


{Ed014's Note - I’m amazed Supasub has the kahuna’s to come on here and saying anything with the utter embarrassment his club has been and remains so.

I can safely say hand on heart I wouldn’t touch any of that squad with a barge pole! Woeful.

7.) 29 Dec 2021 14:31:54
Supasub is a Utd fan? If that is true and he believes the stuff he says then, there is a reason they are absolutely washed and have been since Fergie left.

8.) 29 Dec 2021 16:44:07
Finished above you lot even if we are sh*t. You've gone on about De Gea the saviour when your keeper had to get the goal to get you in the CL. And yes I have big kuhuna's.

{Ed014's Note - seriously mate, when you were winning you were the most arrogant bunch I’ve ever had the displeasure to get to know through these pages, absolutely full of your own self importance and looked at yourself as something special.

So to see a United fan trying to give it large now is a tad ironic!

I’m guessing that’s the only big thing you have too! 🤦‍♂️

9.) 29 Dec 2021 18:10:50
Lol. Your easy Ed. The only big thing is the Ed on the end of my rod. 🎣.

{Ed014's Note - the only thing you’ve caught is your big kahunas in your zip, mugged yourself right off as usual.

Don’t give up your day job 🤦‍♂️



21 Dec 2021 00:18:50
Ed2 how do you see the season playing out with regards to the C.V. situation? Do you think they will bring back playing behind close doors for remainder of the season and a reduction in contact training etc again? Or will they look to cancel the league altogether if things get worse?


{Ed002's Note - They are bringing back playing behind closed doors in Wales next week. There is no plan to cancel the season but obviously if the situation worsens, which it will, then perhaps behind closed doors is the first step.}

1.) 21 Dec 2021 12:20:46
Define worsens? No deaths from Omicron variant in the UK, and large majority of population have had at least 2 jabs. Our case number is a true reflection of improvement or worsening?

{Ed002's Note - Worsens relates to hospital pressure and there have already been some deaths and that number will grow.}

2.) 21 Dec 2021 12:42:49
Navy first week of January is when you'll see the worse of Omicron when it comes to deaths etc.

3.) 21 Dec 2021 12:49:14
People won't buy it in this country, especially how the government behaved and broken rules, why should anyone else follow them?

{Ed002's Note - You mean the particulary stupid ones who cannot think for themselves?}

4.) 21 Dec 2021 13:38:05
I mean the ones sitting in Peppa pig land eating there Mars bars.

5.) 21 Dec 2021 13:59:21
Anyone else want Ed002 as PM?

We’re in this mess as we have the worst, most swivel eyed right wing government in living history who get their ideology from such vile people as Ayn Rand, Freiderich Hayek and Patrick Minford. It’s no wonder we’re up s*** creek without a paddle.

{Ed002's Note - Sadly I don't meet the criteria so will never be PM.}

6.) 21 Dec 2021 14:07:43
In Wales you can’t go into a stadium to watch Swansea or Cardiff football or any of the regions rugby etc. But you can go into a crowded pub to watch it if it’s on Tv.
It feels like the inmates are running the asylum.

{Ed002's Note - The expectation is that folks will be sensible. And it won't last long.}

7.) 21 Dec 2021 14:53:39
It's down to people to be sensible and not be idiots. If you don't want to face a long lockdown period then adhere to the rules.

8.) 21 Dec 2021 15:52:33
Marty, that would be fine if the people setting the rules had a clue what they were doing. I am fully expecting an announcement come 27th December.

9.) 21 Dec 2021 16:02:57
With the decisions Doris and Dripford have made in the past I wouldn’t trust them to run a bath let alone a country.

10.) 21 Dec 2021 18:11:29 mutate. There will be a new variant next winter, and the following, and the rest.
Football, and the world, must just get on with it, and live with C.V. instead of hiding in our houses when it comes back every winter.

11.) 21 Dec 2021 18:14:28
Worked very well the first time.

12.) 21 Dec 2021 18:23:34
Agree, there will definitely be a lockdown after Christmas for sure. Government is a joke but we must all try our best to stick to the rules and staying safe.

13.) 21 Dec 2021 18:21:00
What do you mean by not meeting the criterea ed? You aren't one of the Eton chums you mean?

{Ed002's Note - As you know I am not British.}

14.) 21 Dec 2021 23:08:35
@VVVV, in 1981 I attended a lecture given by Minford who was, at the time, Head of Economics at Liverpool Uni. The post afforded him a significant wedge of the folding stuff. At the same time he was also Chief Economic Adviser to Attila the Hen, which was another post with a not significant wedge of dish attached. After the lecture I did a bit of digging and discovered that he had another income stream through tonalities on published articles, papers and books.

His three incomes were made all the more relevant in the context of his lecture which was basically his “ideas” for streamlining the welfare system. His main argument was that welfare benefits needed to be reduced so that all those lazy sods living off the dole would get out there and get a job. As those of us who had reached adulthood in the Thatcher years will know there weren’t that many jobs kicking about, what with destroying the mining industry, the car building industry, etc, etc, etc - although to be fair, Norman Tebbit’s dad did have his bike I suppose.

He was a loathsome, horrible creature who should have had no public forum to spread his dangerous nonsense and it does my old heart good to see him recognised for the waste of space he was all these years later.

Rant over.




Andyjh04's rumour replies


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18 Jan 2022 20:14:38
Do you
See LFC signing Diaz Ed 2 or is he priced out of reach?


{Ed002's Note - If the club are able to raise the money or strike a deal over a plan, then maybe.}



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26 Dec 2021 12:42:21
The only person I listen to for LFC transfer news thanks ed2!




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30 Nov 2021 21:46:48
Don’t know Taffarel? Hang your heads in shame!




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30 Nov 2021 19:42:36
Taffarel! My fav keeper ever what a result!




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27 Jul 2021 20:27:04
He will be staking shelves in Tesco by next season that’s about his level.





Andyjh04's banter replies


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18 Jan 2022 10:40:45
I live up north and they try to charge me £13 to watch Aberdeen play, id rather listen to it on the radio or pay the sky subscription to watch the championship than watch the scottish football.




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03 Jan 2022 23:10:04
Who mentioned Newcastle?




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03 Jan 2022 19:05:12
Oh mane mane, klopp wanted to leave LFC in a better state than he found it. Hence a rebuild of sorts. He’s said this plenty of times. Maybe he cares more than you think. Why stay somewhere nine years and leave it in tatters when he goes?




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01 Jan 2022 14:25:04
Ed14 you have been royally shafted!


{Ed014's Note - totally mate, sickening!



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01 Jan 2022 14:16:05
Saving grace for us is it’s not arteta on the bench making city have 14 men on the pitch.