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25 Jun 2019 00:41:05
We have decided to change the Teams page to be the Liverpool Match Posts page, so look for posts talking about the latest Liverpool match there.

But most of the posts still go to the Liverpool Banter pages.

25 Jun 2019 00:41:05
In order to view all of today's banter, you have to visit our liverpool banter 2 to liverpool banter 10 pages linked at the bottom of this page.

Also more posts are being added to the Liverpool Discussion Posts and the More Liverpool Posts pages.

25 Jun 2019 00:41:05
With our site (no Ed002). More posts will be going up on that Liverpool FC Banter site from now on.

25 Jun 2019 00:06:59
I ponder about what truly has happened to WonderDogSparky? Perhaps someone could provide an answer.

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{Ed002's Note - He is hanging out still.}

24 Jun 2019
New image uploaded to the
Liverpool Player Sightings page entitled, Nabil Fekir and Liverpool

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24 Jun 2019 22:02:32
I’ve got a few txts regarding Bruno Fernandes and a move to Liverpool that Twitter is in meltdown over it I can’t use or have twitter can anyone else have a look? Or have the Ed’s heard anything?
And supposedly his odd have been slashed to joining us!

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24 Jun 2019 22:29:13
1/ 9 on paddy power!

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24 Jun 2019 21:00:01
Sorry I hit send before I finished

The other need (more of a need) is at fullback. A fullback who can play left and right back would be ideal but we may have to consider getting 2 Full backs in.

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24 Jun 2019 21:15:36
Bruno Fernandes rumours gathering pace. He could play various positions.

Full backs are going to be very hard to get, as they know they will be back up. If possible as you say a player who can play both full back positions is ideal. Or a player who could play full back and centre back but seems unlikely. Trust the club they are doing a great job with recruitment, best in the world over a few seasons.

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24 Jun 2019 21:41:35
Mark, where are you hearing about these Bruno Fernandes rumours?

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24 Jun 2019 21:57:03
A few diff jurnoes saying we are at the head of the queue and a bid being but together. Betting gone to evens.

No idea if anything is true but he does seem a good fit for our squad IMO. Am sure at some point ed002 said he was an option.

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24 Jun 2019 22:14:48
Cheers lad. Supposed to be all over Twitter as well. Would be pleasantly surprised if true.

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24 Jun 2019 20:58:22
A utility player who can play att mid and across the front 3 would come in handy, e. g Fekir. We have 7 midfielders fighting/ rotating for 3 midfield spots. Similarly we have 7 attacking players fighting/ rotating for 3 attacking spots. Of those 14 players fighting/ rotating for 6 spots only Harry Wilson is linked with a move away. As such it's not really practical to get both a CAM and forward, 1 player who can perform all those roles is what we should be looking to get.

The other need (more of a need)

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24 Jun 2019 20:54:51
Just a quick question for Ed1 a lot of talk is about Salah. That's fair enough he's had two great seasons. But in my opinion Mane is Liverpool's best player. Just like to read your opinion on who is?

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{Ed001's Note - best attacker is Mane, but van Dijk would have a case for the best player mantle.}

24 Jun 2019 21:00:56
agree 100%, never thought I would say that, ha.

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{Ed001's Note - hang on that is twice in less than a week. I think I must need a holiday!}

24 Jun 2019 21:22:37
Spot on, Ed. Mane is the better all-round forward at LFC, hands down. He is actually better than Salah who btw, is a top class talent, one of the best in the world right now. Mane has a lot more to his game than Salah so IMO, he is a top class talent as well.

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24 Jun 2019 21:49:45
Thanks Ed01.

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{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate. Salah is fantastic but Mane has been brilliant for us since the moment he signed. His first season we all but fell apart when he was unavailable.}

24 Jun 2019 22:00:19
Thanks ????????.

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24 Jun 2019 23:37:52
Debut goal against arsenal at emirates, wow wow wow unreal!

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24 Jun 2019 19:55:10
Hi eds 1
Any idea when the players are back for pri season training?

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{Ed001's Note - no I don't sorry.}

24 Jun 2019 20:26:34
first game is the 11th so should be at least the 4th of July but I would guess the first 1st July, For some of the first players coming back. But only a guess but would if thought they would do a weeks training before they play a friendly.

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24 Jun 2019 21:23:18
July 1st or 2nd, I think.

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24 Jun 2019 17:42:42
Ed002 has mentioned many times about salah continually approaching Madrid Ect, is this something Klopp and the staff would be aware of or not?

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{Ed002's Note - Sure. Agents approach clubs regularly. Liverpool are not stupid enough to think it is a one way street.}

24 Jun 2019 20:09:56
Ed02 was wondering whether you have visited india?

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{Ed002's Note - No, I switched planes their once.}

24 Jun 2019 18:02:39
I've just read an article about one of our old academy graduates Toni Silva. Saying that he's really struggling and wanting to quit football and that he's been really badly advised by agents just chasing money and advising him on moves that never worked out.

It says that he was thought of as a better prospect than Sterling and the coach at the time advising Sterling to "do it like Toni does".

Eds or anyone else that knew about his situation. What went wrong for him. Did his head get too big for his boots, was his attitude a problem, or his lifestyle? It was quite a heartbreaking read, really.

I remember his name from the academy, but knew very little about him.

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{Ed001's Note - as I remember it he has a good point about the agent being a dick and advising him badly, but he also did get a bit too big for his boots (partly because of the agents). It was Sterling who said recently in an interview that he was told to "do it like Toni does" by the way.

His attitude and the agents combined to put him in a place he should not be. He was a huge prospect but he could still have made it if he had knuckled down and got on with it.}

24 Jun 2019 19:19:20
That's a real shame. I always wondered why he left. I watch a lot of u18s and 23s on lfc TV have done for years. And remember telling my mates, we have 2 players sterling and lad Silva who are brilliant for age. Silva was brilliant dribbler and could change a game in seconds. Although I always maintain sterling was the better prospect.

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24 Jun 2019 19:36:33
Suso looked the best prospect during that time. If it doesn't work out at one club hard work and determination will get you back on track I believe. The thing is there is to much money in the game so young players have there heads turned far to often nowadays.

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24 Jun 2019 23:18:29
Suso was unreal at 16 in the u18s. Had really high hopes for him. When Chirivela first arrived I had high hopes too. Can see him being a reasonable player still too but probably will leave us.

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24 Jun 2019 15:26:24
Honestly ed002 I have no idea were to ask this so please forgive me for asking here.

Your a well travelled man and I wanted to ask. Me and my partner are thinking of emigrating to Greece and would like to ask if you have any recommendations of were is best to live. I no about santorini and crete for the weather but is there any where else.

Also any reds have recommendations.


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{Ed002's Note - You would do better asking the other folks - I have only ever briefly been to Greece and never "visited" per se. It was an airport>hotel>meeting>airport type of non visit.}

24 Jun 2019 18:07:42
Igoumenitsa. Absolutely lovely place and not full of tourists and far cheaper to live than Athens or Piraeus. Also you can get a ferry to pretty much anywhere in the Ionian Sea from there. Definitely worth checking out.

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24 Jun 2019 18:30:24
Crete, has a bit of everything, its big enough to have all the facilities you need, good transport links, amazing climate, its got charactor and the people are great. I'd bite off my own right arm to live there.

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24 Jun 2019 19:29:44
Cheers for the suggestions lads. I'll speak to my missus about it ????????.

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24 Jun 2019 18:11:40
Ok thank you ed.

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