15 Jun 2024 10:54:46
We definitely need someone to replace Konate. That lad is an accident waiting to happen. Never happier than seeing Konate on the bench.

1.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 11:14:41
He has to cover his position and cover for Trent when he moves into midfield
For me should always start when fit.

2.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 11:17:54
I am beginning to think that opinions should not be allowed on here. ?

I can only take so much of deeply insightful and penetratingly analytical opinions in one day. ?.

3.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 11:28:47
Good athlete, poor footballer.
A better player shouldn't be too difficult to find.

4.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 11:31:49
What about this Dutch player de ligt any chance of him coming to partner big virgil?

{Ed002's Note - Matthijs de Ligt (CB) Player was happier with Tuchel as coach but changes make his future less clear. With ten Hag still at Manchester United he may well be interested but he would not be top of the list with other preferred targets. Bayern have no interest in selling although they are persisting in chasing another CB themselves and the new coach may look to ask him to be moved on to raise funds. Agent would like him to move and has spoken with at least Chelsea, who have preferred targets, and Newcastle. Price may put clubs off.}

5.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 12:22:48
If I had my way @ArAy ….

Seems that Quansah will need to step up next season. Joel gone, Nat P and Rhys W seemingly making their way towards the exit. Joe going to Bayern, Virgil going to Saudi (apparently to become the highest paid defender in the world, which would presumably mean the highest paid defender ever? ), and now Ibou being voted next man out of the house. Looks like our defence will be light on next season.

6.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 12:53:05
The club ideally needs more than one center back addition for the upcoming season. This page think otherwise.
VVD aging, Konate Injury prone, Matip gone, Quansah (Young), Gomez (gone) .

7.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 12:57:17
Im always happy when he's in the starting lineup. Beast of a player, covers that whole right side.

8.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 13:15:26
I’m all for opinions on here but this just comes across as a troll windup post to incite a reaction.

9.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 13:19:13
Where’s Gomez gone?

10.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 16:10:09
If virg has a bad year next year navy Keith the seasoned scout of an OP will be telling us that he knew since he saw him play as a 12 year old
In Groningen that he had flaws in his game that he could never make up for….

11.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 17:12:07
Daily scout spout.

12.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 17:18:41
Frode i said all last season.

13.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 17:53:26
The world class former scout strikes again!

14.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 20:14:26
Former Girl Scout.

15.) 15 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 21:00:44
Pot, kettle, black. You all get what I mean. (And I've skillfully avoided the "misogyny and homophobia alert buzzer", and whatever else ?) .

16.) 16 Jun 2024
15 Jun 2024 23:36:39
To be honest ArAy, I have no idea what you are on about. who’s the pot and who’s the kettle and to be honest the racist reference to the colour of the kettle didn’t go unnoticed ?.

17.) 16 Jun 2024
16 Jun 2024 08:18:46
A player that was MOTM in a CL final just TWO years ago. A guy who was MOTM in that cliffhanger of an FA Cup tie at Arsenal where he royally outplayed the so-called" Best CB in the PL in Saliba, is suddenly now a poor fottballer? Absolute waffle.

18.) 16 Jun 2024
16 Jun 2024 08:55:56
I do think saliba is the best cb in the league besides Virgil though, oli ?

For whatever reason deschamps doesn’t fancy saliba and will probably stick with upamecano as the partner for ibou at the euros for some unfathomable reason

As for ibou, when he stays healthy and has a good run of games he is a fantastic, mobile and aggressive center back who covers a lot of space and is decent on the ball (in that way he is like the equivalent of Gabriel for arsenal ), when he got his last injury he didn’t look as good though of course…still would anybody deny that a healthy konate is among the top 20 center backs in Europe? It might be that slot doesn’t fancy him because he isn’t enough of a carrier/ passer at the back but it certainly won’t be because he’s not a top level center half.

19.) 16 Jun 2024
16 Jun 2024 10:33:29
Oli, who was MotM in the CL final? I thought it was Courtois.
I accept that Konate was better than Saliba in one game. It's great that he can he do that in one game but it's telling that many people see Saliba as the best centre back in the PL. It's probably because he's a better footballer than Konate for more than one game.

20.) 16 Jun 2024
16 Jun 2024 13:10:00
For two years Messi missed 15 and 19 games through injury prior to 08/ 09 season.

Fans kept saying he couldn't make it because he was too injury prone and what good is an injury prone player anyway?

Then Messi had four years with no injury completely out of nowhere and nobody made those comments again.

21.) 16 Jun 2024
16 Jun 2024 15:06:01
I really liked the look of Calafiori yesterday. Possibly a good one for the future. LCB, 22, very mobile, started his career as a LB, and known for building out of the back. Was said to have had a very good season at Bologna.

Looked the type of player for Liverpool's system. No idea if the talent level is really there, but is an intriguing prospect.

22.) 16 Jun 2024
16 Jun 2024 18:41:25
@Frode, Gomez has gone to Germany. Perhaps he might come back.