09 Jun 2024 21:05:00
Jordan Sancho available at 40m
I see talent and potential if he cares to apply himself. Worth a look?

{Ed014's Note - Jesus, even at 4p you’d be getting mugged right off!

I say buy him ??

1.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 21:19:16
No chance.
He’s overvalued. We have better youngsters.

2.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 21:45:11
Potential? How old is he?

3.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 21:54:26
Is this a wind up?

4.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 22:41:10
End of the day it's the right player at the right price and into the right situation.

I've no preconceived ideas of Jadon so it'd really depend on the fit with Slot and the new team.

5.) 10 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 23:19:53
Remember how he took the Premier League by storm before? 40m is a serious investment, not the sort of spare change you can risk on seeing if a player might come good. Why even consider one of United’s failures?

6.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 03:59:26
There’s another recent thread about someone we bought for @ £40m which was described as ‘not much’. The player we bought wasn’t really received well by a lot of people on this forum but is now a legend. Just saying, as they say.

{Ed001's Note - difference is Salah had talent and an excellent attitude. Sancho has always been a prick, even as a youngster he had an awful attitude, and nowhere near the talent he thinks he has. Such an exceedingly average player, even in the Bundesliga, let alone in the Prem. Why would anyone consider such dross?}

7.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 05:02:53
I’m hoping that for the price Jordan Sancho has better work rate, attitude and a more varied game than Jadon sancho.

8.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 06:32:42
Salah’s fee was £36.9 million also. I know how you like to be specific WDW ?.

9.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 07:45:48
Jessie Lingards available and even cheaper!

10.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 07:58:15
In fairness Darwins Evolution, Peter Beardsley was a Man United failure and we signed him. As for Sancho though, has an appalling attitude. Was given a dusting down by his manager for constantly being late and other issues, instead of apologising and knuckling down, he downed tools. United will be lucky to get half of what they’re asking, given that he’s on something like £375k a week, no one is going to pay that and his huge wage demands given the aggro that he caused.

11.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 08:50:15
I’d rather spend £40m on someone who will make us a better team.

12.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 09:44:17
In fairness Victor, you had to go back 35 years to find an example. They have had hundreds of flops since then that we quite rightly have avoided even when we were scraping the bottom of the transfer market. there's not a single United player in their current squad that would improve our team, let alone one of their misfit rejects.

{Ed077's Note - Mainoo says hello ?

13.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 10:05:52
Mainoo? He’s had a streak of scoring winning goals that have been easy on the eye but he drifts out of games. Six months ago no-one knew him. Maybe he’s top notch or maybe he’s this year’s Macheda.

14.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 10:40:13
Mainoo looks an excellent player to be fair, he looks like somebody who can reach worldie level in two or three years (or even less) given he keeps working on his game and awareness
There’s a lot of hype to be sure but he does really look the part, though given the toxic atmosphere at United you never know how their prospects will turn out.

15.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 10:41:38
Also to the person who mentioned lingardinho, it might interest you to know that he can’t even get a game at fc Seoul, and has been publicly slated by his coach for strolling around in games….

16.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 11:48:58
I think the Lingard comment was a joke?

17.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 12:21:00
Mainoo got over ran and outplayed by Iceland, too much pressure on him from media, he shouldn't be starting in front of Trent, struggles to finish a match too.

18.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 12:42:17
Mainoo is a great player though. Full of work rate and has good technique to boot. If he were a Liverpool player, we would all be saying that he's the reason why we didn't get Bellingham.

I wouldn't mind Garnacho from this current Utd team as well. Has a very punchable face but is fast, direct, and a hard worker.

{Ed001's Note - Garnacho? Not for me, I am not convinced by him at all. Love his work rate but his actual play is mostly poor. I prefer Amad Diallo of their widemen, not sure why he never got the same chances.}

19.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 12:56:05
How is mainoo in the England team anyway, kids a breath of fresh air at United because the senior pros are rubbish but seriously if there is no1 better to pick than him what chance do England have.

{Ed001's Note - he is in it because he is a very good player who deserves his place.}

20.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 15:50:26
Bhav_reds, I looked and there is NOTHING to see there. Im keeping it moving.

21.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 16:15:14
I would not be suprised if Arsenal bought Sancho their sort of player.

22.) 10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 22:09:17
Fair point about Sancho’s character Ed01 - shame about his attitude because I do think there is / was some potential there.

{Ed001's Note - really? I have never seen him play well. I have read match reports afterwards that suggested he was amazing, but they never tally with what I have just watched. I don't think he has the intelligence, football-wise, to ever utilise any talent he has.}