05 Aug 2022 14:43:56
Judging by Klopps talk this morning in his presser we are definitely finished in the market "we won't solve a four week problem with a signing". To be honest I'm fine with that. It's when he was asked would injury affect sales he replied "yes it will probably affect outgoings". Now I know it's a business and they're all contracted to the club and there to be used any which way the club desire but surely his reply to the 1st question should be the same as the 2nd? Why hold a player back for a four week problem? Again this is just my opinion but am curious as to what the rest of you think.

1.) 05 Aug 2022
05 Aug 2022 15:06:18
I really don't pay attention to things like this. the transfer window is open until a certain date and until that date passes, I believe every club will be keeping an open mind to both sales and purchases. Whilst we may not actively be pursuing a deal, I am sure the club would make a move if the right player suddenly becomes available. He is hardly going to come out and say 'yeah, we are currently trying to sign X player'

2.) 05 Aug 2022
05 Aug 2022 16:11:36
I think people who wouldn’t otherwise feature shouldn’t be held back and let go where they’ll better develop and people who would feature should be brought in as they’ll have a better career with us regardless of injuries, than the aforementioned.

3.) 05 Aug 2022
05 Aug 2022 16:33:23
Oh mane mane only my guess but it could be us playing hard ball on transfers. I’m sure if someone came in and offered our asking price for say Phillips etc then we’d sell.

As it’s been reported teams are under bidding for him as they no he’s not really required but if all of a sudden he’s a requirement it might prompt them to up their bid.

4.) 05 Aug 2022
05 Aug 2022 18:01:48
Never say never. That's all I know. Things change at a moment's notice.

5.) 05 Aug 2022
05 Aug 2022 19:49:37
Why would you buy a player to cover a problem when you already have a player to cover the problem?

6.) 05 Aug 2022
05 Aug 2022 20:49:31
Because thunderbird if we had players to cover the problem we wouldn’t be keeping youngsters who otherwise would be loaned/ sold.

7.) 05 Aug 2022
05 Aug 2022 22:01:56
Is Nat Phillips a youngster?

8.) 05 Aug 2022
05 Aug 2022 22:05:18
Been obvious for a while we need more midfield options due to the injury prone nature of a number of players in that position. Not sure what Klopp is missing.

9.) 05 Aug 2022
05 Aug 2022 22:08:28
Oraujo, glad you’re not the manager.

10.) 05 Aug 2022
05 Aug 2022 23:15:40
@Hessle, Klopp isn’t missing anything. I think the difference lies in Klopp’s and your differing understanding of how to run a football club and the consequent expectations. Klopp runs a club that won two domestic competitions last season, made it to the Champions League Final and were literally about 15 minutes away from winning the Premier League. No brainer really.

11.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 04:07:34
Careful WDW. You’re turning into Oli. Less of the lectures, thanks.

12.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 07:59:45
WDW is spot on. People who suggest that Klopp "is being stubborn" or "is missing something" are coming from a place that suggests they know better.
I doubt there are any managers who know their squad weaknesses and strengths better than Klopp and his staff, the notion that posters on any online forum can advise Klopp on where he's going wrong in building the squad is laughable.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and it makes it more interesting when they are contrasting, but it's like trying to advise Einstein on maths.
And the notion that we should be buying to fill the squad while sending the kids out is the most laughable of all knowing Klopp's track record of developing youngsters.

13.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 08:53:51
I think people are missing another point as that we need space in the squad as it’s a really big squad on top of klopp and the gang clearly have a budget and wage structure to work within so more and more simply can’t be added unless it’s paid for with someone giving way . Our wage bill is really high.

14.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 09:45:46
I suppose it’s similar to saying our transfer business is done and then the next day sending Morton out on loan.

Like advising our transfer / financial team on their jobs. I bet they were all out of office on annual leave after reading we were done on here. The call from Blackburn must have come as a right shock.

15.) 07 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 18:03:34
Couldn’t he just mean people we’d been open selling will no longer be bought because they themselves are injured? A la Ox?