21 Jan 2022 08:27:44
Hi guys, not posted for a while, but my take on things so far. I'm no expert either so this is just through my untrained eyes. First of all the champions League group stage was better than anyone expected. Group of death turned into the group of murder for Liverpool, as we strolled through undefeated. I might be wrong but I think we were the first English team to win every game. I know this does not mean we will now win the competition, but it does mean we didn't put a foot wrong and every team we now face will fear us. I have a feeling we will go far in this competition. League cup is a competition that many have said we should take more seriously and we have done this year. Kloop has given fringe players and youth a go and has now reached a final. Can't fault any aspect. Fa cup, only played one game so hard to tell. Looks like kloop is treating this the same as the League cup, so fingers crossed we have a good run and give some youngest a run and mins under their belt. Premier league. Second at present, only behind city. 2 loses and 6 draws, I think, a couple of draws that we should have really won. I know we are LFC and we like to think we should be winning every game, but look at what we were doing only 5 years ago. If we can put a run of wins together over the next 5 games or so, we might actually start putting pressure on city and we might start seeing cracks. We may not and city might continue with their current form. If that's the case then we have to hold our hands up and admire how good of a team they really are. I know they have the money to buy when they want, but that doesn't mean we have to be jealous and slag them off for it. We would do the same thing in their shoes. Unfortunately, we don't have their money so we need to be wiser with our money. Don't panic buy, use youth as and when we can and unearth some gems along the way, like robbo. Easier said then done, but I trust kloop when it comes to buying right for the club. I think come the end of the season we will be happy with what we have achieved. We have a good chance of winning the champions league, we have a great chance of winning the league cup and a chance to push city all the way for the league. How many of you would have given anything to say that 5 years ago. Enjoy what the team is giving us right now as we have some truly unbelievable players and player some really attractive football. At the end of the day football is just entertainment and boy does kloop entertain us. Ynwa.

1.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 09:10:12
Absolutely spot on Liverpoolmanc - really good assessment.

2.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 09:11:42
That’s a great post and echos everything I feel at the moment. No team has a devine right to win every game but all you can ask is that you are competitive and pushing for the big prizes. Sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you won’t but as long as you are up there challenging that’s all we can ask for as fans.
In Klopp and these players we have a team that is in the mix for big trophies consistently, sometimes we’ve won them and sometimes someone else has beaten us to them but to be in the mix is incredible considering where we were before Klopp arrived.
People have short memories let’s just enjoy this team they really are incredible.

3.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 09:28:02
Good post mate. Winning the 6 CL games were massive because realistically it doesn’t matter if you qualify from the group with 1 win or 6 wins as it still puts you into the next round. But the 6 wins earned the club around 15 million. The League cup winners receive an estimated 100k in prize money. The fact we can potentially do both (key being winning that trophy) shows that the squad depth isn’t too bad after all to compete in domestic trophies.

With regards to the league it’s a huge task but not impossible and you can guarantee Klopp and the players will not have given up. For us to win this league now we will have to win every game and Coty drop 11 points. If we don’t win every game (say we drop a further 8-9 points in 17 games) then that means City will need to drop 19-20 points in their last 16.

I think CL success is more likely this season but if you aim for the stars you might miss and hit the moon. So I expect Klopp and the players to still be going for the quadruple.

4.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 09:36:25
JK if we win every game between now and the end of the season then City only need to drop 5 points (aside from the 3 they will drop by us beating them) . As good as City are they will definitely drop more than 5 points between now and the end of the season.
City have had no issues with C.V. yet either. That could yet have an impact it definitely has had an impact on our results in the last month.
We just need to keep going, take each game as it comes and see where we are. It’s certainly far from impossible.

5.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 09:53:05
Great post, OP and the other lads on this thread. We keep going, take it one game at a time and let the chips fall where they may.

6.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 09:55:57
I can see us picking up silverware this season, not the league though sadly.

7.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 10:14:27
Beckers good point mate. I didn’t factor in our game in hand and playing them.
Do you see us winning 17 league games on the bounce?

Not impossible but we’re talking going on our best run in the league for some time as well as balancing the 3 cups and at the same time hopping City go through a bad patch.

Genuine question anyone know what our best consecutive league winning streak is under Klopp has been?

8.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 10:17:34
I agree Mikey.

9.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 10:51:27
I’ve just checked now and we won 18 games in a row the season we won the league. They came after a 1-1 draw with Utd and then the defeat to Watford.

We’ve done it once before 🤞.

10.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 11:18:46
Klopp and his squad have set new standards. Part of this level is also down to City being so good and setting the bar. We have done really well and are still well-placed but at the same time fear that this level of consistency is impossible without a) Klopp and b) more investment in club and squad. Pride, hope, fear and frustration. It's all pretty normal as a fan!

11.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 12:00:00
I feel as though we really are at the mercy of injuries in the midfield area. If we can field any combo of Fabinho, Hendo, Thiago, Jones and Elliott for the rest of the season we could do it. I would back that team to win 19 in a row. However, our recent record with injuries suggests this is unlikely. Having to field Keita, Ox, Milner and even Morton (not that he has put a foot wrong) on way too many occasions has seriously cost us this season. Huge changes and investment needed in this area in the summer.

12.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 12:07:13
The season we won the league and had the 18 game unbeaten run, we weren’t playing catch up, we were already far out ahead. City don’t look like dropping points and they’ve gone on these kinds of runs before on a number of occasions. We do have a tendency to drop cheap points far too easily and we’re likely to again. Our midfield has been far too inconsistent and easy to play against at times this season and it’s allowed teams back into games, regrettably City don’t allow teams back into games and that’s where we will fail in the league.

13.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 12:50:58
I disagree that City won't drop points or are somehow deemed flawless. They really are not as good as previous seasons. They have been fortunate whilst on this winning run as well as with injuries/ C.V.. Could they win every remaining game? Yes. Are they invincible or even on par with previous City sides? No.

They are favourites and quite rightly so.

We need to look at ourselves. We are yet to field our strongest side this season and are still looking for top form from our best players. If we get that perhaps we have a chance of at least putting City under a bit of stress in the next couple of months.

It would be helpful also if other sides were a bit braver and a bit more clinical against City. Maybe we'll see a bit more of that in the second half of the season.

14.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 13:51:37
I'm sick of the mooning about Kloop, too.

15.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 14:12:51
The difference with City and other teams is that, if they do get a number of injuries or CV cases, they have a 200m pound bench to draw from.

16.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 12:55:14
Post of the week, Liverpoolmanc. Nice to have some articulate positivity on here!

I don't think we'll necessarily pull back the league, but it's important to remember that putting together an 18-winning run is far more likely than putting together a 30+ winning run like City would have to do to not drop points, including their current run. There's a good chance this could be a good season, and a slim chance it could be great.

17.) 21 Jan 2022
21 Jan 2022 19:48:01
What makes anyone think City won’t go on a bad run? They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again. I think the lack of a top quality forward will eventually bite them on the backside. They’ve papered over the cracks so far this season largely due to Bernardo Silva having a great season but he’s shown before he blows hot and cold.
They are a brilliant team and are capable of winning every game but I don’t think they will. We just need to make sure we are ready to pounce when they inevitably have a dip.
Believe guys it’s not over yet!

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