18 Jan 2022 23:38:30
Hi guys, I think it will be interesting to know everyone's unpopular/ controversy opinions on current Liverpool Fc.

I'll start with i think the pair of fullback trent and tsimikas is the way foward for this seasons and upcoming seasons.

I just feel that tsimikas possess more threats.

1.) 19 Jan 2022
19 Jan 2022 05:28:39
Don’t think should be controversial but given some of the comments about him this year, I feel it’s worth saying…

Mane remains the best left winger in the league.

Another one, Gomez (when fit) is the best partner for VVD. They complement each other well and Gomez’ pace is important to prevent counters against our high line.

2.) 19 Jan 2022
19 Jan 2022 07:06:11
Controversial? If we were offered Coutinho-type money for Salah, I’d accept and buy another forward and midfielder.

3.) 19 Jan 2022
19 Jan 2022 07:36:05
Having failed to offload a number of fringe players and paying a lot of money on players whose bodies cannot cope with the Liverpool way of playing/ training, Michael Edwards isn't as good as most fans think.

4.) 19 Jan 2022
19 Jan 2022 12:23:36
Threeps, couldn't agree more there mate. He is responsible for our crap model and the financial mess we are in. Look at our wage bills.

5.) 19 Jan 2022
19 Jan 2022 14:35:34
Can you explain how exactly Edwards is responsible for the “financial mess” we’re in? He’s structured some fantastic deals to help us achieve the holy grail as well as the champions league. Deals for couts, solanke, ibe, Brewster etc were genius. Even his deals for jota and Thiago appear to be fantastic too.

The commercial side of things appear to have improved significantly under his belt too with great sponsorship deals in place.

It’s almost like a global C.V. could be responsible for the lack of finances that everyone cries for.

6.) 19 Jan 2022
19 Jan 2022 19:57:46
FSG are responsible for our model. Edwards worked within the guidelines they would have given him. And did a cracking job of it too.