21 Jun 2021 15:17:44
Judging by that supposed 100mil bid upfront (with players to be included) for Kane, City have an absolute warchest and are ready to spend big after the Euros. It's going to be tough to top them next season if they pull off that move.

Is this true Ed's? A wealth of journalists including Fabrizio and those at the guardian have reported a 100mil bid with players to be added on (maybe Gabriel Jesus or Laporte) .

{Ed002's Note - It is not exactly like that but broadly true. It rather depends how Kane himself pushes his desire for a move, and also if another side my become involved. This has been dealt with on other pages.}

1.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 15:32:27
Not sure he suits City, watching him try and come deep to get the ball and have little to no pace or great ability to take a player on, don't see him fitting into there system and it doesn't worry me what City do, if we get the correct backing, 2/ 3 signings for us and being injury free, we are still there main competition and a major force.

2.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 15:36:00
Thanks for that Ed002.

Has Kane shown any desire to force a move away from Spurs? I feel that might be the only way he gets his move since Levy will be rather reluctant to let his prized asset go (then again this is gut instinct I obviously have absolutely no clue) .

That being said the supposed deal offered by city: £100mil up front and potentially a £50-60mil CB would surely be tempting.

{Ed002's Note - This is not the correct page to be discussing it but Kane will want to play at the highest level very soon. I have dealt with this elsewhere and he will have several options.}

3.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 15:46:41
I agree in some ways Lancaster.

I understand what you are saying but Kane is a match winner and an absolutely outstanding footballer. City lost a player able to score 20+ goals a season with Aguero and could replace him with an even better player. As for his work rate etc, he lacks pace but makes up for it with his overall ability and positioning on and off the ball.

Even if this move does fall through it shows the funds they have to contribute, undoubtedly we'll see maybe a LB, CB, CDM and ST come in this window for them.

With Liverpool it's about bolstering the squad to get it to as high of a level as possible so that the drop off from starting XI to bench isn't as prevalent.

4.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 16:03:07
Thanks Ed002, I'll have a look on some other pages also to see who else is interested.

5.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 16:11:47
They will always have money

So will United and Chelsea

We have less money but we have Klopp and Edwards and we have shown we can mix it with them.

Kane may well leave Spurs but he doesn’t suit us so it’s no big deal to us. He hasn’t been playing well for a while now. Who knows if he will fit in with Citeh’s style of play?

{Ed025's Note - he will fit in anyones style of play tommy, the guy is quality mate..

6.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 16:19:11
Man City won’t be able just to keep adding expensive players there will be a limit. They can only put 11 players on the pitch. Granted it will be hard to compete with them over 4 competitions.

7.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 16:21:59
LR I agree with you it is about what we do. We have to keep our big players fit and much will depend on our next signing or 2. If we bring in the right midfield player we will be just fine. Our fist 11 will still be the best in Europe.

{Ed025's Note - "still be the best in europe"?...your having a giraffe aren,t you mark..

8.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 16:41:24
Well much will depend on players returning to form and if the majority of them do then yes of course we have.
Allison, Trent, Konate or Gomez, VVD Robbo then in front Fabs and Hendo. Even you must agree that is by a distance the best. Add to that Mane, Salah and Jota and the new signing and my point is proved.
City get a maximum 4 in our starting 11.

{Ed025's Note - and you get a maximum of 4 in theirs mark, we have not seen how konate and this mysterious new signing will fare either mate..

9.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 17:38:12
Kane's style doesn't suit us haha lol

Kane would finish the season on 20+ assists, can u imagine the balls he would be pinging for Salah and Mane, they would have a field day.

I know he's not coming here but I agree with Ed025 he would fit almost any team he is so good.

10.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 17:41:07
@markp, those red tinted glasses are certainly on - Dias?

Mane and Jota no chance for making the combined 11 unless it was Mane from two seasons ago.

11.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 17:55:27
Exactly Sean, Mane will have to get his title winning form back. But VVD, Robbo, Fabs, Salah, Trent and Allison those 6 are in and from then we are just waiting to see What Mane turns up but i am pretty Confident when he does he will be well ahead of Sterling.
It’s the squad I worry about not the first 11.

12.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 18:10:17
Can’t see City stopping their spending and adding players….

13.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 17:53:29
Hi eds2 can you tell me what other pages this has been on as I’ve looked at MC&TH pages and can’t see anything?

{Ed002's Note - What are you looking for? And why are you asking on the Liverpool page.}

14.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 22:25:38
Kane will smash 40 playing for City.

15.) 21 Jun 2021
21 Jun 2021 22:53:09
I don’t think Kane will go. He will cost £150m plus all fees and wages it’s a quarter of a billion investment.

16.) 22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021 05:29:59
Longthing- have a look on the City page from about 2 weeks ago there’s a really really really really long post by Ed002 going thru all City’s rumours and there’s a section on Kane there.