08 Apr 2021 14:49:28
Ed's how do you see the summer going for Liverpool. Is it actually likely we'll see Mane, Firmino or Salah actually leave?

It seems Jota has broken into that front 3 and with Elliot returning there could be a changing of the guard?

Also do we have interest in Sancho / Raphina from Leeds?

Love the work you guys do here keep up the good work!

{Ed002's Note - Have you considered reading the posts or serching?}

1.) 08 Apr 2021
08 Apr 2021 20:29:55
It seems we have a few quid to spend. I hope we steer well clear of Sancho though. We can't afford the massive signings but plenty top players available for decent money.

I think we need 2 cb, s one that can play lb if possible.
1 midfielder
1 forwaord

that would be great.

2.) 08 Apr 2021
08 Apr 2021 20:49:39
Plenty of money?

3.) 09 Apr 2021
09 Apr 2021 03:24:39
Well, Kabak and Konate (if rumours hold) will cost around 60 million plus. And a midfielder and a forward will cost another 60 to 70 million in the least. If Edwards is able to get Grujic, Karius, Wilson, Ojo, and Awoniyi off the books (not counting Origi, Matip, Shaqiri and Keita), that's approx. 30 to 40 million incoming in the least. It can swell to a higher number if two or more of the 4 from the first team are moved on. So that becomes a net spend of about minimum 40 Million up to 80 Million (in simplistic terms without all the additional fees) . Now it becomes a question of whether FSG is willing to stump up the remaining funds.

Money should come in from the Redbird investment but that has nothing to do with LFC or the Red Sox or whatever. It's going to be invested in enlarging the FSG portfolio of sport teams (if you go by press releases) .

{Ed0666's Note - I have a sneaky feeling the money is coming from the sale of Mane. The majority of players we are looking to offload people won’t pay decent money for.

4.) 09 Apr 2021
09 Apr 2021 07:35:44
Mane’s form has dropped off a cliff. The club should know by now the reasons. I can’t see any club paying £100m atm, maybe £7 if we lucky. If his drop off is temporary and he is carrying an injury or C.V. related we have to keep him. If we had the Mane of last year we wouldn’t be in this mess.

5.) 09 Apr 2021
09 Apr 2021 07:41:58
I’m not so sure about Kabak, maybe back up? He’s looked ok against Premiership sides but against the quality of Real, he looked very exposed.

6.) 09 Apr 2021
09 Apr 2021 08:19:35
I think everyone is talking abot Kabak as a backup anyway. One for the future still; but you have to start today if you want the end result in 2-3 years (especially at that price of purchase) . Buy someone ready made for the present and be ready to shell out 2-3 times Kabak's price.

7.) 09 Apr 2021
09 Apr 2021 05:13:49
Oh but we have a huge list ed kostas, ox, keita, grujic, shaq, origi, minamino, larouci, wilson, matip, woodburn, ojo, awoniyi. Give or take 5 mill for each that's a decent pot of cash. I could argue some of those will fetch decent sum even in todays market.
If we sell mane then surely we are looking to get a big name in. I have a sneaky feeling we will make a move for Harry kane.

{Ed0666's Note - why would you buy keita for 50 odd million and sell him for 5? It would be better to keep him and hope he starts playing better and sell him at a higher price. It’s gonna be a crazy market still this summer and I think Edwards will need to be at his glorious wizard best for it to be a good one for us. I do agree with you Akira there is a lot of players needing to be moved on I just hope we can manage to shift all the ones on you’re list and a few others.
Have a lovely weekend

8.) 09 Apr 2021
09 Apr 2021 05:27:32
You could be right, Ed0666, even though I hope you are wrong. Players do have an off year once in awhile, and I'm hoping that he's given another year to sort himself out. Mane has still done a hell of a lot more for this team and its achievements than certain others who've been passengers all along (hint; name starts with K) .

{Ed0666's Note - I love Mane, I think he’s a Liverpool legend already and he’s not even left us yet, but his loss of form is peculiar. Maybe it’s the legacy of Covid? Maybe it’s a loss of appetite due to the fact he wants to be elsewhere? Maybe he’s waning a little? Whatever it is I would take the money now and invest in a replacement. He’s 29 getting on 30 and his value is decreasing. It may sound harsh but this team needs a rebuild it’s evident and moving on greats is never a nice thing to do but that’s what made paisley and Ferguson stand out they never put player before club. No time for sentiment we have a league title to reclaim.