07 Apr 2021 23:29:01
A lot of reactionary posts here about yesterday’s result. I still have belief but a huge ask based on our current predicament.
I always felt we would struggle. We have a recent poor record against Spanish teams. Lost to Seville, Real and Athletico in recent years. Sadly we were probably the second weakest team left in the draw and for us to progress we needed to play at the optimal level but I think Real are on a good run of form, playing at their training ground is a clever physiological ploy to put off the opposition and having the first leg, first, can also be an advantage in an empty stadium with the away leg extra time counting away goals. This season has shown up a lot short comings. Squad depth which I think we all have been complaining about is the sole issue in my eyes. The front 3 plus Jota now has a little depth. In a normal season rotation and competition for starting place would benefit the team however I feel we are trying to play out of form players back into form (Mane, Keita) we need more depth but we have not got depth in the owner’s pockets hence we are getting by with a small core of elite players who look knackered. Hopefully the club sees sense this summer, with or without CL football and stock the team up with some talent. There must be some C.V. bargains out there, let the other clubs buy over priced media hyped “stars”, Although I will be a little hypocritical and accept Mbappe who is a genuine star. Cheers for reading my whinge.

1.) 08 Apr 2021
08 Apr 2021 08:42:46
I think in hindsight the Liverpool players perhaps did not fully realise how much of a prized scalp they’ve become in Europe after recent success and with individual players being lauded and given awards.
By contrast, the Madrid players have endured a lot of criticism this past 2 years.
Whilst they’re certainly not the team of, say, 3 or 4 years ago, these things are still relative.
On that showing, Madrid would easily finish in the PL top four.
Maybe they’ve been inconsistent by their own very high standards, but the presence of Liverpool as a CL opponent definitely had a galvanising effect on them and they looked a class outfit that was motivated to show their potential.
There’s definitely a change of mindset needed by Liverpool for the second leg, they were caught in the headlights in Madrid but they’ve got to show a lot more industry and application to compete and get about the RM team.

2.) 08 Apr 2021
08 Apr 2021 10:53:46
Spot on, Juicer. We seemed in awe of them for some reason or maybe the after effects of Kiev still lingered on in their minds BUT I can't see that. In the end, I don't know BUT it was bizarre the way we started the game and did not match their hunger and intensity. We stood off them way too much and for way too long and they punished us, for sure.

However, this is typical of RM over the past 20 years. They can have a crap season in La Liga BUT when the CL comes along esp in the latter stages, they are able to focus and their warrior mentality come thru. A change of mentality is definitely needed, as you say cos what we showed on Tues. is NOT going to cut it.

3.) 08 Apr 2021
08 Apr 2021 12:29:46
It wasn't that Madrid was bad mate. we showed no interest in that game in first half. absolutely shocking. and also refreeing was on EPL level.

4.) 08 Apr 2021
08 Apr 2021 13:20:52
I agree we looked like rabbits caught in the headlights. We have played enough big games now for it not to be an issue. It’s the same when we go to OT recently we don’t play our own game. Am also not sure Madrid would finish top 4 in the pl. we were just awful for 90 minutes so made them seem better than they are. Barcelona have one of their worst ever sides and are 3 points ahead of Madrid. Might be our silver lining that it’s the Classico at the weekend.

5.) 08 Apr 2021
08 Apr 2021 14:39:58
Madrid did to Liverpool what Liverpool used to do to teams. They pressed and pressured them all over the pitch and, i will be honest, I wasn't expecting it. I was surprised how Real came out and played and they just knocked Liverpool out of their stride. I was expecting a more measured approach, keeping it tight, maybe Klopp was too? There is no doubt our intensity has gone compared to previous seasons. If we want to qualify, we need to get it back or we are doomed.

6.) 08 Apr 2021
08 Apr 2021 16:34:06
Mark, you make a very good point with your analogy to the way we play at OT. IMO at OT, we seem to always play the occasion (due to the media overhype before the game) instead of just playing the game itself. That may have happened here as well cos this is a glamor tie in Europe regardless of the teams' current form. Seems to be a theme with us of late.

The worse thing is that when you watch the way the other away teams played in the CL this week with the intensity they brought to the pitch vs their hosts, it makes our performance look way worse. Still pissed about it cos I KNOW we can do better and should have done better. That is what pisses me off the most.

7.) 09 Apr 2021
09 Apr 2021 03:36:28
We talk a lot about players and teams and their psychological state before and during games. Aside from all the various possible reasons that have been cited on these pages, nobody has alluded to the fact that Klopp himself maybe be tired and, even, just exhausted from what has happened in the last 12-18 months; if you accept that a team's performance is a reflection of the manager and the people pulling the strings. I'm not calling for any type of action, of course, he's still the best possible manager for us at the moment. But we saw him taking a year off after leaving Dortmund, and i recently heard him talk about taking a year off after his current contract. If the mind is already thinking that many years ahead, it tells you there is fatigue that has set in and he needs just as much a rest as many of the players.

{Ed0666's Note - I come back after a few days and people are posting sensibly. Wtf is going on?..excellent point ArAy....why can’t Klopp be a bit jaded after all he’s had to deal with not just proffesional but also with the sad loss of his mother. Let’s hope he has a nice break in the summer and if he is fatigued he comes back all guns a blazing.

8.) 09 Apr 2021
09 Apr 2021 05:30:59
Thanks Ed0666. 🙏🏼.

{Ed0666's Note - no worries fam