05 Feb 2021 10:59:52
Hi fellow reds
My thoughts at the moment is that we are where we are due to the injuries.
City had Laporte out last year and were like 20points behind us however no one said pep should go.
Something we could look at with teams sitting so deep against us is playing the old 3412
Kabak Fabinho Davies
Trent Hendo Thiago Robertson
Salah Mane

This could allow us to stretch teams more and push further up with out exposing ourselves too much at the back.

Just feel our 433 isn't working against the teams that sit back.

1.) 05 Feb 2021
05 Feb 2021 11:10:23
Is anyone actually saying that klopp should go?

2.) 05 Feb 2021
05 Feb 2021 11:22:07
City had laporte out but only for half the season, they also had several other centre backs they had spent a fortune on to come in, as well as a brand new very expensive midfielder in Rodri to play in Fernandinho’s place.

We have none of that and anybody comparing our situation to city’s last year is turning a blind eye to the vastly superior squad depth, luck with injuries and resources that they had.

3.) 05 Feb 2021
05 Feb 2021 11:23:47
No, one bad spell in years doesn't warrant the conversation to even begin. Even if we miss out in top 4 nobody should be calling for his head.

4.) 05 Feb 2021
05 Feb 2021 11:44:47
What do you do when your first choice CB pairing and only senior backup option are all out for the season with injury?
Play a formation tagt requires 3CB. If only there was any drawback to that.

However you guys do play in a lot similar way when you have your first choice team. Fabinho does drop in between the CBs, fullbacks do push on and Firming does drop back a little.

5.) 05 Feb 2021
05 Feb 2021 12:25:35
I agree with what you say in your last sentence, Deependra. Liverpool with Fabinho in centre midfield and Trent and Robbo as full backs have often reminded me of the Brazil team that had Cafu and Roberto Carlos as full-backs but spending most of their time in the opposition half, and then a deep centre midfielder (was it Dunga? ) providing the cover, such that they often appeared to actually be playing three at the back with the full backs operating more like wingers.

6.) 05 Feb 2021
05 Feb 2021 13:03:20
2 brand new CB's thrown in in against City in a new formation? I would go with what we currently have, bring Hendo back into MF and drop Fab into CB with Phillips. Has he actually put a foot wrong, why shouldn't he get his chance against City just because we have some new CB's, who is to say they will do any better?

7.) 05 Feb 2021
05 Feb 2021 16:21:50
Deep lying cm was gilberto silva.