04 Feb 2021 09:13:54
Morning Ed001.
As I'm sure you can tell by the posts, all is not happy in our camp lol

I was a bit surprised to hear Robbo and Klopp say we're not in the title race now. Maybe easing a bit of pressure or being plain realistic?

I personally think they are correct, I can't see city dropping too many points, but I just thought it a bit odd they came out with these comments after the match.

{Ed001's Note - why is that odd? We were never really in a race from the moment we lost VVD and Gomez to season-ending injuries. It was just that the season has been so mixed up that no one else was taking charge. I don't know why people are so whiney over nothing to be honest. These kind of results happen when you are short and have to make-do and mend throughout the team. It was the same for City at the start of the season.}

1.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 09:32:31
When you look at the players we had out last night it’s inevitable we are going to drop points. Alisson, VVD, Gomez, Matip, Fabinho, Mane, Jota. 4 of those players have been the best in the world in their position over the last 2 years and the others are our 1st choice cover for those players. There’s no team in the world that could lose that kind of quality and still play at the same level.
It just is what it is at the moment I’m sure the players are trying and haven’t ‘chucked it’ as they have been accused of. The squad is just decimated with injuries and it was always going to take its toll.

2.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 09:39:52
That is true Ed1 in regards to the injuries, which no one saw coming. I don’t expect us to go out and spank teams left, right, centre or be 20 points clear given the circumstances, of course not. Actually like you, when we lost both VVD and Gomez I was resigned to the fact the title will be a step to far. But at the very least I would expect us to discontinue with the slow tempo football. Again I stress the injuries have seriously hampered us but to continue with a style of play that is the easiest to play against when you put 10 men behind the ball doesn’t make any sense to me. Teams will just keep doing this and if we keep playing this way, well keep expecting the same outcome.

{Ed001's Note - we aren't playing slow tempo football, we just had no movement last night other than Salah, Robbo and Trent. Milner looked worn out. Usually we can rely on the front 3 to move defences about, but Shaqiri was offering nothing so it was easy for Brighton's back 5 to deal with the other two. You have to have movement to play quick football, to pull the defence out of position. If the player on the ball looks up and his only option is to go back or wait for someone to offer a run, the play is not going to be quick.}

3.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 09:43:07
Agreed on the Man City point ed001. People seem to forget that their start of the season saw them lingering around 10-12 for a good few weeks and it took them even more time to start climbing up the table than it did us.

Also FYI Man City brought on Fernandinho in place of Mahrez to protect a draw against Leeds because of their bad run at the start of the season. So any team can have a bad run in this season.

{Ed001's Note - weren't they like 15th?}

4.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 10:22:15
I don’t think with them injuries it’s inevitable you’ll lose games. League champions and champs league champs the year before you should have a squad to deal with injuries. Even with your starting 11 last night, honestly tell me how many from the Brighton team would of got in your 11 last night?

{Ed001's Note - Bissouma, Webster, White, Gross or Trossard in place of Shaqiri. So 4. That's a lot. I don't understand your point. Oh and I remember a number of years United's failure to defend the title was put down to losing one key player, such as Vidic, with injuries. Barcelona at their peak struggled without Messi, Real Madrid would fall apart when Ronaldo wasn't playing. No team has a squad that can cope with losing the best player in the world in their position to injury for the season, because any replacement has to be worse. That is what happened when van Dijk went out injured. Sorry but it ridiculous to suggest that this season of all seasons any team should have a squad that can cope with injuries. There are just too many variables affecting things this time around.}

5.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 10:27:25
Ed001 honest opinion do you think we will finish top 4? I personally don’t then I worry about who might leave.

{Ed001's Note - I don't do predictions and you know that. I am not going to stress about it though, I wish you would stop panicking over every little thing. There are far more important things to worry about this season than a bloody game.}

6.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 10:48:31
Ed1, I am open to admit when I’m wrong. It appears as though we are not shifting the ball quick enough. Granted, as you say the movement is lacking which kind of backs your point that there is no one on for the pass. Then if we are finding ourselves constantly in this predicament, shouldn’t we try something else? new formation anything. Klopp doesn’t have much options available to him but for me and it might sound rash but I would throw both defenders in right away. Move Hendo and Fab into midfield because anything different to what we are doing surely can’t be worse and as you say the title was never on and what we are doing is not exactly working. What do you feel is the best way to manage the situation we have and to start gaining points back on the board?

{Ed001's Note - we don't need to throw both new boys in, Phillips is doing fine, so put one in alongside him and get Hendo back in midfield in the holding role until Fabs is fit again. He is the only other one in the squad who can play that holding midfield role well. Gini is dreadful at the moment, getting him out of the team would be a big help as he has become a liability over the last couple of games. If we don't have the front 3 available, then we do need to think about changing things as we don't have anyone else to play where Mane does if Jota is not fit. Shaq is defo not the answer, nor is Origi, Jones is better in midfield, as is Ox, we just have to look at changing things.

I get why Klopp is reluctant to do so, because he is having to change personnel about, it is easier for them to slot in if nothing else changes. But we shouldn't need to do any more playing players out of position now, so he can look at altering the formation to get the players where they are best. The big issue is that we are going to struggle in wide areas. Who is there to offer an alternative there? We are going to have to rely on a lot of work from the midfield to support the full-backs and protect them. That is difficult with the games coming so thick and fast as they are struggling as it is.}

7.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 11:32:06
Ed1 as frustrated as I am, hearing a different opinion than my own on the team actually offers some calm and perspective so much appreciated. It’s not that I am self entitled or delusional it’s just I want the team I love to do better but have to accept the situation we find ourselves in given the injuries. To be fair Phillips, he has done nothing to lose his place so one of the new guys alongside him I would be happy with. Hendo just needs to get back in midfield and the sooner Fab, Mane and Jota are fit the better.

{Ed001's Note - fingers crossed we can have better luck with injuries for the rest of the season.}

8.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 12:30:21
'There are far more important things to worry about this season than a bloody game. '

Spot on Ed1.

9.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 12:34:29
I just think Jurgen is such a motivational character, to say we’re not in the title race, doesn’t send out a very good message to the squad, to which I do find odd, from a “Klopp. ” Point of view - regardless as to whether that is the case or not, if you get what I mean mate.

The players look mentally jaded and don’t get me wrong, it happens. We’ve had two incredible seasons, losing out to city by a point, with a massive with a record number of points, then going on to win it the season after is an incredible achievement.

10.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 12:54:58
Totally agree Ed's. football has become a background noise for me this season, almost a minor irritation if I'm honest. This lockdown is the toughest yet and what happens and where liverpool finish is just not as important anymore.

{Ed001's Note - exactly mate. Now football is just an escape to relax and enjoy, rather than the focus of my emotions.}

11.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 13:34:15
Harvey Elliot would be a good alternative option right now!

{Ed001's Note - so would Taki.}

12.) 04 Feb 2021
04 Feb 2021 17:25:22
I remember the year United didn't win the title because Cantona was suspended and another year United didn't win the league because Roy Keane was injured.