26 Dec 2020 19:06:27
Happy Christmas Eds hope you are all in good health and enjoying the festive season as best as you can. I know Gini's next contract has to be a big one and that it might possibly be to Barcelona just looking for eds view on the situation do you think its worth giving gini a contract extension or better just to let him go? Personally I'm on the fence when Gini is on song he is world class but has a terrible habit of drifting out of games a lot and his goal ratio isn't great either. I'd love to keep him for another Yr if possible but I guess he will want at least 2 however if Jones matures into the player that I think he could be then best of luck Gini and thanks for your commitment and professionalism to the club since 2016.

{Ed001's Note - he wants too much money and too long a term for my liking, so I am happy with whatever Klopp decides. He has shown this season how he has been letting us down before now, as he has raised his game for a new deal. You know he would just drop off again as soon as he gets it.}

1.) 26 Dec 2020
26 Dec 2020 19:54:59
Yes Ed001 as much as I like Gini I'm inclined to agree with you 100% its amazing how consistent players can become when they are looking for the last big deal either way best of luck to him.

{Ed001's Note - yeah exactly, they usually lose their way as soon as they get that deal.}

2.) 27 Dec 2020
27 Dec 2020 08:28:26
Never trust a player who is playing for a new contract cos once they get it, they normally drop off especially if it is a final big payday. The NFL is littered with examples.

3.) 27 Dec 2020
27 Dec 2020 14:43:28
Yeah agree. Wijnaldum was terrible when we won the CL and Premier league with him in the team.