12 Feb 2020 13:51:25
Ed001 wanted your opinion please on if you think we have enough forward options next season? Just read Salah will be going to the Olympics with Egypt in preseason as well as Missing a chunk of the season along with Mane and Keita at the AFCON.

Do you see or think the is room for another forward to arrive with the amount if games we are going to have and be without key men as mentioned above?

It appears we will only bring one in if one is sold? We are light on options imo unless Origi is that man?

{Ed001's Note - Origi, Minamino, Jones, Elliott, there are plenty of options. AFCON is only a month, at the most.}

1.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 14:35:53
Hopefully we get a run of fixtures in which we may not quite so affected by the loss of Mané and Salah. We’ve had some seriously tough January fixtures in recent years.

2.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 16:25:23
It’s bad the thought of being without them 2 for a month, they are a huge part of our goals and attacks. Salah could mid start of season I’ve also read as he going to the Olympics. we need to get this thing over the line this season as will be up against it next season imo!

3.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 16:52:15
I know you said the AFCON is only a month, but I think we are going to win the league because of the start we made at the start ofthe season.

{Ed001's Note - or could it be because we have kept winning games throughout the season? A good start has never won the title yet.}

4.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 17:05:38
For me it is a massive loss but an even bigger chance for a few to come in lay down the challenge to the boss to drop them when the others return.

5.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 17:09:09
You clearly don’t think it will affect us then Ed, don’t you think we could do with another forward option coming in? Or is it a non starter as any new arrival it seems wants to play every game.

{Ed001's Note - it will affect us but we are good enough to deal with it imo.}

6.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 17:22:07
If salah misses a month for the Olympics and a month of the AFCON and has his agent trying to get him a move tou would have to consider letting him leave

Sancho be looking for a new club Wiener aswell options to explore.

7.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 18:03:24
Not liking the sound of it tbh and not convinced we will be able to deal with it. Our 2 main front men out for a month or more. Yes we have Origi and one or 2 others to come in but are they if the quality of the 2 missing?

Anyway let’s enjoy this season and see what happens next season.

{Ed001's Note - you stress far too much mate.}

8.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 18:25:37
Afcon might be a month but the players will be called up at least 2 weeks before for the training camps so there's a month and a half in January / February where we traditionally play 13/14 games with all the rotation players now in a different continent/ climate with different quality facilities increasing the likelihood of injuries.

9.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 18:46:22
Ed001 maybe I do mate. In fact I no I do with everything including work and home life.
I just like to analyse and dig into things. It’s clear we are going to be short and need another one. Ed002 explained today on Werner that we have made no contact and he isn’t going to arrive unless Firmino leaves. I’ve just read Chelsea are signing Ziyech from Ajax but they already have Pulisic, CHO, Willian, Pedro, mount and others and they usually play with 3 at the back and wing backs. How can they sign a player fir an area they are stacked with but we can’t sign another forward player as our front 3 are untouchable therefor no one can come in to push the front 3 and be used as rotation and to cover them for injury’s? I’m rambling on a bit mate sorry just seems strange to me that we can only sign if we sell?

{Ed001's Note - I don't see any relation to Chelsea. None of their players are near the level of Mane and Salah, including Ziyech, so any incoming player will fancy their chances of playing regularly. Especially as Willian and Pedro are ageing and CHO, Mount and Pulisic are young and still have a lot to learn. And that's saying none leave and including Mount there when he is not really that kind of player, he has just been used as cover.

We have the likes of Elliott that need games, if you are going to panic and buy players to fill in every chance they could have to play, they are going to want to leave.}

10.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 19:17:00
I'm with Ed01 on this one. This lFC team is the best in the world right now, hands down so we should be able to plan for these types of scenarios esp. since we have time to plan for it. Could we still struggle? Of course cos that can happen BUT again, we may not. For example, We have had way more injuries than City have these season and could have struggled YET we never did.

With this in mind, we are good enuff to overcome any absence regardless of stature within the team esp. if we have enuogh time to plan and prepare for it as it is the case here. I don't care what other teams do nor who they sign cos it has no bearing on how LFC approach the season. We will be fine cos as always, Klopp and his boys like Micheal Edward in the scouting team always have an app for anything. We will be fine cos I trust the manager. Relax, guys. Klopp is at the helm.

11.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 19:23:15
Ed 1 says a good start never won a title yet and that's a fair point. However a poor start can lose the league especially if your biggest rival win their first eight matches (like liverpool) and you draw a couple and lose one (like man city) .

{Ed001's Note - and yet I have seen us be well clear at Xmas and still not win anything. It is not because we started well that we are clear, it is because we continued to win games throughout and pulled away.}

12.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 20:06:30
The last time the AFCON was played during the season was 2017, Sadio Mane missed only 2 league games due to his involvement in this competition. There were cup games during that period but it's doubtful he would have played in those anyway.

13.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 20:13:40
Ok Ed fair enough. Wish I was as confident as you.

{Ed001's Note - I just don't see the point in stressing about it. It does no one any good.}

14.) 12 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020 22:36:49
Was hoping someone would say you don’t win anything in December so I can say “ahem, how about the World Club championship”.

15.) 13 Feb 2020
13 Feb 2020 08:23:41
Jesus Christ Virgil, we haven’t even finished winning the title this season yet. Live in the now and bloody enjoy it.