07 Nov 2019 13:50:01
{Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Liverpool v Manchester City Preview

1.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 13:58:43
Great read ed cheers 😊.

{Ed001's Note - thanks mate. I forgot who asked for it now.}

2.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 15:04:16
Thanks a lot Ed. Really good read.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate glad you enjoyed.}

3.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 15:25:30
A nice read thanks edd 1. A little harsh on Edison but we all have our opinions.
Keep up the hard work.

{Ed001's Note - how is it harsh? He is the most overrated keeper I have ever seen. Have you not seen a single goal City have conceded this season? Half of them have gone straight through him.}

4.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 15:29:01
Great read Ed, thanks!

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate.}

5.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 16:06:14
'He is the most overrated keeper I have ever seen. '

You have that damn right spot on Ed1 mate, I have never seen the hype, I don't understand how people think he's this incredible keeper, since bloody when?

Thanks for the preview mate.

{Ed001's Note - because he doesn't get tested often. Whenever he has been tested he has been found wanting.}

6.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 16:27:17
Ederson's positioning for the Pamela goal was one of the worst GK errors I can think of. Yet no one latches on to it just bcoz he is not Karius.

7.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 16:36:03
Thanks for the write-up Ed!

{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate.}

8.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 16:52:11
Really hope the atmosphere is turned up loud on sunday.

9.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 17:30:16
Good review ed001, agree with all what you say there and am really intrigued as what both managers do. I would be amazed if ederson misses out and wasnt jus another mind game pep trying to get us thinking he ain't playing. The 2 key areas you point out both make absolutely 100 sense.

Our main strengths of attack seem to come from the full backs and whilst mahrez doesn't strike a great amount of fear into me sterling on the other side looks different gravy at the min. Let's jus hope his mental block he has playing against us at Anfield continues as if it does I can only see a lfc win, if he manages to get over it then things could be a lot more difficult?

Midfield whilst our isn't as elaborate as city's it's still strong and hopefully can out work the most probable gundogan, kdb and bernardo trio. Fabinho against spurs would help put massively and whilst firmino is "our striker" him dropping deep and picking pockets of space could give us the most amount of joy. Anyways live reading your reviews and previews keep up the stellar wrk my friend and let's hope come sunday eve we celebrating being 9 points ahead before the bore fest of international footy.

10.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 18:43:35
kjmainstreet. I can understand if you're talking about Mahrez last season, but this season he's been very good indeed.

Last season it was his penalty miss that cost City 2 points, but he's a much more confident player this season and we need to be careful of him.

11.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 20:10:40
Good preview Ed thanks I really can’t wait for this game I’ve been thinking about it all week!
For me it’s just too close to call and the game will ebb and flow in both directions and it’s down to who can keep their heads in what will be a highly pressurised game. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a draw I think both would take that before a ball is kicked.
As for Ederson being overrated though I have to disagree. He suits their style perfectly and is very strong in one on one situations as he’s at you so fast much like Ali is. Forces the striker into making a decision and it usually hits him.
He’s not as good a shot stopper as Ali (who’s positioning is so good he makes it look easy) but he’s still pretty decent at keeping the ball out of the net. I for one would have us as favourites if he’s out. With the defence they have and Bravo behind them I’d fancy us exploiting them more than they could us.
Anyway I just hope we are not left talking about VAR again come full time.

{Ed001's Note - sorry but Ederson is rash and he gets caught coming out when he should have stayed put. He is massively overrated, though I do agree he does suit their style, which is why he is so ludicrously overrated. I really do not see why you believe he is strong in one on one situations. How many times have you seen him in one?}

12.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 22:36:14
Great read, Ed. Spot on about Ederson, as well. He is error-prone as soon as he is exposed by that excuse of a defence they have. He seems to concede with almost any good shot on target. Saints scored on their first shot on target after he again, fumbled a straight shot right at him. Spurs also had two shots on target at the Etihad and they he conceded two goals, the first from a weak shot from Lamela, of all people.

Yes, he is good with the ball at his feet BUT what good does that do if you can't keep them out. Ederson could also be a bit of a hot-head, reckless at making good-decisions and can be caught out in no man's land (see Salah's lob) .

I also remember the 4-3 game two years ago. IN that game, we all moaned about Karius conceding at his near post from a Sane scud missile. However, Karius actually outplayed Ederson cos he made up to 4 mistakes in that game, 2 of which led to goals. People saying he is better than AB1 are fooling themselves. Ederson may suit their style BUT again, it's Pep. That system when not on form, is a disaster waiting to happen and we are now seeing it.

13.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 23:11:23
Talking of 1-v-1s, the last time I remember Alisson conceding in a 1-v-1 situation was when Salah chipped him in the Semi Final against Roma 18 months ago!

Ederson conceded 2 the other day to Adama Traore lol (to be fair they were good finishes) .

14.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 23:18:11
great read ed. thank you.

15.) 07 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 23:42:09
Epic potato, whilst I agree mahrez has had a more productive season so far, I genuinely think andy robertson could take care of him, maybe I'm over confident and blind lfc goggles on but that's how I see it, be careful yes but not fearful of him. Sterling on the other side, slightly different in my opinion if TAA switches off, which at times has been guilty of despite his massive improvement he will need to be on it come sunday. 👍.

16.) 08 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019 22:14:56
Ed Ederson is the best keeper in the word 😉😉 if we keep slating him city might buy a better keeper and we don't want that now do we.

{Ed001's Note - fair point, though I don't see one more suited to the way they play other than maybe Alisson.}

17.) 08 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019 00:09:48
Thanks ED001, it's a difficult one to call. a lot has been said about the potential loss of Ederson and how this could work in our favour. I personally think the potential loss of David Silva could work in our favour due to his incisive creative qualities. But then City also have KDB and B Silva. It could go either way but hopefully the Anfield factor will be a major influence in forcing a win as it has done for us on many occasions.

18.) 08 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019 19:04:43
And Ed001, City would have to sell the whole club to get Allison, eh?

{Ed001's Note - and give us Bernardo Silva in part exchange.}

19.) 09 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019 23:27:31
Very accurate preview in fairness. I think the ball is in our court to play the game as the aggressor. City likely without fernandinho or rodri sitting deep and also lacking the control and calm that d. silva brings would think that their midfield might not be as well balanced to dictate the tempo. Their back 4 positionaly can be opened up especially if firmino can thrive without a natural no.6 to prevent him dragging a CB out of shape. Sterling and mendy offer huge threat but hopefully salah and Trent can peg them back while the energy of robbo and mane on the other side can keep de bruyne or b. silva occupied.
I'd play Gomez on RCB to cover Trent from the counter pace that sterling or aguero might hope to use. Last season we started without trent and Fabinho but I think these 2 players can be a reason we can play more on the front foot.

City being without ederson, laporte, kompany, zinchenko, rodri, d. silva, sane from their selection is big, all players who either always performed strongly in how they play against our system or players who've made their strongest 11 over the last 2 seasons. Losing out on the influence of fernandinho in his best role while we've got the strength of an added fabinho in that zone while Trent and mane are oozing confidence they never had 12 months ago. The added options in variety of OX, keita, lallana to our midfield means we can change approach if needed while origi could be very capable of giving stones or fernandinho problems from crosses while Claudio bravo suffers from and sort of aerial pressure I hope to see Trent and robbo whipping them in dangerously.

This game I really hope is one that we look to get at them fast and hard and be more clinical than of late.