26 Oct 2019 10:23:23
Eds01,02 or any other
Forgive me for asking how much is the Nike deal worth per season to LFC. As I was thinking if it payed to extend the ground. Which would then not break the bank and plus bring more revenue in. Could this be a possibility and thanks in advance.

{Ed002's Note - About an extra £30M in all probability. It won’t be used to extend the ground.}

1.) 26 Oct 2019
26 Oct 2019 12:46:30
Ed002, I'm curious what your thoughts are about the whole spat. It would be really interesting to read your take.

{Ed002's Note - The club agreed to a condition in the contract that they should not have done and they failed to negotiate a deal that would allow the parties to step away amicably. It is the usual lack of respect that the club is renowned for. It is a great pity they let it get as far as a court room.}

2.) 26 Oct 2019
26 Oct 2019 12:58:06
ed002 with you saying an extra £30m. Compared to normal deals if we sign say as 10 year deal over time with inflation that will go up with that so over time. Do you see more clubs going this way in the future.

{Ed002's Note - That is not how shirt sponsorship agreements work. There are additional payments included for success that increases shirt sales significantly, and penalties for failing to succeed or qualify for competitions. If a supplier were to offer a club such a deal then the club would calculate their expected income and make a decision based on that. Nike are hedging their bets that Liverpool sales will continue to grow and both parties will benefit - it they are at their peak and were to fall due to lack of success or simply families not being in a position to keep affording all of the new kits, then Nike have a layer of protection.}

3.) 26 Oct 2019
26 Oct 2019 19:08:42
I agree with everything you wrote Ed. Thank you.

4.) 27 Oct 2019
27 Oct 2019 08:29:23
If we are to get 45m + 30 m = 70m, then if 20% equates to 45m, the sales would be expected to be 45m÷20% = 225m. Add the 30m, that is 255m.
Then take the 225m divide by 2.9m expected shirts sales, that is nearly £88 per shirt.
Do you see people buying the shirt for £88?
So as price goes up, sales could come down, therefore depending by how much it comes down, that additional 45m could decrease.
If we did have a straight 60m plus 10% sales for example, I think it would have been better. A higher fix amount is always better.
There was an instance in the court (as per the news) that the director had not read the full contract which stated that Nike could decrease the amount. Personally LFC should have gone for more money upfront.

5.) 27 Oct 2019
27 Oct 2019 11:58:36
I didn't bother to calculate the above to verify it. But that assumption, for me, is extremely ridiculous. I'm with Ed25 on this. I don't think us fans should be bothered too much about it. I remembered the fans used to not to discuss too much about it before this, apart from the potential designs etc.

{Ed001's Note - kit has clearly never heard of things like training wear etc anyway. His calculations are complete nonsense.}