15 May 2019 18:32:28
Is Brewster actually going to get a shot next year? If we buy an attacker I don't see how I'd really like to see him get the time Sturridge got this year.

would he be comparable to a Jadon Sancho or Hudson Odoi in the sense that we could regret not giving him a fair shot or is he not exactly on that level?

I tried using the search and couldn't find much on the subject recently sorry if it has been covered.

1.) 15 May 2019
15 May 2019 18:53:59
Hi AF,

Expect Rhian Brewster to get this chance next season when he will be part of the 1st team squad. This is why he signed his latest contract with us.

I think everyone rates him highly but like all players of his age, time will tell if he hits the heights we all hope he does.

Good luck to him.

2.) 15 May 2019
15 May 2019 20:05:30
I think Brewster was keen to move on and only signed a new contract when he got a long term injury, from memory.

3.) 15 May 2019
15 May 2019 20:16:08
Thanks for the info I appreciate it!

4.) 15 May 2019
15 May 2019 22:07:10
Agree with that Kevalino.

There was an interview with him a while back, maybe this time last year, when he said he has been learning so much from training with Bobby.

I've always maintained that the secret to sustained and consistent success for us comes not from buying superstars, but from developing/ buying players who can interchange with many of our first teamers. It gives the first teamers plenty of competition but, most importantly, means that the team doesn't HAVE to change shape to accommodate a forced replacement through fatigue or injury.

We have seen it most recently with Bobby being out. Klopp first of all tried Studge, who is nothing like Bobby, and we struggled. Origi was a better fit.

If Brewster can develop Bobby's game awareness and selflessness alongside his already blistering pace, we will have some player there!

I would not say that a player like Brandt coming in would necessarily block a development path for Brewster. We have 3 players at the front who are crucial to how we play and Brandt, Ox, Origi and Brewster would provide a good alternative. I'd be happy just to add Brandt to our attacking line up, and let Studge and Lallana leave, alongside Solanke and Ings who have already gone for good money.

If we were to add another, I would want someone who could play up front and cover a FB position, like Sessegnon, although it looks like he's off the Spurs.

5.) 16 May 2019
16 May 2019 00:41:45
The last time i saw Brandt was playing in the CM position and Leverkusen trashed Frankfurt 6-1. He was awesome.

6.) 16 May 2019
16 May 2019 08:36:08
My concern for a title challenge next year is that we have some better quality for the bench. It's nit picking as we can so close but that was probably the only slight difference.

When I look at our bench it generally doesn't excite.