19 Feb 2019 15:35:35
I think tonight we will play to a very high level. It will be like Porto away, Roma and City at home. They are a shadow of their best teams. So I predict a win by at least 3 goals. 4-1 or 5-1.

I have watched them a lot recently and it will be like a knife through butter, they can't run.

1.) 19 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019 16:25:01
Hi markp08, you don't sit on the fence do ye!

2.) 19 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019 16:40:07
Yeah, I agree. Remember when we played them pre season, year before last. 3 0 away. We had no Alisson or van dijke or mo salah (I think)

We will win tonight. I think vvd not playing may see a return to just out scoring the opposition. Which could work well for us tonight. Yeah I fancy this one.

3.) 19 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019 16:47:12
I think 4-1 is optimistic to say the least. I think hopefully we will win 2-0.

4.) 19 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019 16:57:14
It will be fantastic to see the JOEY ATE THE FROGS LEGS BANNER on the kop tonight, a generation of fans have yet to see it at a game, let’s get behind the team big time, remember the world is watching.

5.) 19 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019 16:59:09
Hi Robbiesline, Salah scored in the first half of that friendly, Mane the other first half goal, Sturridge scored the third and then injured his hip and was withdrawn before the end of the game.

6.) 19 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019 17:24:29
I hope we score early. Mane is in fine form lately and I can see him and Salah doing some damage to Bayern. Ideal situation is blitzing them early and converting a couple before half time.
I think I will need settling.

7.) 19 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019 18:38:47
Scoring early will be key here, as well. If we get the early goal then we can wait them out and pounce on them on the counter.

8.) 19 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019 22:35:57
For a team that can’t run they absolutely dominated Liverpool tonight 😂 I don’t think Liverpool will resort to the attacking football of last season and will continue this style of play and people need to get used to it! It’s won enough games so no need to change. I personally think Man Utd will get at least a draw on Sunday and Bayern will get through in the second leg.

9.) 19 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019 23:18:38
Bayern Definately didn't dominate the game. They came for a draw and defended very well. We were just wasteful in front of goal.

On a positive note we played some lovely flowing football at times and managed to keep a clean sheet without Virgil.

I think there will be a few goals from both teams in the second leg.

10.) 19 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019 23:16:16
Cheers 007.i thought so. Only goal I remember is the DS goal. I remember lallana playing well and couts was on it too.

11.) 20 Feb 2019
20 Feb 2019 03:17:53
Typical Spurs fan Hearno crawling out from under your rock when you get a decent result.
On what planet did Bayern dominate Liverpool? We created chances but didn’t take them. That’s it. Bayern played like I’d expect Brighton or Huddersfield to play at Anfield. No attacking at all and when they tried they couldn’t get through us with a midfielder at CB.
I’d say you’re embarrassing Spurs fans all over the country but most are actually like you. Facebook is full of them after a win but they disappear pretty quickly after a loss. Don’t worry mate you’ll go all spursy before long and undo any good work you’ve done so far just like you always do.
Then you can get back under your rock and wait for the next pundit to mention Spurs and League Title in the same sentence so the cycle can repeat itself.

12.) 20 Feb 2019
20 Feb 2019 10:57:01
Love it Bobby.

13.) 20 Feb 2019
20 Feb 2019 22:29:28
It’s brilliant watching other teams taking results away from Liverpool especially when ye show a complete lack of respect the opposition.
Can’t wait to see Man City collect the Premier League trophy in May and Liverpool are left with nothing again 😂
So I’d suggest to you Bobby and Salah that ye should run along to yere Mammies and go back to the fantasy world ye live in😂.