18 Dec 2018 11:47:36
Any chance of starting a petition on here to get Mourinho reinstated? We could throw in a few quid each to top up his salary?

1.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 11:58:08
Mark Hughes is looking for a job since being sacked recently.

2.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 12:02:46
Better even. big sam!

3.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 12:27:52
On a serious not the touted ones are Zidane and Conte. Whoever takes MU I don't see them doing any better untill the end of this season. They just don't have the quality.

4.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 12:52:54
How about this then.

Mourinho can manage matches at Old Trafford and Mark Hughes can handle all away matches. A match made in purgatory for United but heaven for the rest of us.

5.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 14:43:43
I don't think they can go any further with this group of players. A lot of damage has been done. They need to sell, and buy new ones. Not a massive overhaul, but an overhaul nevertheless. It would be interesting to know what finally tipped the scale over because the severance to be paid to Mourinho will be extortionate. I wonder how many (and which) players went up to senior management and said "It's either him or us that stays"? 😉.

6.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 19:08:36
Spot on, ArRy1969. Their squad is poor and always has been and he has made it worse by buying dross player or good players like Bailly and turning them into dross players. Their fans keep deluding themselves that they have world class players. I mean, can anyone name me one Utd player who would start a game for LFC? DDG would not even start ahead of Allison cos he has been under par of late having to carry the whole club on his back for the last 5 years.

7.) 18 Dec 2018
18 Dec 2018 19:31:03
Neil Warnock would be the go. Just when you thought you couldn't dislike them any more.

8.) 19 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018 00:12:10
Shaq'd in the morning.