10 Oct 2017 20:25:11
Hi All,

Can hasn't signed a contract because he knows Klopp is not fully convinced by him.

Also Liverpool has always been for sale while FSG have been in charge, every potential buyer knows the price.



1.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 20:30:22
Thanks Macca mate good to see you back on here.

2.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 20:48:40
I'm not convinced by Can either; let him go.

3.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 20:51:56
Brilliant Macca thank's for the information.

4.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 21:34:06
Not sure many of us are totally convinced by him, when he's good he can look really good and dominate a game however when he is bad he is dog dirt . you can normally tell in the first five mins of a game if he is going to have a stinker.

5.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 21:42:49
He just a kid. Wish we stuck with him. This is him now at this age, are we saying he has reached his ceiling?

6.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 21:52:54
I think he should stay.

7.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 22:14:26
I personally like the kid, but more importantly he has to do what's right for his career and moving clubs may well be his best option. I wish the lad all the luck in the world, I hope it works out for him should he move on.

8.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 22:14:57
What is Can's best position.
People say he's young, we have younger better players.
He's a big unit, but he doesn't use it effectively.

Nothing against Can, he's been a model pro, but he is just not good enough I'm afraid.

9.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 22:32:54
Ive been convinced he has been going for a long time now.

10.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 22:36:42
Cheers Macca,

So any interested parties in the club and what is the figure to buy us?


11.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 23:18:21
People want new signing like kieta but also want to keep can. you are aware it 11 a side game yeah.

12.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 23:26:50
I think Can could end up being the one that got away, he has the build, drive and skills to be a Monster in CM .
Oh and everything is for sale everything, no insult Macca, 1 Mill you can have my ma.

13.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 23:28:08
Who are the younger better players Ron?

14.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 23:37:28
So if we've always been for sale since FSG have been in charge what does that tell us. It tells me they rescued as some say (bought the club at a cheap price) with the intention of making money from it with a sale from the outset. Everyone on here takes Macca's word as gospel so it will be interesting to see what people's thoughts are now regarding the owners.

{Ed002's Note - Well he has kicked off a Can hate campaign and no doubt it will be the same for the owners.}

15.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 23:51:08
This isn't anything new so don't really see the point of the post macca, like ed002 says, just sets up two hate campaigns. Can we get back to galactic world class team please. What's the team so far ed?

{Ed002's Note - I would need to check in the morning .}

16.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 23:58:43
Okay cool. An just to explain I'm not having a dig at macca, it's more the posters that will now use it as an excuse to moan. For example, waiting for waro and ozone to crawl out of their rocks to give it stacks about the owners.

17.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 00:24:17
Shame. Feel he could be great. Best of luck to him but maybe he could get a proper holding midfielder to replace and release Hendo further forward where he is more effective.

18.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 00:51:53
Macca just posted what he believes is accurate info on Klopps view of Can - not sure why that should start any sort of negativity towards Can.

Reality is he seems a good kid and quality player but maybe Klopp just doesn’t think he works perfectly for his system? I can see why Can would work perfectly for someone else though as he’ll be an excellent all-rounder given time to develop his read of the game and in a league that’s a little slower and where his size will be an asset and his lack of acceleration/ mobility less of an issue.

19.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 00:52:23
Macca has opened a Can of worms,

Can is running down his contract as he is entitled to do, probably with Klopps discreet blessings if Macca is to believed.

I'd say if Kieta happened last summer Can would be at Juve now,

Same applies, if Kieta by some chance happens in Jan.

Any chance of Ed2 having a bit of a whip round to collect for a rumour buy out, Fronted by Ed2,

What a person to have dealing with unscrupulous agents and spoilt players,

20.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 05:23:18
Jayden so what if they bought the club to make a profit? We could have an owner like Moores who ran the club purely for his own pleasure (has he even set foot in the club since he left) and created many of the issues we see today. As long as we have owners who want to run the club in a professional way such that it improves each year then i don't care why they bought the club. FSG aren't running the club into the ground, they are putting money into improving the facilities, they are funding the purchases of new players. Which begs the question - What exactly do you want from our owners?

21.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 05:51:28
I want owners who want to own the club and are willing to do everything long term. Not look to offload it the minute someone meets their billion dollar price target.

22.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 06:38:00
Yes they maybe looking to sell given the opportunity, we have to remember it's because these are businessmen at the end of the day. Football, since the involvement of BSB in 1992 has now become a business unfortunately. FSG's baby is the Boston Red Sox, baseball is their game.

I don't though, think they have been bad owners, they've given the managers plenty of money to spend and when we've sold players like Torres and Suarez the money has been invested back into the squad. it's just we have not always bought the right players.

They've invested in a new stand giving us an extra 8,000 seats, though a lot of those are cooperate but that's where the money is unfortunately.

Can they complete with the Glaazers, Abramovich and the Shieks at Man City when it comes to spending power? Ed 2 would probably be the best person to answer that.

23.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 07:21:02
Jayden - I'd be with you if FSG were sittin on their hands waiting for the market to drive our price up and then just sell for no investment. But that is simply not the case mate.

24.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 09:05:45
Let's hope can gets into klopps thinking by way of some outstanding performances- starting with united.

25.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 08:52:43
Sorry if I missed it, is there any people looking to buy us? I know Macca said we have been up for sale since FSG came in but has there been real contact made by serious people to put a formal offer in? Do FSG have people actively looking for buyers or is a case of if someone comes to them.

{Ed002's Note - I am going to leave this for Macca who will no doubt be providing details of the potential buyers for you.}

26.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 11:08:51
I'm fairly certain when there is news on a sale of the club ed2 will let us know.

27.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 12:16:59
Cheers Ed002.

28.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 12:55:09
At the risk of being accused of hating I am going to stick my neck out and say that all of our central midfield is weak. This is one of the softest group of midfielders I've seen in an LFC side for over 40 years.
As well as not providing much quality, the trio of Can, Henderson and Wijnaldum do not provide much steel in the centre of the park.
I do not hate Can but I would not mind it if he left and we brought in a grittier replacement.

29.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 20:44:10
Supermane, you mean like Naby Kaita?

30.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 22:38:55
We need more than one player to come in at CM
How many of the top 6 teams would Hendo or Gini be first choice.

31.) 11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017 23:29:20
Good luck to Can if and when he leaves in the next few months.
It's been coming for a while now and nothing wrong with running down his contract.
Hope he has a successful career in Italy or back in Germany.