22 Sep 2016 18:11:55
Hi ed01. How do you feel about players blatantly show boating?

{Ed001's Note - it really depends on the player and when they do it. Personally I would rather my players just concentrated on scoring again, rather than messing about winding up opponents, but I can see that it could be used to annoy a player such as Diego Costa into losing focus. Most of the time, it is just a distraction from the match and not a good idea, as it gives your opponent more incentive to perform next time you face them. Goading someone is never a good idea, it just makes things get nasty.}

1.) 22 Sep 2016
22 Sep 2016 18:38:47
Interpet 'show boating' I, m tad lost. I understand it differently!

{Ed001's Note - I was thinking along the lines of Neymar provoking opponents by trying to make them look silly, repeatedly.}

2.) 22 Sep 2016
22 Sep 2016 19:02:57
I don't care personally. I'm guessing this is prompted by Sly Sports' non-story regarding Neymars rainbow flick.

Skills and tricks are awesome to watch. It's like when you see an American Footballer front flip over a tackle into a touchdown. Or a Tennis player return a volley through their own legs. Or a Rugby player play a behind the back pass.

If the skill or trick has a positive impact then what is the problem? If it winds the opposition players up and they make a nasty tackle, then I'm sorry but that is the opposition players fault for being a nasty piece of work. I remember once at Sunday league level a centre back did a McGeady spin on me which not only skinned me, but nut-megged me as well! I didn't go after him and try to hurt him, I just muttered an expletive, grinned at him appreciatively and got on with the game.

These are grown men. If they can't just appreciate a moment of brilliance from the opposition, no matter how extravagant, then to be honest they are not mentally stable enough to deserve a place in society, let alone in professional football in front of thousands of impressionable kids.

{Ed001's Note - you are forgetting that Neymar does it to humiliate opponents and that is just going to cause nastiness and make the next match against that opponent more difficult. It is like when players come out before a game and make stupid statements, you just know the manager will use it to fire up his team. Neymar humiliated one team late in a match, I forget the team now, that team used to basically roll over and have their tummy tickled when they faced Barca. Now the matches are hard fought and tough, with players really fired up. All due to Neymar showboating. Why bother? If players want to do tricks for the sake of doing tricks, that's fine, but I don't want those in my team. I want to win, not look good on youtube.}

3.) 22 Sep 2016
22 Sep 2016 19:44:16
Yeah I agree with that Ed. Tricks for the sake of tricks are not really giving you an advantage though and thus don't come under what I consider acceptable. I'm talking about when you use a trick to benefit you or your team. His most recent trick got him out of a tricky situation where he had nowhere to really go.

The trick you refer to was against Sevilla a few years back. The game was dead and he took it to the corner and messed about with it before flicking it over their head and running into them to get a cheap free kick. It was an unnecessary skill in that particular situation and since then as you say, Sevilla have been a much tougher opponent.

I think it depends largely on the scenario. It's not black and white for me. I want to win, and I want to be entertained. If the skill does both of those things then great. If it is literally just a show boat then it's pointless.

Even then it is unclear though as you could say that teams passing it around at the back whilst the fans chant 'ole' is purely to gloat at the opposition and frustrate them. Yet nobody is pulling that up.

I just don't think we should discourage players from expressing themselves in the right situations. If you have the ability to do something special, then use that ability. But only if you gain an advantage. There is little to no point in standing in the corner doing kick ups or something!

{Ed001's Note - that is not showboating, the ole stuff, it is time wasting and keeping the ball to stop the opposition being able to attack you. It also doesn't goad your opponent into being fired up the next time you face them.

I really should have remembered it was Sevilla considering where I am right now! There are a fair few Sevilla bars here, and Sergio Ramos has a place just down the road.}

4.) 22 Sep 2016
22 Sep 2016 20:18:58
MS footballers are human too, whether they are in front of 10 people or 100,000 people, they still go through human emotions and nobody likes to be humiliated, in fact I feel more people watching would rather have an adverse effect as you'd want to make up for the humiliation. Different players respond differently, some will smile about it and get on with the game, some will put in a firm but fair tackle on the player that embarrassed them the next opportunity they get, some will humiliate the player that humiliated them with a ridiculous skill of their own and others will put in a nasty tackle designed to seriously injure the player that embarrassed them. It really does depend on the person underneath the label of footballer.

5.) 22 Sep 2016
22 Sep 2016 20:31:26
I feel a ridiculously good skill that embarrasses the opposition player is great to watch for spectators and morally permitted, but only if you are doing so to get closer to the goal, score or get out of trouble if you have the caujaunes to do so. I believe the line should be drawn in the sand when a player intentionally embarrasses a player with no intention to score, get out of trouble or get closer to the goal. This would be for example if a player waits for the opposition player to catch up only to ruthlessly nutmeg them or runs across the pitch embarrassing a number of players for no real reason, this would fall into the category of unsporting behaviour and you would be asking for someone to kick you. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr come to mind as people who would/ have done this in the past. Neymar even got a second yellow card for showboating once back in Brazil, I believe it fell under the category of unsporting behaviour.

6.) 22 Sep 2016
22 Sep 2016 21:06:03
Ronaldinho was the master at skill and used it to gain advantage.

7.) 22 Sep 2016
22 Sep 2016 21:55:00
always remember that sket ronalado playing keepy ups in the middle of pitch ( think they was 4-0 up in a final) an g Neville giving him what for. i'd of flying head kicked him next opportunity.

8.) 22 Sep 2016
22 Sep 2016 22:50:19
there is nothing better to watch than neymar beating a man to gain advantage, he also in that game before he started rubbing it in, got whacked a few times. So is that him saying I'm still here, come get it.
Personally I love it
These players grew up in a different culture, street football in Brazil where taking the P I double S is the norm.
That saying don't knock the skill out of these players or they will basically end up English.

9.) 22 Sep 2016
22 Sep 2016 23:17:59
does any one remember Kerlon? he did that seal dribble, scored sick free kicks but got kicked to bits because of it . Annoyed opposition ruined his knees from fouls, and ruined his career.

10.) 23 Sep 2016
22 Sep 2016 23:49:26
Like Ronnie OSulllivan beating players left handed in snooker.

Playing against less talented all of the time becomes boring.

11.) 23 Sep 2016
23 Sep 2016 00:43:20
Ronnie doesn't do that as he's bored though, he does it just because its quicker than getting the rest out.

12.) 23 Sep 2016
23 Sep 2016 08:46:28
Thats correct taurus he does not do it to humiliate anyone and since he started doing it a lot of other snooker players now try it although they do not look anywhere near as good doing it.

With regard to the footie, if it gains you an advantage in the normal passage of play then fine, but if its to humiliate then i do not like it. Whether its acceptable or not i leave that up to the moral police.

13.) 23 Sep 2016
23 Sep 2016 09:36:21
Did you miss the whole frames Ronnie played left handed? Or the times he played shots one handed?
If that isn't "show boating" I don't know what is.
Anyway, I enjoy it.
If you've got it, flaunt it.