19 Jan 2016 15:03:42
Question for Ed1 please, as a fan of the club.

Ed, contemplating the Klopp has said he finds the timetable "far more brutal" than in Germany, and given how the players are (apparently) taking time to adapt to the intensity of the training and demands of Gegenpressing - which has supposedly led to several injuries and players not being available do you think:

1) Klopp underestimated the demands of the game over here?

2) As a caveat of that do you think it will become necessary to have a larger pool of quality players that can seamlessly rotate into the 1st team?

3) If so, do you think it is achievable that Liverpool can actually recruit those players required - and could we afford to?

4) If not then what do you see as the long term solution/ outcome?

I played rugby in my sporting days and it always took a few weeks to get "bump fit" at the beginning of pre-season.

We had 2 weeks of camp where we trained 3 times a day, hard physical training. There were lots of injuries, lots of physio sessions, lots of strapping up ankles, but it toughened us up - as the season went on we had fewer injuries as our bodies seemed to adapt. I know it's a different sport, but the concept is mostly the same.

Thanks for your insight, always enjoy reading the site.



{Ed001's Note - 1) Yes, I am sure he never realised just quite how tough it is here, with every game having a much higher intensity than most other leagues around the world.

2) No, they just need to be fitter, we already have a ridiculously large squad.

3) We don't need to.

4) Getting a full preseason in will make the world of difference. I fully agree with your rugby comparison, that is the major problem, the training was too soft and focused on possession and did not do enough to get the players fit. Given time the players will get fitter.}

1.) 19 Jan 2016
19 Jan 2016 16:47:35
Ed1, you believe we already have the players for next season without recruiting too much in the Summer? With Matip coming in which other areas would you strengthen? Would a pacey winger help the squad?

{Ed001's Note - we have Ojo, Ibe, Markovic, Kent on the books for that. We need to sell more first.}

2.) 19 Jan 2016
19 Jan 2016 18:30:24
We have a large squad, who don't seemlessly rotate into the starting eleven. We have had a few injuries, but how many players have played bar the fa cup game, that are not senior players? We have too many high waged players who don't add anything or seem to play well in our style. Considering we are still in 4 competitions, and our injuries, we have used most of the squad, but some just haven't offered much.

3.) 20 Jan 2016
20 Jan 2016 10:41:31
Thanks for the reply Ed.

Yes, I agree we have some great youngsters that will hopefully come through the ranks. A shame about Sterling and now it looks like Sinclair has let himself down too.

Do you think Markovic has a future with us? I hope so, I rate him. I have seen Ed2 say he feels Markovic's future may lie elsewhere after his loan spell?

I hope our squad has what it takes to get fit, and the quality can come through.

As far as recruiting players goes, look at Barcelona or Real Madrid (I know, I know - those two clubs are very different circumstances, in very different leagues - but, equally, look how they dominate in Europe) which, if we consider their foremost strikers - Messi, Neymar, Suarez/ Bale, Ronaldo, Benzema - goes to show a team can (happily? ) have several quality players of high calibre in the squad. One could even argue they must in order to remain dominant. I mean, it's like a fantasy football squad.

Imagine having (a fit) Sturridge, with Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Bacca, Reus, Couthino, Firmino, in the same squad? On the one hand it sounds ridiculous, but then look at the biggest clubs in Europe and their squads. Until we have players of the highest calibre playing for the club I fear we will always struggle on the biggest stages.

It is quite depressing it is considered so ridiculous to suggest we might have a squad of that calibre. Don't get me wrong some of the youngsters coming through may eventually be some of the biggest names in the game, but will they stay if they are not playing along other big names of the game at Anfield.

Sorry if I am getting carried away, just musings of a Wednesday morning, distracting me from reality.

{Ed001's Note - Markovic would like to leave, he was unhappy with his treatment by the club.}