24 May 2022 17:27:14
So standing next two chaps in the shops and one was convinced Nabby and ox plus £60 million for Rice.
No idea where the got that from but apparently it's not that bad for them and looks likely.
One was of the opinion he comes to is to help cement his place in the England team. I would personally think he's one of the 1st on the team sheet anyway?

{Ed0666's Note - that’s the deal of the century for us. If that comes off at the prices you mention that’s not just daylight robbery the guys at west ham should be fired for being woefully inept at their job

1.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 18:36:19
Isn't he out of contract next summer? Not saying there's any chance but it will be the absolute steal of the century.

{Ed077's Note - who Rice? His deal runs till summer 2024 with an option for a further year. Or so I found online

2.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 18:59:10
Great if it happens 😂 i bet Rice has played more minutes in the last 3 seasons on his own, than Ox and Naby combined.

3.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 19:10:32
Klopp is a HUGE admirer of Rice.

4.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 19:57:02
I’d rather have Chicken fried Rice to be honest.

5.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 20:03:04
No chance.

6.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 20:15:12
As much as I think Rice is a good player I am not sure he is what our team needs even if we could afford him, which we can’t. I think we are doing a good job of ensuring the future of our front line and midfield with recent purchases (Diaz, Jota) and bringing through/ purchasing midfield youth (Jones, Elliot, Carvalho) . Whilst Konate is good I despair for the day VVD drops his standards or retires. He is different class and looking long term to replace him should be priority number one from now until we find that player. Just my opinion of course but I completely agree with Jamie Redknapps comments the other week that he is our most important player by a country mile.

{Ed0666's Note - I agree with all this apart from ‘Konate is good’ and ‘ensuring the future of our front line with purchase of Jota’

7.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 21:24:21
Haha all about opinions I suppose Ed. I’m not going to criticise a striker scoring +20 goals this season for us not a defender that I believe has still not lost in a red shirt! Might be wrong on that last one not double checked!

{Ed0666's Note - Jota doesent isn’t even a super sun anymore he’s just a body. I would have loved to have given Divvy a new contract, sold Jota and bought in a replacement who can actually play football. Konate is ponderous, indecisive and positionally suspect but I’ll give him the time he deserves to improve and bed in.

8.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 21:49:23
Jota guaranteed to score in the champions league final now then, thanks Ed0666.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m willing to bet against it mate

9.) 24 May 2022
24 May 2022 23:30:52
Chicken Fried Rice?
:D :D :D.

10.) 25 May 2022
24 May 2022 23:10:55
You don't have talk balls Ed0666.

{Ed0666's Note - I respect your opinion mate and your welcome to it.

11.) 25 May 2022
24 May 2022 23:29:46
Konate has been very good Ed0666. Still settling in a new country and new league. Scored in the 2 CL quarter finals scored in the penalty shoot out in league cup and scored in an FA Cup semi-final. Of course he's had a couple of mistakes but so has Matip and Virgil at the start of the season. Apart from all that you could be right 👍.

{Ed0666's Note - as I said mate I respect your opinion it’s just different to mine and I get to differ on what I’ve seen so far.

12.) 25 May 2022
24 May 2022 23:54:19
Keep origi and sell jota. You guys read one of ed001’s criticisms of Jota and think he’s the worst player in the world. He certainly has his flaws (I agree with ed001 his build up play is infuriating at times) . But he is very good at doing the most important thing in the game. Scoring goals.

I love divock, but he is not even close to being as good as jota.

13.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 02:20:58
Konate has made a few howlers and got away with most of them. Having said that, he oozes potential. he's big, strong, fast and as an ex-striker can find the back of the net. Once he irons out a few of his lapses in concentration he could be world class.

14.) 25 May 2022
24 May 2022 20:58:46
Ensuring we have a player capable of playing box to box and holding midfield seems sensible to me as we really don’t have anyone at the club really capable of competently doing that and there’s no one coming through that looks like they can. The only thing about Rice is that £150m is a lot for a fella who has the turning circle of the QE2.

15.) 25 May 2022
24 May 2022 21:09:40
Rice has got City Utd or chelsea written all over him. We do not pay premiums for over priced English players.
Since we are missing out on Tchouameni, i hope we are able to get both an understudy for Thiago and a bissouma/ Sangare type. Our MF needs some work.

16.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 06:43:03
Ed66 are you mad ‘loved to give divok a new contract and sell jota’? Divok has scored 22 goals since joining us in 2014. Jota has scored 24 since joining us! Take your red tinted glasses off, origi wasn’t and isn’t good enough and it’s that simple. And don’t say he didn’t get a fair chance, if he was good enough he’d of played more.

{Ed0666's Note - I’d keep divvy as a sub and again sell Jota and buy someone to replace him that can play football. Tell me what Jota does when his goals dry up? He doesent press that we’ll anymore, he certainly can’t pass, he can’t shoot on target, his first touch is abysmal, he has no awareness of space or his teammates, his crossing sucks, he stunk the place out on Sunday before he went off and he’s been awful for a while. Before you counter with so has Salah he has mitigation and extenuating circumstances.

17.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 07:25:07
I’m not arguing over jota, the only thing I can say in his favour is he knows where the net is. Origi does nothing of what you’ve just mentioned, I think I must be the only fan glad to see the back of him. Personally I’d like to see taki get more of a chance, think he has 9 goals this season from 10 appearances. He’s a little lightweight but I’d like see him get a run to see how he gets on.

18.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 07:46:24
Actually agree with Ed. Jota's value is at it's peak, there is bound to be a fool to overpay for him, oh hello Arsenal and Newcastle. One thing Origi hasn't done is rock the boat with the lack of game time, he was in France, with us, germany, had some bad luck with injuries, I think he was content to being being a sub and a cup player, be on a winning team, collect trophies and medals.

Btw, Konate gives me Mamadou Sakho vibes the way he plays defense.

I wouldn't play Declan Rice over Fabinho and his price tag will make people scream to shoehorn them together or play him over Fabinho.

19.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 09:03:00
Klopp picked Jota himself, so is unlikely to bin him. It seems that since his great song came along, Jota has been bang average. He is a sub at best.
Which other EPL based players, who may be available could be brought in to save to long a bedding in period?

I wonder if Mane/ Mo leaves, that we may ping in a bid for Martinelli. He looks ream.

20.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 10:20:27
I think Jota does better coming on from the sub's bench, rather than being a starter, even if he occasionally proves me wrong.

21.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 11:57:46
Ed, I agree with you about Jota. I would sell him as well, but instead of buying a replacement I'd give one of the kiddies a shot.

22.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 13:09:01
Love these type of rumours. Two blokes in the corner shop, much like, bloke down the pub.
Rice could be the new Hendo/ succession plan.
He is not worth 5 times what we'd pay for a foreign equivalent though, i'd rather we nurtured the young English players we have to fill that role eventually.
With such fine margins winning league titles, we need to shop smart.

23.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 08:10:55
Ed0666 am with you on Jota he is an awful footballer but he was scoring goals at the beginning but even that has stopped now. As for Konate he has got better as the season as gone on but still has a massive mistake in him but he is only young and it’s his first season playing for us coming from a back 3 to a back 2 after a couple of very bad injury hit seasons so hopefully he can get better as he has all the attributes to be a world-class defender.

{Ed0666's Note - yes I agree mate I said I would want to give Konate time as he deserves it. Don’t get me started on Diogo…have a good day mate.

24.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 18:30:46
jotas form has dipped because of the arrival of Diaz. he's been moved outside and mane inside. He can't play on wing put him CF and he scores.
Most headed goals this season,
15 league. 1 less than MANE
4 assists. 2 more than MANE

and Mane is awesome.

25.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 19:19:35
@Riomazy, Mane is awesome! But I feel his is also leaving. : (.

26.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 21:48:15
Spot on Riomazy. Jota is far more effective through the middle than he is out wide.

27.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 21:57:55
Jota works fine in our squad he’s a different outlet to the other players which we need at times. Baffles me how critical our fans can be.

28.) 25 May 2022
25 May 2022 23:16:23
Blair Mayne. Wow. Blast from the past right there.

29.) 26 May 2022
26 May 2022 04:52:34
Assuming we loose 1 up to 3 forwards
Maybe Salah.

We need to get at least 2 or 3 to add to firmino and jota and Diaz

Nunez from Benfica and Denis from watford.

30.) 26 May 2022
26 May 2022 13:53:03
Indeed à blast from the past. Like from a decade ago?

31.) 26 May 2022
26 May 2022 13:58:48
I have to go with the Ed. Yes Jota scores. But that alone is not enough for our system. He's average in all the other areas aside from scoring. Look at Firmino. He does so much more, and that's why he held on to that CF place for 3-4 years, despite low scoring numbers. It's the way Klopp wants it and the way he wants the team to play. He wants both offensive and defensive skills in every player he puts out there on the field every game. And Jota does not have those build up and defensive skills. But I don't think Origi would ever threaten Jota's place. I think Minamino would, though.

32.) 26 May 2022
26 May 2022 15:53:36
Been in jail for embezzlement Moblyslostgoal. How you been?

33.) 26 May 2022
26 May 2022 19:17:15
Being from Germany, i heard he prefers potatoes.

34.) 28 May 2022
28 May 2022 22:53:41
ArAy1969. Don’t be blinded by past performances. Bobby hasn’t been doing ‘so much more’ for at least 2 years and arguably more. Look I love the bloke as well but there’s no time for sentiment when you trying to stay at the top. The lads done.