13 Apr 2022 07:23:26
Eds, seen us linked with Gelson Bremer of Torino in the press a few times recently - anything in this? Wasn't sure we need another CB at the moment unless someone is moving on perhaps.

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1.) 13 Apr 2022
13 Apr 2022 11:26:00
I can see Gomez leaving for Villa so that he gets to play. I also see a need for an elite CB who can challenge the rest. Gomez is not that suited to our system, and is unlucky w injuries. I like the look of Bremer, but it appears he has chosen Inter.
Wonder why we bid for Demiral and then didn't go for him once he became available.

2.) 13 Apr 2022
13 Apr 2022 12:29:18
Would have thought Gomez was perfect for our system.

3.) 13 Apr 2022
13 Apr 2022 12:58:48
How is Gomez not suited to our system he's perfect for it. rapid and decent on the ball.

4.) 13 Apr 2022
13 Apr 2022 14:10:43
I think that Ed1 said once that it’s cos he’s not good in the air which is needed for the high line.

5.) 13 Apr 2022
13 Apr 2022 14:25:09
What about either of the centre half’s from Burnley. Ben mee and Tarkowski spelling 🤣. remember when they were highly thought of 👍👍.

6.) 13 Apr 2022
13 Apr 2022 16:33:06
Can imagine dem 2 defending near d halfway line alrite! Gomez on the other hand is nearly as quick as Virg.

7.) 13 Apr 2022
13 Apr 2022 17:35:33
Gomez isn't suited to our system?
Baffled by that to be honest.

8.) 13 Apr 2022
13 Apr 2022 18:38:07
Gomez should be playing next to VVD. Klopp has that wrong imo. Gomez would cover the area Trent leaves much better than Matip. And of course Matip is the deflection own goal king. Matip has been good but not as good as Gomez was in the title winning season and of course Gomez could be playing in our side for the next 10 years.

9.) 13 Apr 2022
13 Apr 2022 19:43:03
I've got the faintest suspicion that this Klopp fella know what he's doing.

10.) 14 Apr 2022
14 Apr 2022 01:56:10
Spot on Flash. Best manager in the world, yet all the experts here know better than him, lol.

11.) 14 Apr 2022
14 Apr 2022 09:49:03
Gomez isn't good enough he's a ball watcher. the only thing that bails him out is his pace. Virgil doesn't need pace he's always in the right position. thast thetype of cb we need, not a recovering CB.

12.) 14 Apr 2022
14 Apr 2022 11:25:58
I thought Matip was the ball watcher who is constantly caught out with balls over the top. I don't get where this dislike for Gomez comes from - before his injury him and VVD were the main CB partnership and he didn't put a foot wrong. Personally, I still think Gomez is a better CB than Matip and Konate.

13.) 14 Apr 2022
14 Apr 2022 15:41:52
Totally agree, he needs games, is England best CB when MATCH fit and can assist like Trent too and at one point was the fastest in the team. One hell of a player.

14.) 14 Apr 2022
14 Apr 2022 17:51:37
Centre backs generally need pace in our system due to the high line they defend with (Matip possibly being a slight exception) . And I see Van Dijk using his pace on a regular basis, if he didn't we'd be conceding a damned sight more than we are now.

15.) 14 Apr 2022
14 Apr 2022 19:58:05
Hi ed. do we have any attention on Lovro Majer? Appreciate for your thoughts. thank you.

{Ed002's Note - No, this is just another random player.}

16.) 14 Apr 2022
14 Apr 2022 20:02:50
If Gomez played for another top European side and was available, everyone on here would be screaming for his signature. Top player in my opinion.

17.) 15 Apr 2022
15 Apr 2022 10:11:51
I agree with Stuie, Gomez is our 2nd best CB and perfectly suited to our system, letting him go would be a huge mistake.

18.) 15 Apr 2022
15 Apr 2022 19:15:06
Games stays IMO. Really quick and covers two positions well. The highline typically needs someone stronger in the air on paper, which matip offers, but JG isn't exactly bad either. I'd prefer recovery pace, especially going up against teams that try to pass through the back line.

19.) 16 Apr 2022
16 Apr 2022 11:34:22
Gomez is a top player and his pace means he can play the high line we want very well. Honestly hope he stays as I see him and Konate as our cb partnership for years to come.

20.) 18 Apr 2022
18 Apr 2022 00:02:13
I honestly think Gomez doesn’t get played purely because of his height. Being a top team means that teams target set pieces as their most realistic chance of scoring and Matip and Konate are better at defending them with their height and aerial ability.
Gomez did us proud in the title winning season he was outstanding and if he does leave I’m sure he will be again. Good luck to him.

21.) 20 Apr 2022
20 Apr 2022 09:24:58
Do not think Gomez is aggressive enough in the air for us. With liverpool's high line and pressing up front, teams will lump it up, so you need the CB's and DM to be dominant in the air and while Gomez might not be weak in that area, he's behind others.