16 Jan 2022 19:21:40
Hey eds and reds

Realistically speaking, given we were trying to bring Bowen in for a bit part role with Salah and Mane still at the club, with him being in amazing form now compared to last season, would that role still interest him?

I think he’d be a brilliant signing if one of Mane or Salah were to go (hope Mane of the 2) as planning for Stevie G’s reign. He’s brilliant in the half spaces and with Stevie fancying the inside #10’s, I figure he’d fit right in in a Sane under Naggelsman type role.

Love to hear your thoughts.

{Ed002's Note - From my perspective he remains one of the options still of interest.}

1.) 16 Jan 2022
16 Jan 2022 19:52:30
That’s great to hear Ed, thanks for the quick response!

Personally, I see swapping Mane for Bowen or the likes as a sensible approach, with Kaide stepping up to back up. Ed, would selling Mane mean two forwards coming in, or is Firmino trusted for the #9 enough to shift Jota to the left and Kaide coming through the ranks?

2.) 16 Jan 2022
16 Jan 2022 20:39:13
Ed002 I think Bowen is to good and out of are price range to cover Salah even before this season I thought West Ham would want £50+m but after this season that’s will be £70+m. Unless his contract is running down to a couple of years.

{Ed002's Note - It would not be as cover.}

3.) 16 Jan 2022
16 Jan 2022 22:10:02
Stevies reign? No chance in hell. The rebuild job over the next few years is way above Gerrards skillset as a manager.

4.) 17 Jan 2022
16 Jan 2022 23:50:30
It wouldn’t be left to SG or whoever the next manager is OMM.
The club, and Klopp, have people and a scouting system in place that do that.
And do it well on the whole, in recent times at least.
The manager is just a cog in that particular wheel.
I’m preying that the structure set under Klopp’s reign is robust enough to see us through his departure.

5.) 17 Jan 2022
16 Jan 2022 20:53:27
I just can't see how West Ham would sell him now, English premium, West Ham getting closer to top 4, either West Ham will outright refuse or you're surely talking more than £50m for the guy now.

I think he's great but would be very surprised to see him join.

6.) 17 Jan 2022
16 Jan 2022 22:01:35
I'd LOVE to see Bowen at Liverpool. Not sure who would be sacrificed to bring him in, but I'd be thrilled personally.

7.) 17 Jan 2022
16 Jan 2022 22:04:01
Stevie G great player but don’t want him at Anfield as a manager anytime soon.

Best case scenario is Klopp signs another extension.

If Klopp leaves then maybe Pep can step up and rest of coaching staff remain?

Stevie G has a ways to go before he can be considered as a real contender for being a future Liverpool manager.

8.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 05:58:03
I agree Tommy, he’s doing well and Villa will be good for his development as a manager but he won’t be ready for a few years yet.
Not that many great coaches around though to be fair, one to watch is the guy at Sporting Lisbon (Amorim) he has a bright future.
Klopp extending by two years would be a ‘Bobby Dazzler’ of an outcome for me.

9.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 06:13:32
I don't tnk it's Stevie who's coming next. he hasn't proven himself in big leagues. I would love potter though!

10.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 07:22:30
I don't think stevie or pep, pep is a great number 2 but not sure up to the main job. I'm not sure who but I like the guy from Ajax.

11.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 07:44:10
Well if it won't be as cover then it has to be in place of Salah. In that case its a no. Most Liverpool fans are looking for clone of Salah. Same amount of goals and assists etc, that's not too expensive, doesn't want £400,000 a week. Reality is that when you're one of the best players in the world, your replacement is always going to be a backward step, at least at the start.

12.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 02:27:03
Hi Ed. does lfc have an interest on Moussa Diaby to strengthen our forward? Love to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - Moussa Diaby (LW/RW) Bayer Leverkusen were approached about the player by Borussia Dortmund ilast season but no more than that.}

13.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 10:55:55
I agree Tommy. In my humble opinion Stevie Me will never be on Klopp's level.
Hopefully Nagglesman will have had enough of Bayern in a couple of years and will fancy a stint in the EPL.
If not, pep or maybe the young portuguese coach, who seem's like a real gem.
Stevie me is the emotional choice, and we know where they end up.

14.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 12:03:12
If Mo signs his deal and we have plans to develop Harvey Elliott and Kaide Gordon, who both like to occupy that right hand side - I do not see the logic in investing in Bowen or Raphinha. Just doesn't make any sense to me unless we are of the belief that Mo will not sign a new deal.

Diaz on the other hand I can understand as he could play Mane's role off the left but even potentially as no9, with a bit of work.