29 May 2021 03:18:40
Just curious about the situations with some of Liverpool's younger players (not too sure how much info you are allowed to give out on U18s) :

1. Apparently a youngster by the name of Ethan Ennis (16) is going to Manchester United. Not sure where I saw this rumour but just wondering whether there is any truth to this? Heard that he is a huge young talent (although this is said about a lot of players) .

2. Mateusz Musialowski has been impressive this season for the Liverpool U18s. Are there any plans to perhaps loan him out to a Championship club, or give him a shot in U21s or U23s.

3. Harvey Elliot. Is he going back out on loan or is he part of Klopp's plans for next season?

4. Rhys Williams. Lot of rumours that he wants to go out on loan. If so which clubs are interested?

1.) 29 May 2021
29 May 2021 16:34:52
Ethan Ennis is on trial with us I believe.

I doubt we are looking to send out Musialowski on loan just yet he’s only 17 and recently joined can see him moving up to the U23’s next season.

Elliott keep, with Shaqiri going we can use Elliott to help cover the front lines.

Rhys to go out to a championship team.

2.) 29 May 2021
29 May 2021 18:15:16
I wonder who Stevie G will take off us this summer.

{Ed025's Note - someone who doesn,t smile i expect..

3.) 29 May 2021
29 May 2021 19:23:09
Can Rangers afford Wijnaldum's wages Ed025?

4.) 30 May 2021
29 May 2021 22:44:41
Nice to see you back, Ed025! Not as fun a site without you, lad!

{Ed025's Note - cheers KB..

5.) 30 May 2021
29 May 2021 22:51:13
He smiled a fair few times against your lot ed? 😉.

{Ed025's Note - he was a very good player jadon but also one miserable sod, he makes richarlison look like the laughing policeman mate.. :)

6.) 30 May 2021
30 May 2021 09:43:14
Who doesn’t smile?

7.) 30 May 2021
30 May 2021 09:50:53
Jesus 25, he's not a bad a Richarlison pal. I have never seen a player scowl so much during a game. That boy is never happy, even at Watford!

{Ed025's Note - he does need to lighten up a bit IR..

8.) 30 May 2021
30 May 2021 13:19:11
Him and Anthony Martial out having a pint! What a barrel of laughs dat'd be!