14 Mar 2021 13:02:19
Ed2, don't know if its been asked but will LFC be looking to sell Origi in the summer and what price do you think they would get for him.

{Ed002's Note - Yes, Liverpool will look to sell Origi but finding a buyer who would match a perhaps £20M asking price will be a problem.}

1.) 14 Mar 2021
14 Mar 2021 13:35:37
I think we need to be realistic on the asking price, it’s better to move the player on for a lower price than to keep them and miss out on a primary target.

2.) 14 Mar 2021
14 Mar 2021 14:02:43
This is exactly my issue with this club when it comes to selling players, especially in a C.V. affected market. Nobody is paying 20 million pounds for Origi. He has been a ghost for the last 18 months. Try half that amount and maybe somebody may bite.
Same goes for Wilson, Shaq and Grujic as well. 10-12 million pounds apiece is a good price for these players since they have done very little in the last 18 months.

3.) 14 Mar 2021
14 Mar 2021 14:16:28
If we had taken what Burnley and the unnamed Italian club offered for Wilson and Shaq (think it was 12 million pounds and 10 million euros respectively), it would have actually paid for Caleta-Car/ Bremer or whichever CB Klopp wanted and the club could have actually signed that CB up with the Wilson and Shaq money, and we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool never spoke to Marseille about Caleta-Car.}

4.) 14 Mar 2021
14 Mar 2021 15:12:01
Everyone is an expert on transfers in hindsight.
I think the club have done a great job on transfers overall since Klopp took over, ins and outs.
Nobody could have predicted C.V. or the effects it would have on us financially, even the armchair experts.

5.) 14 Mar 2021
14 Mar 2021 15:33:51
Do the club really think in this climate £20M is a reasonable asking fee. At this rate we are going to end up with Origi staying until his contract expires. He has been non existent for 18 months and some might argue even longer. Granted, on the extremely rare occasion he gets a goal they happened to be on the big stage. But those are far and few between and apart from that he offers nothing. We need to reduce the asking fee and just sell him, for our sakes and his.

{Ed0666's Note - are you seriously questioning the prowess of Micheal Edwards fam?

6.) 14 Mar 2021
14 Mar 2021 16:17:58
Surely most targets have come down in price in light of the post CV market. we could have offloaded a few last season and bought a proper CB instead of playing fab out of position and hurting the team. Origi is a 10m player tops.

7.) 14 Mar 2021
14 Mar 2021 16:21:55
Michael Edward is a magician. Never doubt him just think it’s more of my desperation to see Origi move on more than anything. Can’t blame me though, every time I see Origi standing on the touchline waiting to come on my heart just sinks. It is though we are playing with 10 men and it’s been that way for nearly 2 years now. Now reading what I wrote it does sound like I’m doubting him but that’s not the case. In Sir Michael Edwards I trust!

8.) 14 Mar 2021
14 Mar 2021 23:24:46
Michael Edwards reading this thread right now. "hold my drink" . . . .

{Ed0666's Note - like Micheal Edwards can read

9.) 15 Mar 2021
15 Mar 2021 04:11:44
The club did a great job on ins and outs - until about 18 months ago. Then the wheels started to come off.

The refusal to move on Origi and Shaqiri for what was offered a year or two ago was a blunder. If they were hardly to be used, what was the point of keeping them, irrespective of C.V.?

The refusal to bring in a central defender last summer was a bigger blunder.

The reluctance to bring in a central defender on January 1 was another one.

And if the club don't do everything they can to sign Haaland, that will be the biggest blunder of all.

Let's see what the club does. Because we won't be winning a lot of titles going forward with a bunch of injury-prone players and abound of players in their 30's with their best days behind them.

Apparently we are now looking at Konate. Why - because we don't already have enough injury-prone CB's?

{Ed001's Note - there was no refusals. This whole post is based on a lack of understanding of reality.}

10.) 15 Mar 2021
15 Mar 2021 09:02:16
Red67 Because the club don't do what you'd like they're in the wrong?
And the club should be doing everything to sign Haaland, even though he isn't a stylistic fit for us?
No offence, but I'm glad you have zero input on transfers for the club.

11.) 16 Mar 2021
16 Mar 2021 01:20:32
It’s funny when people start talking money with absolutely no clue about the financial aspects of club ownership. They think it’s FIFA.
All I can say is I hope your house comes on the market because when it does I’m offering you half the asking price and you should take it as you don’t want to live there anymore. What use is a house that you don’t want to live in after all?

12.) 17 Mar 2021
17 Mar 2021 18:51:57
Spot on, Ed01. Complete lack of understanding of these things, comes to mind here. I am starting to believe that many on here have NO idea how transfers work and the many ups and down involved. Then, they make stuff up out if whole cloth to push their own narrative like saying the club refused to sell Origi. Or if we don’t sign Haaland (who we are NOT interested in) then, it would b a big mistake. Says who? Any Proof? Don’t need it if you can just make stuff up.

So If the club does not do what a fan wants then, they must have messed up. But if the club did what the same fan wanted then, they did not mess up. This is bipolar behaviour at its worst. Seriously, who thinks this way?