06 Mar 2021 10:06:33
Realy disappointed to see tsimikas has leaving as an option already Ed02, realy had high hopes for him, I guess he has had very little game time to make an impact tho.

{Ed002's Note - He is no more than cover and doesn't play - hence the efforts by his agents.}

1.) 06 Mar 2021
06 Mar 2021 10:52:55
We don’t often make mistakes in the market but this is definitely one. There were much better options available.

2.) 06 Mar 2021
06 Mar 2021 11:26:36
He’s barely had a chance, so not sure he could be classed as a mistake. Injuries/ C.V./ reluctance to rest a clearly tired Robertson for even 1 game, hasn’t helped.

3.) 06 Mar 2021
06 Mar 2021 11:33:44
re: the other options available bit, possibly anyone in world football that came in would be understudy to Andy so they were never going to play regularly anyway. we just needed someone good but above all else, content to warm bench- a lot! a rare combination.

4.) 06 Mar 2021
06 Mar 2021 12:54:23
It has to be classed as a mistake as he is thought not to be good enough to give a knackered Robbo a rest. The lad at Everton would have been a much better buy, good lb and plays even better in the centre. that's what we need IMO a player who can play both positions.

5.) 06 Mar 2021
06 Mar 2021 15:49:03
I never really understood Tsimikas joining in the first place. His lack of versatility limiting him to only playing left back was going to be an obstacle to him getting minutes, and his limited minutes would hold him back from developing chemistry with his teammates and gaining confidence from his manager.

6.) 06 Mar 2021
06 Mar 2021 16:24:44
Looks like we might get the young left back from Lisbon then .

7.) 06 Mar 2021
06 Mar 2021 16:44:53
Hailstones, I highly doubt anyone bar Man City would spend £40m+ on a left back to sit in reserved, so there’s no way that young left back playing for Sporting is going to end up playing for us unless we’re selling Robbo.

8.) 06 Mar 2021
06 Mar 2021 17:02:03
If learning by anything this season we will want a Lb who has no problem playing as a cb when asked!

9.) 06 Mar 2021
06 Mar 2021 18:21:26
One thing is for sure 6 times is we need solid competition who can put pressure on robbo and trent cos neco William's isn't trusted and never plays, tsimikas is injured or never plays that has to be addressed to get the best out of trent an robbo . people forget trent is 22 and played a lot of games to a sky high level, robbo is not 22 but at 26 he has grafted his ass off.

10.) 06 Mar 2021
06 Mar 2021 19:51:51
Agree hailstones. I’d also say we royally messed up by not going for Malang Sarr he was available on a free, plays centre back and left back and is very highly rated. Given that we needed cover in both areas you’d think we’d have jumped on that one.

11.) 07 Mar 2021
07 Mar 2021 02:35:57
Wonder if we'll let him go and just use Ben Davies as cover for both LB and left sided CB.

12.) 07 Mar 2021
07 Mar 2021 04:00:23
Zpecialone, using Davies as cover for Robbo at LB could actually be an option next season if we have no European football and need to move Tsimikas on for financial reasons. Davies is on lower wages, would only feature in a handful of games anyways (Robbo never gets injured) and is homegrown.
If we can get what we paid for Kostas, move him on.

13.) 07 Mar 2021
07 Mar 2021 15:58:14
All I can say is some big decisions needs to be made. klopp has clearly run out of ideas, the players can’t score or defend anymore. if we could, I’d say get rid of the whole lot of them. We lost a few players, but no team has gone as backward as we have. We are the laughing stock of world football at the moment!