13 Aug 2019 09:34:02
Ed002, question about Lovren.

Lovren is most likely on high wages and LFC probably will demand a decent fee for him.

Will LFC actively be looking to move him on right now and which teams have an interest in him?

{Ed002's Note - Roma are looking for a deal. They will ideally look for a loan to buy.}

1.) 13 Aug 2019
13 Aug 2019 13:02:55
If it had to be a loan to buy then I do not see LFC agreeing to such a deal unless the loan fee had to be a substantial amount. Lovren still has 3 years left on his contract if I am not mistaken. Surely only a permanent deal going to suffice?

2.) 13 Aug 2019
13 Aug 2019 15:56:23
Two years I believe Max.

3.) 13 Aug 2019
13 Aug 2019 16:13:17
Ed002 would it be like Danny ings deal last year or a loan with the option to buy.
If so can’t see us accepting that sure with had that before with Alberto Aquilani and that did not work out very good for us.

{Ed002's Note - They will look to a loan with an obligation to buy.}

4.) 13 Aug 2019
13 Aug 2019 18:29:15
Jeez, Aquilani. Remember him?!

5.) 13 Aug 2019
13 Aug 2019 18:02:51
What is the point of a loan with obligation to buy? I assume the only benefit is to delay the payment?

{Ed002's Note - No, they could look to spread payments out. They may want assurances about fitness - like Ings.}

6.) 13 Aug 2019
13 Aug 2019 18:58:35
So it’s an obligation to buy with clauses ed? Like if he’s fit 75% of the time or something?

{Ed002's Note - It was an example. I am sure if Roma are keen enough they will look to a permanent deal.}

7.) 13 Aug 2019
13 Aug 2019 19:41:43
ed002 do you think deals like this will become more likely going forward (a loan with a conditional obligation to buy) .

{Ed002's Note - No more so than they are now.}

8.) 13 Aug 2019
13 Aug 2019 20:38:33
It makes no sporting sense to sell him now IMO but it does make good financial sense, and the player gets to play regular football.

9.) 15 Aug 2019
15 Aug 2019 00:31:34
I remember about 2 years ago he got a new contract and fans in general were scathing the decision.
We should respect the fact that our 30 year old 4th choice defender can now gain us a potential nice fee as opposed to having left on a free transfer, same with the few fans criticising origis new deal even though it's great business.

If lovren goes to Italy I'd think he'd do very well, Italian football would suit his strengths where English football was often able to hammer his weaknesses. Playing in deeper lines and facing less paced attacks he's proved to be a great defender, his struggles always came when the ball was put in behind.

I'd rather we kept him for another year but if the right opportunity came calling for him he'd be right to take it, he's good enough to start every week for at least one of the top 4 club in each of the 5 major European league's. He's well slipped behind matip and Gomez now though.