02 Jul 2019 02:17:17
I have heard there's been major discussions with PSG over a young versatile German defender Thilo Kehrer. Klopp really rates him. Is my mate another fat kid from Bolton or?

1.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 04:52:28
PSG just signed him the past summer. Doubt they would let him go considering how short in numbers and quality they are in defense.

2.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 08:29:04
Don't know how to make a new post on this rumours page, so will throw my question in here.

Anybody know why Anfield was locked down on Sat for 2 hours?
All staff told to disappear from 12 ~ 2pm, while somebody was shown around the main stand, surely has to be investor related rather than any pending signing?

3.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 13:08:17
Create new post at the top of the page.

4.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 17:21:33
There was a vegan exhibit in the main stand on Saturday. Maybe a carrot got loose and went on a full meat offensive.

5.) 02 Jul 2019
02 Jul 2019 20:21:10
Tried to find out but not a sausage.

Could it be a clandestine meat?

Should we arrange a steak out?

6.) 03 Jul 2019
03 Jul 2019 12:37:54
Someone’s going to get a roasting for putting up such lean information. Time to chop off this rumour and grill the club.

7.) 03 Jul 2019
03 Jul 2019 16:34:51
All staff told to disappear from 12 ~ 2pm, while somebody was shown around the main stand
So if all the staff disappeared who was showing this somebody and why the main stand in particular . also did they actually say to the staff "listen you lot we can't trust you to keep a secret so we want you to cross into another dimension for a couple of hours so we can show a certain someone the main stand" . It would've been easier to use MIB special pen to erase their memory.

8.) 03 Jul 2019
03 Jul 2019 18:36:47
Don't understand the shock of the staff being sent home I thought it was common knowledge that a player won't sign unless he's had a good look around a main stand I think we need serious investment in our main stand otherwise we could potentially lose all our transfer targets to the likes of spurs who currently have a newer main stand than us I think we should be looking at upgrading our main stand every 2 years so we can keep ourselves ahead of the rest man city have the financial clout to upgrade there main stand every year and have the advantage of been able to upgrade through the season as hardly any one attends there games compared to anfield where we are usually at full capacity.