24 Jul 2018 07:02:51
Some rumoured outs from a British tabloid:

Origi - Valencia interested
Ings - Newcastle, Crystal Palace, Southampton and West Ham
Mignolet - Fulham interested
Woodburn - Norwich and Sheffield Utd interested in loan
Markovic - Anderlecht, Getafe and Leganes all interested.
Grujic - Cardiff and Lazio interested in loan deal.
Also Ojo and Chirivella are available apparently.

I know some of this isn't news as the Eds have confirmed interest but thought I should share.

1.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 07:54:33
I think this is good for the club and the players involved. Karius looks likely to leave if anyone will have him so guess we should be looking at an experienced back up goal keeper. Such a shame Danny Ward has left the club.

2.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 07:56:18
Thanks RedNick. Sessegnon + cash for Mignolet? ;-)

3.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 08:35:10
Interest in Ojo from Wolfsberg, Reading and Middlesboro apparently, from same or similar source. I wasn't sure how many of all these links were current though.

4.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 08:36:22
Saw the price we want for Origi is £27mil. If he was performing as he did a couple years ago then teams might take that, but doubt we'd get that for him now :/.

5.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 08:52:06
Zed - I hope you meant Mingolet + Cash for Sessengon?

6.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 08:52:17
The prices Edwards seems to want for these players look absurd though, and it could create several Markovic situations where the interested clubs simply walk away.

Origi - 15 mil
Migs - 12 mil
Markovic, Ojo, Chirivella - 5 mil each
Ings - 10 mil
GRujic - Loan

That's the best we will probably get for these players. And we should take the money if offers are made. 27 million pounds for Origi is just ridiculous, we ain't getting that from anyone so sell for 15 million or so rather than lose him for free next summer. The valuations for fringe players should be realistic.

7.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 09:10:46
We've just sold our 3rd choice keeper who barely played a game for us for £12.5mil and you think we can't get more for Migs?
Might want to re-evaluate your prices.

8.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 10:01:28
20 origi
14 ings
17.5 migs
17.5 sturridge
6.5 markovich
4 ojo

0 Karius (thats a joke, keep the poor lad hopefully alisson will push him to be better)

9.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 10:03:08
Ward > Migs though ;)

10.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 10:14:51
Ward is younger and has a good last season when out on loan - mignolet has proven he is questionable, so at least with ward you may get a good buy, mignolet has been around long enough to know what you’re getting.

11.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 10:52:07
Surely if richarlison is worth £50 m then origi is worth £27m, more experience full international and tbf to lad has got a bit about him, where else are u going ro get an international striker for less then that?

12.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 13:53:03
I think we need to realise that 15million does not buy you proven quality or even near it. We got 15m for Jordan Ibe and that even before Neymar transfer raised the price of everyone.
I don't get this Ward love, or rather how anyone thinks he is better than migs or karius. Yes he had a decent spell in the championship but he was at at club where he would have been getting praised for making routine saves and errors were overlooked. Whereas our keepers get the opposite.

13.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 14:11:08
James Pearce has said Sturridge is staying. Personally I love Sturridge so would be good to have him around the team. We all hope he can stay injury free. We say it every season. A fit Sturridge is world class. And the sad truth is its probably not going to happen. But in the words of Micheal Scott, I am ready to get hurt again.

14.) 24 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018 20:21:22
If grealish from villa can go for 40plus then 27 for origi is more than fair. We should really insert a sell on clause too.