18 Jul 2018 21:13:51
Hi eds, I used the search but there is nothing concrete, just possibilities.

Is Wijnaldum still likely to leave? I remember seeing last week he could be going to Fenerbahce but it’s gone very quiet since.
Thank you :)

{Ed002's Note - I cannot answer "likely" questions but there is interest in him as you say. Fenerbahce would probably want a loan to buy.}

1.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 21:22:22
Thanks ed2 and sorry for asking a "likely" question, as soon as I pressed send I knew I messed up haha.

{Ed002's Note - "Nailed on the mother will be gone soon" is what you want to hear - I know.}

2.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 21:35:15
Haha naa Gini started growing on me towards the end of the season by being more consistent - I wouldn't mind him staying.
Before January though his consistency was a problem for me and wouldn't have been fazed if he was sold lol.

{Ed025's Note - hes poor to be honest phil, goes missing too often for me and is one of the ones who would not be missed if he left mate..

3.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 21:38:27
I have heard that Newcastle are looking at the possibility of bringing him back. but rumours are rumours was probably started by Alan from dorset.

4.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 21:42:34
Gini is a bloody good player and I hope fans don't get disrespectful, he's possibly not going to start as often next season, but if he stays he could play a vital role in the squad. There's going to be an awful lot of games to play.

{Ed025's Note - hes not a good player mush, he may be in a championship side or very low prem but lets not kid ourselves...barring major injuries he only plays in the league cup mate..

5.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:04:39
Now he does anyway - Milner showed his worth end of last season and stood up for the big games. The midfield looks like a holding (hendo or Fabinho) a box to box (Keita or Milner) and an attacking (Fekir hopefully or Lallana maybe) so that leaves little space for Gini.

6.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:07:19
Did his job. Has my support forever but we have outgrown him now. There just isn't a place for him if we want to keep moving forward.

7.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 21:56:56
I agree and disagree with you ed25, when he actually turns up he is a good player, can be seen everywhere on the pitch and causes problems for the opponents. But his consistency is terrible, so many games last season I didn’t even know he was on the pitch until the end of a game or if he got subbed off.

Towards the end of the season he did improve his consistency though and disappeared a lot less than usual which did show him as a good player.

No disrespect is intended anonymush don’t worry lol.

{Ed025's Note - i think you said it all there phil, turns up too seldom and if liverpool are serious about challenging for the title the players like gini need to be offloaded mate...passengers cannot be carried im afraid..

8.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 21:58:46
Disagree ed he's a decent player works hard for the team in my opinion. Yes he doesn't score goals but he grafts I for one Hooe he stays.

{Ed025's Note - i graft myself CO2005 but im not getting near the team either, i admire your loyalty mate but i think we all know the dead wood has to be pruned back..

9.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:00:03
Agreed anonymush.
He is underrated and rarely gives the ball away as well as being comfortable on the ball. Not spectacular but far from a bad player.
You need players like him on the field of play or ready to come off the bench.
I think he'll probably leave for 1st team football and good luck to him if he does.

{Ed025's Note - giving the ball away is not the problem brommers, its him actually getting it and doing something with it!, he is the invisible man and a dead weight who will get none to very little fist team action...and rightly so..

10.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:04:33
He'd get his place in the Everton team no bother 😁 ed25 . Look all joking aside a decent player but only in dribs and drabs has a great 25mins then wouldn't hear his name mentioned for the rest of the game be sorry to see him leave I've actually grown to like him but he would only be a squad player aside from injuries and that probably needs to be playing week in week out but won't get that at Liverpool this season plus we have to trim the squad he wouldn't be my 1st choice to go by a long shot but things need to be balanced out in all fairness.

{Ed025's Note - i have to be honest zippy he would probably do a decent job for us mate, but liverpool are on a different planet at the moment and you dont win titles with the likes of gini in your team im afraid..

11.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:04:40
ED025 is right, Unfortunately Gini has not hit the level we hoped he would. His game time will be greatly reduced next season. Understandable if he wants to leave for regular football elsewhere, good luck to the lad.

{Ed025's Note - yeah good luck to the guy greenflash..

12.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:14:28
Fair point Ed, maybe my red tinted specs were on there. Very good when he turns up, but he probably doesn't turn up as often as we need.

{Ed025's Note - i think your right mush, seems like a decent guy though so good luck to him..

13.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:17:33
I feel a bit sorry for him, he hasn't really been given the chance in his preferred, more advanced, position. Though at the same time, if we're going to take that step up we need to leave behind those that can't quite keep up. If he stays, great. squad depth - but if he goes I wish him all the best!

14.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:17:35
I think his improved consistency towards the end was due to him getting a lot more game time.
Next season he won’t ever get a decent run so he may go back to being an invisible passenger when he does get game time so I agree it is time for him to move on.

15.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:18:18
Hmm, it’s a bit tricky deciding on Wijnaldum. On the one hand, Jurgen Klopp clearly rates him as do most Liverpool supporters who actually watch Liverpool home and away, including me. On the other hand, Ed025 doesn’t rate him at all. Tough one.

{Ed025's Note - i like it WW, if you watch him home and away then you should know hes not up to the task mate...as delboy said..there is none so blind as those who cant hear..

16.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:30:36
With Chamberlain out we need midfield cover. Just look at the injuries last season.

17.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:35:22
I’ll certainly miss the GW chant : (.

18.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:42:26
Ed025, I love a good Delboy quote 😄. Don’t get me wrong, if everyone else was available Wijnaldum wouldn’t be my first choice as a starter in an away game against, say, City or Spurs but I wouldn’t have any qualms about him in any game, starting or off the bench. He never let’s us down and by all accounts he is a great guy to have around the training ground and dressing room. Definitely one to keep for me.

{Ed025's Note - i just dont see where he will fit in now WW, milner gets in before him for me mate and he wont get much game time either..

19.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 22:57:50
Boys. Your suffering with expectations.

Your use to the old liverpool were ok was good enough.

Your fighting for klavan, Matip, karius, wijnaldum.

They are not good enough to win the league. Simple, not good enough.

We are title challengers now and European challengers.

We're not last 8 and top 4.

Where winning the lot. Keita is injured I want modric on to replace him. Bit of a fantasy for him but that is where we are at.

20.) 18 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 23:11:22
Don’t see the point or need to sell a versatile player who has played well and seems popular. people seem to have a mindset about this super strong 11. Yet same time we want a strong bench and top squad. Which is it?

So. Hendo, out injured. Fabinho suspended and Keita carrying a slight knock and ideally not risked as a CL game coming up. Can has gone, Ox out. THIS is when top teams still field quality and win in this situation.

I hope he stays.

21.) 19 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018 01:46:32
If can was still here i could see the argument for moving Gini on but he is a tough opponent with a lot of experience and he and Milner both will be useful in that position. Sturridge and Lallana too will find their place if they are patient. All that said, moving on Ings, Origi, Matip et al now becomes the goal for the rest of the window.

22.) 19 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018 23:15:18
Ed025, me old mucker!

I woulda thought Gini would be quite glad to be getting “very little fist team action”


{Ed025's Note - he will certainly be getting more than me zed.. :)

23.) 19 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018 08:18:03
Remember one of the Eds pointing to his mental tendency to settle when comfortable, think Klopp noticed that the guy has settled. Good luck to him.

24.) 19 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018 08:34:22
Id keep him for another season but only due to the fact the ox is going to miss the majority of the campaign.

If anybody has seen any videos from the official youtube channel it looks like he's a decent guy in tje dressing room aswell.

If we sign Fekir he probably will end up on his bike as we so need to start shifting a few on.

25.) 19 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018 08:58:47
Gini is not a player that you will panic about having to put in because you know that he'll do okay. He is also a player who will rarely make a significant individual contribution to winning, or not losing, a game. That was something we very much needed when we bought him. We now have the quality floating around that makes it surplus to requirements.

26.) 19 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018 09:52:08
Wijnaldum is poor, he gets dancing feet when anyone gets with in 5 yards of him, gives it as soon as he gets it and does nothing but point all over, he runs and can close down that's it, league cup is spot on.